The Hunter and the Siren: Chapter 8:

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Anna tried to wiggle out the grip of the creature that her within its tail. Exhausted and in excruciating pain due to her wounds opening up once again on her back plus the wounds that were beginning to bleed around her waist. Anna pants before opening her mouth in one last ditch effort to get the creature to let her go. Anna let out a high pitch scream causing the creature to squeal and release her. As she fell the other creatures begin to try and get her as she fell gripping her with their talons causing deep gashes in her legs. Anna cries in pain as she lands hard on her back causing more blood to be spilled. She could feel her vision spinning and she knows that she has to get her wounds bandaged and her legs stitched up.

Anna looks up to see some type of metal house and she begins to slowly crawl to it while the creatures fight each other for their supposed meal. Anna then quickly brings her wings out and uses them to glide to the door. Busting it open and closing it before any of the creatures could get to her. As she leans against the door she noticed four pod looking machines in the center of the room. Anna notices that there are some clothes laying next to them, but she slowly begins to limp over to the machine connecting them. Once her hand touches the panel the whole machine starts up and there are several loud sounds before each of the pods began to open.

"Subject: 7433. Code Named: Aliens" A female computerized voice spoke this caused Anna to jump slightly.

As the pod opened wider two small black creatures popped their heads out letting out screeches. The black skin almost appeared leathery, the skulls were elongated and almost appeared to have no eyes, but Anna knew better. Their claws appeared to be similar to a human, but they only had three fingers and thumb each equipped with razor sharp nails. Their back appeared to have spins poking out and extending all the way down it tail which reminded Anna of the Earth scorpion for how it waved around wildly. They teeth appeared to be bare showing off the constant sharpness of their teeth. When one of the small ones opened it's mouth Anna could see another set of teeth where it's tongue would be.

Anna gulped quietly when they turned to look at her and had jumped out of the pod in one large leap before going to her and almost cooing at her. Anna crouched down to their level and gently pet their small heads and said," Your names are Kratos and Athena…"

The two aliens screeched agreeing with their new names; however, their celebration was short lived when the female computer voice spoke once again,

"Subject: 7437 Code Name: Hellhounds"

The second pod began to open causing Anna to place to the two small Aliens on her shoulders as the pod completely opened. Suddenly, two dog like faces appeared letting out tiny roars. Their eyes reminded Anna of Riddick's eyes which saddened her slightly. She took a closer look at them their bodies were covered with grey scales and they too appeared to be a predator species. They too jumped from the pod and bounded over to Anna letting out tiny growls. Anna crouched down and smiled before saying," Your names are Osiris and Iris."

The hounds roared in response causing Anna to giggle. Once again another pod opened as the computer spoke once again.

"Subject: 7236 Code Name: Dragons"

Unlike the other these two small dragons flew out of the pod; they were western dragons each had different scales. The one that was obviously the male bore black scales with a golden under belly. His horns curved back over his head while spike covered his spine all the way down to his tail. His golden eyes scanned the room before landing on Anna and the other four newer creatures. The female was similar only she had bright red scales with a black under belly and her eyes were green. She let out a small sneeze breathing out some fire along with it. Anna jumped slightly, but let out a giggle as she too dubbed them with new names.

"Horus and Shiva." Anna spoke to them with a smile.

It was then that the computer spoke one final time," Subject: 4573 Code Name: Earth Wolves."

Just as the Hellhound two small dog like features appeared and scanned around the room. The only difference from what Anna could see was that One had black fur while the other had white fur. The white wolf had bright blue eyes while the black one had golden colored eyes as they jumped out the quickly and playfully attacked their scaly brothern. Anna smiled as she called out," Amateratsu and Izanagi stop."

The two wolf pups stopped and Anna set down Kratos and Athena who were still on her shoulders. Anna limped over to the clothes began to change once her old clothes were off Anna tried her best to tend to her wounded legs, hands and back. Once the bandages were securing enough she then put on the white dress. Anna opted to go barefooted so she could feel any changes beneath her feet. The dress itself was a little revealing, but it would not cause any friction to her damaged legs back and hands.

The dress covered a descent amount of her breast, but left a lot of cleavage and was tied around her neck and held into place by thick pieces of cloth that were sturdy. The sleeves themselves weren't completely connected to the dress only by piece of cloth that attached to the shoulders the skirt was similar to old one only more open and not as tight fitting. Once dressed Anna began to look for ways that she could carry the small cubs and aliens since she knew that she would be flying trying to find where father and brothers were. Sam a small shoulder bag that was big enough to fit all eight of them in their snuggly. Once they were inside and weren't in danger of harming each other Anna took a deep breath and quietly as she could open the door. She could hear the creatures overhead screeching at each other for food. Sam quickly summoned her wings and began to fly, with the bag draped across her shoulders. The creatures however, weren't idle for long and began to lunge at Anna.

Anna quickly used her voice to keep the creatures away as she flew for about an hour in a unknown direction praying she could reunite with the others. Her prayers were answered when she saw a small familiar creature fly toward her and screech. Anna smiled and said," Show me Ares! Show me where they are!"

Anna followed for about 20 minutes before seeing the survivors running the children huddled by Fry and Shazza. Suddenly the stopped when Riddick stopped as they were about ask him why when suddenly Ares let out a screech which caused them all to turn to see Anna. As soon as Anna touched the ground in the light he was engulfed by all the children which she hugged back once they let her got Shazza hugged her followed by Fry then finally Imam. Anna turned to Riddick and smiled at him when suddenly, eight small heads popped out of the bag.

"Well it's all nice and all that she is back, but what the fuck are those?" Johns asks in a slightly fearful tone.

Riddick nearly grinned at what his little Siren was carrying before saying,:" Looks like the little Siren found some more babies to take of… Before we go any further we need to check her leg wounds."

"How long will it take?" Fry asked worriedly

"Five minutes tops. I am supirsed she is still walking must be a bitch to." Riddick said however as he approached her the small males jumped out of the bag before Anna could react. They growled at Riddick which caused Riddick to smirk before he lifts up his goggles and looks at them. After a few seconds ticked by they slowly returned to Anna's bag as she crouches down and lets them back in. Imam then helps her sit down on a medium size rock so Riddick could examine her wounds. Riddick could feel his animal side extremely happy to have his mate back in his sight.

Riddick made a mental vow once they got off this rock he was going to make her his over and over again. Not realizing that both him and Anna were following a age long prophecy from both their worlds.

(Another chapter done. Hope you all enjoyed the small little creatures I add in they are essential for what happened to cause the planets evident destruction of it's self. Also I apologize if Riddick seems OOC since it has been a long time since I wrote Riddick. Hope you Enjoyed!)