The Death of Gollum

This is an alternate scene in which Gollum didn't fall into the Crack of Doom. Instead, Frodo and Sam destroyed the ring themselves and come out to find Gollum on the road right outside the entrance.

There was Gollum, on his hands and knees. Not looking up at the hobbits, he kept his face turned down towards the ground in front of him. He was still the gangly creature they had know, all arms and legs, but he had changed. To Sam it seemed as if he was no longer looking at a grimy, filthy, impish creature, but at an old hobbit. A hobbit so bent and shriveled by long life as to be almost unrecognizable. His face was a mess of wrinkles, and his eyes were sunken in like rocks that sink into soft mud. Sam wasn't sure exactly what was happening, but if you had asked him, he would probably have said that Gollum's skin was crumbling, slowly.

Gollum's head slowly turned to look upward, but his eyes didn't seem to be focusing on anything in front of him. As his eyes came to meet the hobbits' gaze, he seemed to only just then notice them standing there. It was then that Frodo noticed that Gollum was different in more than appearance. The malice that was in his eyes seemed to have disappeared. The power of the ring was gone. Gollum was gone. Stinker was gone. All that was left was Smeagol. Pain ringed his eyes as he looked up at them, but Frodo thought that a sliver of a smile crept onto Smeagol's lips. A paper thin whisper of a voice creaked out of his wrinkled mouth: "Goodbye… Master…".

Smeagol's whole frame slumped forward and his brow came to rest against the dirt and rock. The tension that had held his body relaxed, and his legs slid back, so that he was just lying there face first on the ground. As he lay there unmoving, his skin degraded, white and dry, into powder, until it began settling to the ground. The flesh of his body seemed to fall in the same manner, until just his bones were lying there in the dust that had piled up. Even then the dust seemed to sink and fade into the ground, until there was nothing left on the mountainside but the skeleton for the two hobbits to stare at in silent amazement.

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