She wasn't planning to live forever.

There are many who seek the subtle arts to prolong life, and those who didn't found but the option unfurling in their path gladly ran into its arms.

The unfortunate consequence of too much power, said Clow Reed, is that you forget to die.

He smiled wryly, and looked past the top of her shoulders.

She hadn't told him, that she had already planned to die, soon.

Ichihara Yuuko was brought up knowing that death would not come to her unless she chose to summon it, yet the only thing that set her apart from the average human was that she would have the convenience of being able prepare and die at a suitable time.

"The true blessing of power lies not only in the ability to decide when to die, but also death in itself."

As a child she did not yet understand the full meaning of those words. And when, in a warm spring day, her parents quietly hugged her and bade her farewell, she was struck by an emotion raw and vicious.

"Weep if it comforts you, but be glad for us, for you will understand when the time is right." Her mother had said.

Now, she understands.

It would be unthinkable not to die.

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