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Feliciano checked his watch as he trudged along the side of the road. The restaurant was supposed to open in 20 minutes. Maybe if he started running he could make it...

Sighing, he shook his head. His mind was too clouded to worry about that. Gilbert's announcement had shaken him and Ludwig up. They didn't even confront that fact that he and Ludwig had just slept together, Feliciano had just gathered his things and left to leave the two brothers alone to discuss their dilemma.


Feliciano wrung his hands together in worry as he approached his cafe. He would have to push all those thoughts aside and hurry up if he wanted to get up and running for the day. That was most important, right?

Mentally he began sorting out all the things he needed to do before he opened up as he walked up the stairs to his loft. However, his thoughts slowed to a stop as he walked into his bedroom and realized that there was a figure sleeping in his bed.

Feliciano hesitated, afraid for a moment until he recognized the figure. "...Fratello?" The sleeping figure shifted, moaning a little before slowly sitting up and stretching. "What are you doing here?"

Lovino's signature frown formed on his face, his mind beginning to wake up. "You didn't come home last night."

"I was with Ludwig." Lovino opened his mouth to say something, but Feliciano cut him off. "I thought you were with Antonio last night! Why did you come here...?"

The scowl left Lovino's face for a moment as he looked away, the usual anger that graced his figures replaced by sorrow. "He kicked me out. We broke up."

"So, what are you guys going to do?" Ludwig glanced to the other figures in his apartment. The usually goofy trio of friends was there, though solemn and silent, trying to cope with the harsh reality being imposed upon them. Ludwig sighed and answered his own question. "I'm going to have to get a job without Gilbert here. Maybe move into a smaller apartment..."

Francis spoke up. "I'll probably head home." When Ludwig looked to him, puzzled, the Frenchman chuckled. "To my own country, I mean. It'd be better that way."

"I think I'll go home too." The other two speakers glanced to Antonio. His generally cheerful demeanor was nowhere to be found as the Spaniard stared intently out the window.

"Are you bringing Lovino with you-?" Francis started to question, but was cut off bluntly.

"Why would I do something like that?" Antonio snapped back. He stood, grabbing the nearby remote for the TV for the sake of something to hold. "He never pulls his weight! He never wants to do anything for anyone else! He's so selfish and inconsiderate and...!" He made a motion, as if he was about to throw the remote out of a fit of rage, but thought better of it and sighed, dropping it onto the couch. "I asked him if he wanted to go, but he started complaining about his brother, and the cafe, and how he would never fit in over there and how he hates Spain and blah blah blah..."

Francis patted him on the back, letting out a small laugh. "That lover of yours sure is a piece of work. I'm sure if you just tried to talk to him-"

"I kicked him out." To this, the other three people in the room stared at him in shock. Antonio looked away again, unable to face them. "I told him I'd bring him his things before I left, but we're over."

"But Antonio!" Francis gasped, being the only other being in the room who really knew anything about romance. "You two have been together practically as long as we've known you! We're all just in tough times, you shouldn't let this tear you two apart...!"

"Let him do what he wants." Everyone turned to Gilbert, who had finally spoken. He did not face the others. He held his suitcase in a vice-grip, blankly facing the wall. "Antonio has his whole life ahead of him. Let him spend it how he wants. He's not the one marching out onto the front lines."

The weight of Gilbert's predicament sank in, and the room fell into silence again.

Feliciano dialed the number to Ludwig's apartment as Lovino hiccuped in the background. "Why are you calling them...?"

"I want to treat Gilbert to a nice meal before he has to leave," Feliciano answered plainly, smiling softly to himself. "Besides, maybe Antonio will come and you guys can talk-"

"I don't want to talk to him!" Lovino grabbed his brother's arm, tearing the phone away from him and hanging up as Ludwig answered. "He said horrible things to me! I don't care if he goes home and marries some Spanish tart! It doesn't matter, I can just live here with you!"

"Lovino," Feliciano sighed out, shaking his head. "You're just saying that because you're upset...! Besides, I...don't think there's enough room for the both of us here."

Normally, that would have seemed like a rude comment, but it was rather true in this case. There was hardly enough room for Feliciano himself to live above the tiny little cafe, fitting Lovino in there as well was pretty much out of the question unless they were to somehow merge into one person. However, Lovino just snorted and crossed his arms. "It'll be fine."

Feliciano had serious doubts about that, but ignored it as the phone rang and he moved to answer it.

"F-Feliciano? Did you just call me?" The deep voice laced with a German accent immediately made Feliciano's heart flutter.

"A-Ah, si, sorry about that...Listen, what time is Gilbert leaving tonight? Maybe he'd like to come have dinner before he goes..."

And so, that night, they arranged for the usual group to meet up. It was supposed to be like normal, how they always were, smiling and laughing, but instead they found themselves gathered for a very dreary farewell.

For one thing, the ex-lovers wouldn't speak to each other. When it was Antonio's turn to order, Lovino had just walked away, and Antonio didn't look like he was willing to order from the other anyways. Instead, he had to go and tell Feliciano what he wanted with a fake smile plastered all over his face. And for another thing, Gilbert hardly spoke at all. He gave Feli a soft mumble when ordering and being served food, but otherwise sat silently and poked at his food halfheartedly. Ludwig did the same, looking even more stern and serious than usual.

In the end, the dinner really just consisted of Francis and Antonio making idle chitchat with each other, Lovino moping around in the kitchen, and the two German brothers playing with their food.

Glancing to his watch, Gilbert abruptly stood up. "It's time for me to get going."

"But Gilbert...!" Feliciano frowned, grabbing the hand of the albino man. "Do you really have to...?"

"It's my duty. Besides," the albino grinned, flashing his bright red eyes, "I'll be awesome."

Feeling himself tear up, Feliciano hugged Gilbert tightly. Gilbert ruffled the young Italian's hair as Francis stood up and hugged the two, motioning for a group hug. The albino laughed, trying to push Francis away. "Come on, seriously?"

Truly smiling for what seemed like the first time that night, Antonio stood up as well, practically tackling the other three. "Bring me back a souvenir, will you? ~"

"Like what, bullet shells?" Gilbert snickered and looked to Ludwig and Lovino, who had recently poked his head in to see what the commotion was. "Come on you two, you have to be part of this as well!"

Lovino snorted and Ludwig rolled his eyes, but when Feliciano looked to the two of them, they both resigned and reluctantly joined in. The look on the albino's face was worth it.

"You guys are great," he mumbled through a wide grin, wiping the tears attempting to spill with his sleeve. "Promise you'll this awesome when I get back." They all looked to each other, wondering if they could really stay the same. If things would ever go back to the way they were; if anything would really be okay again, much less be 'awesome.'

They promised him anyways, and just like that, Gilbert was off to war.