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Nothing seemed to stop the young man from climbing towards the precipice. Hordes of thunder bolts struck at his armored body, and though he was cruelly pummeled to the ground every time, he managed to stand back up. His stride showed no hint of pain nor regret as he gained closer towards the top. His eyes glistened brighter than the mystical clad on him; those very eyes reflected the determination he possessed to reach the person ahead of him.

She was levitating at the top of the platform; her fierce eyes glared down at the approaching Dragonmaster. The very appearance of this becoming Goddess radiated power that demanded dominance over the world decaying beneath her. Her perception was clouded in the whirlwind of anger – of agitation – to fathom such a mortal actually defying her presence. His each step brought her closer to seek his death, yet the back of her mind fought hard to restrain herself.

The sky rained stronger strains of thunder with each unspoken command from the Goddess. The Dragonmaster endeavored through each shot as though smacked by insignificant pebbles. By the time he reached midpoint, the Goddess beckoned him with harsh words: belittling him for such futile efforts to reach her. Did he not hear her, or did he simply ignore her? Aggression took the reign of her insults as more bolts shattered against him.

His armor dissipated little by little against the barrage, but recovered within mere seconds. He didn't need to worry about the possibility of the armor fading underneath her rage; he knew he would reach her in time.

"Do not disobey your Goddess!" Her statement was tainted in absolute disgust as she continued to abuse the strong force opposing her, getting ever so closer. The young man was merely ten steps away from reaching the top, yet each advance was robed from him two-fold with each strike. He made up for such with larger strides and a brave smile.

She shivered against his gracious smile, despite how insulting the gesture was to the Goddess. Her assault halted as her subconscious began to take over. The darken aura surrounding her lessened with each second as she looked down to him.

"If you continue in your belligerence, you will be stripped of all your power!" A thunder bolt clashed against his shoulder, causing him to stumble back a step. "Just as Dyne was!"

He recovered in time to gain a few more steps. Only four more remained between him and the Goddess. The influx of the air around him scrapped against his armor; pieces clipped off in a rapid process before he realized the effects upon him. Nonetheless, he did not retreat.

"Is that what you desire, Dragonmaster?" The Goddess cannot comprehend the meaning behind his determination. Does he not care if his stature- no, even his abilities- are torn from him for the rest of his life? Does he not understand the limitations he is bound by before this divine entity? The subconscious inside her stripped away the dominant persona in order to prevent the final blow she was starting to muster. At the same time, she wanted to decimate him and protect him.

Despite his circumstances, he only smiled at her. No tears broke out of his eyes from the pain; no tremble wrecked his body from the toll of his endeavor. His stance was bold and fierce as he hesitated at the final step.

"…That is of little consequence to me, Luna."

'Luna,' the Goddess repeated the name in her mind as she witnessed him taking the final step onto the platform. Almost on cue, the darkness engulfing her corroded in the presence of her real identity. Luna clenched her fists as she lessened her altitude. She hovered above him as he stepped in closer to the glowing circle of engrossing magic. They merely look into each other's eyes as they cherish their long-refrained reunion.

"You were not supposed to come here," Luna admitted in a whimper while she looked at his distorted image. The magical armor resonated unstably against the overwhelming presence of magic gathering to her divine body. A simple glance gave off the impression that it'd give out at any moment. Once gone, he'd become victim to her almighty prowess. Nonetheless, he didn't move.

"I came here to take you home." The young man spoke his goal with such resolve that she almost felt convinced to give in. However, the situation would not allow it; she was the only thing that could prevent the corruption of Lunar.

"Though Ghaleon has perished, now that the Grindery of Althena has been reactivated, it cannot be stopped." A tear rolled down her cheek as she thought of the inevitable results. "If it is allowed to continue, all of Lunar will become as lifeless as the wasteland of the Frontier."

She pointed at her core before she continued. "But… if this body dissipates, the magic its absorbing will run out of control with enough force to destroy the entire city." She knew the only option left was for her sacrifice, and she was willing to take it. This way she could prevent that resurrected version of the Goddess within her from inflicting any more harm-

"NO!" The man cried out as he stepped closer. His hands gripped tightly, his teeth grinded against one another to hold back his frustration.

"I'm so sorry." Luna began weeping as she tried to continue looking into his eyes and maintain her resolve, "I must stay here… for you, for Lunar."

"I am NOT giving up, and you can't either!" His arm snapped at the air as he declared to her. "No matter how hopeless things may seem, we've come too far to fail!" She suddenly remembered their friends who had been beside him during his endeavor to arrive here; to confront Ghaleon and to save her. It made sense why they were not here with him; he wouldn't have allowed them to be at risk for the mission only he can to fulfill as the Dragonmaster –no, as himself.

Instinctively, that smile of his reappeared as he spoke to her. "Let us believe in the power that resides within our hearts, Luna." He took one step forward.

"Let us believe in the hope and trust entrusted to each one of us… and the brilliant future before us." He took another step forward; his armor dissipated in chunks as he got closer, and he didn't even acknowledge it. Any closer to her, and the armor would not remain. Ultimately, he'd be stripped of his prowess along with his life.

"I know we'll find a way to overcome this if we trust in our hearts and work together… Luna."

She didn't have time to warn him –literally scream at him- before he walked forward into the threshold of her light.


She was too late; the aura surrounding her ate away at his being. Luna reluctantly watched as the person she loved was at the mercy of the horrendous nature of her power. The sight was gruesome as she witnessed the armor bursting into dust as it was overloaded with magic. Not even the fabled Dragonmaster could endure the massive intensity of the phenomenon that was the becoming Goddess.

Tears built up in her eyes as she cried out his name. Not receiving an answer tore away at her courage as she covered her sight.

'This can't be happening,' she desperately tried to convince herself as she heard the reaction fading.

However, she then heard footsteps. Upon looking, she was brought to more tears. The young man was standing before her unharmed! In fact, he seemed to be radiating in a glow similar to hers, and of course he was smiling at her.

"B-But… how?" Luna hesitantly spoke out as she looked to him. How was he able to survive such an onslaught? Was it by giving up the power of the Dragonmaster that he managed to slip out of her power's wrath? Her answer was given by his extended hand reaching out for her. His ever-present smile comforted her and beckoned for her.

"Luna… Just as destiny brought us together, destiny will never keep us apart."

Just like that, she caved in to his reply. She felt the need to be in his arms, to work alongside him to resolve the world. She didn't have to do it all by herself: this man would willingly shoulder her burden without hesitation.

Her hand reached out to his while she fell towards him. As she got closer, the glow he radiated became brighter… brighter, as if turning into a light that blinded her as she drew near…

Her eyes shoot open abruptly as she jumps from her bed. Luna is covered in sweat while she calms her shaky breathing. She takes in her surroundings to remember she is still in her room. The silence is somewhat comforting along with the dim lighting emitting from the window.

'Was that all… just a dream?'

She rubs her eyes as she tries to awaken herself. The dreamy set of events reminds her that it was all part of the past: a clip from their initially innocent adventure just weeks ago that inadvertently ended up saving the world. She is still amazed that such trials only happened in such a short amount of time.

She stretches her arms as she slips out of bed, and slips on her slippers before she sneaks to the door. Dawn must be arriving soon, Luna deduces from the small amount of light seeping through the window over her bed. She turns the knob and enters the hallway with utmost silence as she looks to see who has woken up already.

Not much to her surprise, everyone seems to still be asleep. Her mother, who would usually be at work preparing breakfast, is missing along with her father (though he is always absent for most of the morning). More than likely, they are still asleep in the loft above the living room.

"I guess I should let them get more sleep," she whispers to herself as she sneaks to the adjacent door.

She didn't want to open this door leading to the basement since, as always, Nall is easily stirred by the slightest of noise and would cause a commotion so loud that ends up waking everyone else. She didn't like that outlandish habit of his, but she knew he wouldn't change even if she demanded him to.

However, Luna realizes that the door is already cracked open before she peeks her head closer to the door.

'He's already awake? That's odd.' Carefully, she pushes on the door with much caution to prevent any noise. She succeeds enough to get a small glimpse into the room. Despite how dark the entire room is, she is able to sense that he is not there.

'Oh, I bet I know where he is…' She praises herself in knowing such personal habits of his. She turns to the entrance and switches out her slippers for her leather boots. She looks back to make sure no one had been awakened by her investigation before she opens the door.

The bright introduction of the slowly rising sun blinds Luna while she closes the door behind her. Judging from the strong intensity of sunlight, she assumes that the time must be half-hour past dawn. Thankfully, no one in town would be awake as well; otherwise she would be embarrassed to walk around in public dressed in her green nightgown.

"Seriously, he is never awake at this time of the day. I wonder what brought this about," Luna considers aloud as she walks up the steep trail leading to the cliff in the west. Scattered branches from nearby trees offer shade from the warm delight of the sun's rays as she strolls up the trail.

During her walk, the air became intoxicated with the sound of an ocarina playing beautifully in the besetting scenery. The familiar tune confirms her suspicion as she picks up her pace.

The top of this cliff has always been the young man's favorite place to visit, ever since first hearing the epic of the former Dragonmaster, Dyne. In a way, Luna expected him to fade away from constantly cherishing that place after their somewhat parallel adventure came to an end. However, he proved that wrong as he continued to visit from time to time… though not as frequently.

Upon reaching the top's clearing, the sun graces her arrival with a blinding light. The ocarina's sound is so smooth and attractive without the the distance distorting its harmony. The air is subtly filled with his scent as the wind blows towards her. The direct light becomes tolerable after a while as she takes in the sight.

Standing below the lone tree is the young man playing on his instrument, facing the open world from the precipice. His brown hair flows with the mild wind, his green shirt and beige pants flutter against the wind as well. He is at total peace as he embraces the early time. Despite his back darkened by his shadow, she admires being able to see him from such a view.

She allows him to finish his tune before forcing a cough to get his attention. "So you are awake already, Alex? That sure is a great way to greet the day."

Not at all taken by surprise at her sudden greetings, Alex coolly turns around to see Luna waving to him as she walks closer. As she expected, his wonderful smile greets her first.

"Good morning, Luna."