So Far Away

We live so far away,
And yet…. I missed you.
I missed your caring smile
With your sparkling gray eyes,
Always leave me astray
Into your embrace.

I remember when we first met.
You were shy, but still kind.
I was your first female friend
That shared the same age with you.

We live so far away,
Even with Satellite and Neo Domino connected.
It hurt me when I had to leave
For that one-day visit.

I would write a letter to you
Almost everyday…
We would ask a simple:
"How are you?"

I want to see you,
But I have to attend school.
If only you attend school with me,
So we can see each other everyday.

I can't see you on a free day,
I want to, but…
There's always something in the way.

I'm holding back my tears,
My voice croak just saying your name,
My hands shake when I write.
I never wanted to say goodbye.

This vision of you,
Your voice,
It's suddenly fading away…
I don't want it to go away…

We live so far away.
If only you didn't live so far away.
I want to see you….