"Good morning to you too, Alex." Luna approaches him, but stops short. She bends towards him and stares at him with a mischievous grin. His smile slips into a chuckle after he scratches his cheek.

"I guess I was found out," Alex admits while slipping his ocarina beneath his waist strap.

"You thought I wouldn't have found out? I'm always the first one to wake up in this family, after all."

Alex points his finger out while giving another chuckle. "You mean before this morning," he corrects her with some pride which entices her to punch his shoulder. It was more of a love tap compared to her usual paybacks; must have been something about the morning, Alex jests to himself.

Luna stands beside him as she looks up to the awaking sky above. "So why are you up so early?" She didn't need to ask why at this spot, since that was already obvious.

"I had a strong urge to see the sunrise, I suppose. Sorry that I didn't invite you along; it was quite a sight at the start."

"To see the sunrise, huh?" Luna crosses her arms and looks to him. She raises her brow as she studies his expression. He tries to steady his composure, but to no avail; she already caught on to his lie.

"I know when you are lying, Alex," Luna insists to him as she begins tapping her foot. "I'd like to hear the real reason."

Alex shifts his full attention to her and waves his hand in apology. "It's more of a half-truth, really. I did want to see the sunrise, but the truth is that I didn't have much sleep during the night."

Luna huffs, accepting his answer. "That's more like it." She leans into Alex and lays her head on his shoulder while looking out to the world beyond the precipice. "Though I guess I don't blame you. It is quite a sight."

"Yeah," Alex agrees and shares the view.

Even though they've witnessed the sight many times throughout their lives, they were always captivated by its large sprawl of magnificence. The grassy slope at their feet always seems to drop off into the distant meadow slanting into the base of the nearby mountain. Riding up the curve of that mountain introduces the glorious line of mountain ranges which obscures the horizon, though no one would ever mind because of the creeping manner at which the sun shines through the numerous crevices. Most observers did have to admit that it is a shame not to see the calm glisten of the ocean beyond its peaks.

Of course, the scene is not complete without the looming comfort of the distant planet, Blue Star, competing with the rising sun for the sky's affection overhead. It is a lovely spectacle to spot the planet's natural blue mixing with the dawn's complementary orange. No matter what time of the day, the sky is the center attraction of this location.

Perhaps Luna already understands why Alex continues to spend his time atop this splendorous peek. Aside from the view, this was a pivotal trigger to his travels and decisions throughout the struggle. Still, she wishes that he would keep that as more of a memory than a continual reminder.

Luna broke the calming silence by tugging his sleeve. "So what's this about not getting much sleep?"

Alex refuses to return the glance as he keeps watching the sun's creep over the mountain range. "Can't remember. I think it had something to do with Nall getting curled up in my face. Haha."

Luna gave him a whimsical expression before letting the subject go; he probably wasn't going to tell her about it anyway. "I had a rather interesting dream. Well, more like deja vu."


This information catches Alex's attention oddly enough, but Luna looks aside instead trying not to show care. "It was that confrontation atop the Goddess Tower. Just the memories about it."

"I see." Alex puts his hand on her forearm which caught her notice. "Has that been bothering you? About everything that's happened?"

Luna fashions a smile to assure him that is not the case. "Not at all. It's in the past, so I don't worry about it." She looks to the lone tree at her right and down to the stone memento which once encased Dyne's possession: Athena's Sword. Of course, that was lost along with more important things.

"Alex, do you still... Um..."

"Yeah. I still cannot feel or embrace magic," Alex answers her unspoken question as he clenches his right hand. "I guess I really did relinquish my right as the Dragonmaster when I reached out for you, along with my touch for magic."

Luna bows her head down as she starts to sulk. She is the reason for his one-sided sacrifice, after all. Alex didn't give her much to time to indulge in the sorrow however, as he couples that hand with hers.

"I already told you not to blame yourself. I willingly gave those up in order to save you."

"But... that was your dream: to be the Dragonmaster."

"And I was able to become one in the end, right?" Alex squeezes her hand to remind her of the more important gain because of his determination.

"Heh, you sure know how to remain optimistic through and through, Alex." Luna grins at him while blushing. He couldn't stop himself from blushing as well because of her reaction, but he didn't mind. Luna looks up at the sky once more and gasps upon realizing something.

"Oh shoot, Mom must be already up by now. I better head back before she starts to worry." Reluctantly, Luna loosens her grip from his, as did Alex. They look at each other, knowing both of them regret abandoning this moment to be alone. It wasn't often that it was just the two of them without Nall around.

Alex smiles to lessen the disappointment. "That would be for the best. Otherwise they might start thinking the worst." He flinches at the thought because their father tends to think that way after Alex and Luna's return. By 'worse,' Alex implies about their relationship in contrast to harm of course. He then connects that with the reminder that Luna was still in her nightgown.

"By the way, what do you want for breakfast? I'm in charge for the day."

"That's a first: asking me what I want. Usually you insist on the daily supplements and things like: 'grain in the morning stops your stomach from churning,'" Alex jokes which did the trick to improve Luna's mood.

"I think it's time for a change, don't you think?"

"Sure. How about some bacon and eggs? I like mine-"

"Sunny side down, right? And the bacon on the edge of crisp," Luna interjects with the right facts. Alex laughs and shakes his head in agreement.

"Thanks Luna. We are still going to practice in the afternoon, right?"

Luna nods in agreement and wags her finger. Her expression shoots straight to serious. "And no slacking off! I want you there on time! This is going to be a very special event, remember?"

Alex flashes her a thumbs up before waving her off. As soon as she waves back, she jogs down the cliff towards the house. Alex takes his time watching Luna disappear into the house before changing his attention to the monument.

His mind comforts the many flashbacks of his adventure which started in their own homeland. Who would have thought that he'd become the honorary candidate to be the greatest champion of their time? That right permitted to him by the late legendary White Dragon in the caves to the southeast.

Still, he couldn't help but embrace an aching feeling in the back of his mind after looking out to the world once again. His conscious swaps between that and the desire to be with Luna.

"Wonder how this is going to play out," Alex asks himself while reaching back for his ocarina. He looks at its mouthpiece before inhaling and blowing into it. The melody from earlier returns to him as he continues his solo performance.

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