The Hunter and the Siren: Chapter 1:

(Hey every one! This my new Pitch Black Fanfic. Trying a new approach to this and tried not to make my character too Mary Sueish. Enjoy! XD)

Imam looked around the station where he was to be boarding the Hunter – Gratzner.

"Ali, Anna, Hassan, Suleiman, come we must get on board now." Imam called to his three disciples and his adopted daughter.

Imam laughed lightly as the three boys ran onto the ship with excitement followed by a young woman who was nineteen years old, Anna, was a young Siren who had just grown into adulthood. Since Anna was siren and tended to hypnotize people with her singing, she took to writing or drawing what she thought in her notebooks that were in her book bag.

Anna had long hair that was tied back with a red ribbon, she had dark brown eyes and she wore a white dress with long sleeves and the front of the dress went up like a upside down v, but it stopped after her lower legs. She also wore white stocking that had a white garter belt to keep the stocking up and she wore black flat dress shoes. When Anna sang her white wings sometimes would appear if she wanted them to and depending on the situation she could use her songs to heal or to kill along with allowing the things she draws come to life if she either sings or thinks of a song and will her drawing to do her bidding.

Anna looked over at Imam and smiled as he led her to her cryo tube. Anna gave Imam one last hug before going into cryo sleep, she didn't know how much time had passed when she was suddenly jerked from her cryo tube. Anna fell forward landing on to the ground when she got to her feet she could hear something starting to tear apart. Anna looked to her right to see that the ship was coming apart Anna's eyes widened before she turned to her left to start to head away from the part of the ship that was starting to tear.

Anna ran only 10 steps before something came crashing down on top of her causing her to hit her head on the ground causing her to become unconscious. When she awoke she noticed that she had landed in front of a now empty cryo container. Anna looked at with confusion before she heard her name being called out.

"Anna!" Imam called out, he let out a sigh of relief when he saw Anna slowly make her way over to him. Once Anna was by his side she noticed that the other three boys were okay.

"Who is this, Imam?" A young woman with an accent asked him.

Anna turned to the woman; she had long wavy black and she wore a black tank with black pants.

"This is my adopted daughter Anna," Imam stated with a smile.

"Hey there the names Shazza and the man next me his name is Zeke." Shazza said introducing the man next to her.

Anna smiled before bowing; however they all soon heard a scream of agony coming from the near front what's left of the ship. They all ran toward the front of it what they saw was a disturbing sight; one of the crew people had a piece of metal sticking out near his heart.

Anna could feel the man in agony as people tried to figure out what to do; she also noticed that the blonde woman holding the man's head was looking torn. Anna then looked at Imam when the woman told them to leave. Instead of leaving Anna walked over to where the blonde woman sat and sat down next to her. Anna then turned to Imam pointing to the woman than to Imam then toward the outside.

Imam nodded before making the woman stand up," What are you doing?"

"Come, my daughter will bring him peace." Imam said before leading the blonde out of the craft.

"What do you mean she can put him at peace?" The blonde demanded, but Imam said nothing more.

When Anna could see that they were outside she looked at the man whose head she now held in her lap. Anna then allowed her wings to come out.

"Are you an Angel?" The man managed to wheeze out.

Anna just smiled slight before she closed her eyes and began to sing:

(Celtic Woman – Voice)

I hear your voice on the wind

And I hear you call out my name

"Listen, my child," you say to me

"I am the voice of you history

Be not afraid, come follow me

Answer my call and I'll set you free,"

I am the voice in the wind and the pouring rain

I am the voice of your hunger and pain

I am the voice that is calling you

I am the voice, I will remain

I am the voice in the field when the summer's gone

The dance of the leaves when the autumn winds blow

Ne'er do I sleep throughout all the cold winger long

I am the force that in spring time will grow

I am the voice of the past that will always be

Filled with sorrow and blood in my fields

I am the voice of the future, bring me your peace

Bring me your peace, and my wounds, they will heal

I am the voice in the wind and the pouring rain

I am the voice of your hunger and pain

I am the voice that always is calling you

I am the voice of the past that will always be

I am the voice of your hunger and pain

I am the voice of the future

I am the voice, I am the voice

I am the voice, I am the voice

Anna finished her song and looked down at the man and noticed that he had died peacefully. Anna placed a kiss upon his forehead and said a silent prayer. When Anna exited the aircraft she noticed that the blonde woman and a blond man walk from a different part of the wreck. It was then that Anna noticed that her bag with her drawing and writing utensils were and that her wings were still out. So she quickly put away her wings and ran toward the wreck the man and woman came out of.

Anna entered the crash and started to slow down when she something hit the ground with a thud. Anna walked over to the wall of the wreck and peered around the corner to see a man with no hair; he had on a black pants and boots with a black sleeveless shirt on. Anna noticed that he was cutting off some restraints Anna then noticed that his arms seemed to be in pain though his face didn't show it she could feel it.

Anna then ran toward him without thinking which the man instantly stopped what he was doing and quickly turned to see Anna coming toward him. He instantly stood up and prepared himself as if he was expecting her to attack him. Anna stopped him front of him and looked up at him tilting her head to the side slightly before walking around toward the back him. The man stood still and waited patiently to see what she would do.

Anna then placed her hands on his shoulder and used her power to help heal his hurt shoulders. After she was done she walked back in front of him and noticed that the metal on his wrist were digging into his skin making him bleed so she placed her hands on each of his wrist and healed him. The man cocked his head to the side, Anna then noticed that he appeared to have leaned slightly nearer though she couldn't understand why.

"Not bad…" The man said with a deep voice.

Anna smiled before crouching down where the torch was and finished cutting of his binds on his feet before cutting off the rest of cuffs on his hands.

"Little Girl, you do realize that old John ain't going to be happy when he finds out you helped me escape," The man said.

Anna looked confusedly at the man before turning off the torch and gently grabbing his hand began to spell out words on his hand," Who is John?"

The man didn't answer her instead asked," What's your name?"

Anna then began to spell out," Anna, what's yours?"

"Richard B. Riddick," The man replied looking at her through the cloth that covered his eyes.

Anna just smiled at before she turned and began to rummage through the wreckage looking for her bag. When she found her bag she turned around to see that Riddick had on black goggles.

"You know you're the first person to look at me without fear, but I got a question for you what are you?" Riddick asked her.

Anna looked at the ground saying nothing to him, but when she looked up he was standing right in front of her.

"What can't talk?" Riddick asked with a hint of annoyance in his voice.

Anna shook her head before turning to leave, but was stopped when Riddick grabbed her arm and whispered in her ear," I want you to know that I will find out what you are. You aren't human because I know the smell of human and you smell far too sweet to be human…"

Anna looked at him with a small smile before he let her go, and just before she left she waved good bye to him, not realizing the reason that he was chained up for. Anna had felt it in her heart to help escape she didn't know, but she knew she had to do it. And in the end she would realize that it was one step closer to her destiny.