Prologue – Homura's Diary: The Vision of New Power

Disclaimer: I do not own Puella Magi Madoka Magica or anything. This fanfic is my special thanks to Magica Quartet, Gen Urobuchi, Ume Aoki, Studio Shaft, and anymore. This fanfic for entertainment purpose.

"Do you still remember the incident? The Walpurgisnacht Incident in Mitakihara? Yes, that event will never I forget. When my best friend, Madoka, still alive, she had suffered despair during she became a Puella Magi (Magical Girl). Kyubey tell me the reason he is a binding contract with Madoka because she is capable of becoming the strongest Puella Magi and subsequently most terrible witch, capable of destroying the world and giving him the energy he desires. He also explains to her about history of Puella Magis and how it has shaped civilization, causing my friend to become extremely distressed. Not wanting to remain silent, she goes to seeing me who reassures her that she can handle the Walpurgisnacht, and finally reveals the truth about herself, begging herself to let her protect me. As a storm hits the city, and the citizens take shelter, I'm standing alone to face the Walpurgisnacht, throwing everything that I have, but even so, I'm is still overwhelmed and eventually is all but defeated. Fortunately, before I losing hope, Madoka and Kyubey came."

"With a strong determination, Madoka makes the decision to become a Puella Magi, and makes one wishes: "I wish to erase all witches from existence before they're even born. Every witch in the universe, from the past and the future, end with my own hands". As promised by Kyubey wish is granted and she becomes a goddess, breaking the Incubators' system at the same time. With the power like a goddess, she spreads herself across space and time, absorbing any misfortune from other Puella Magi to prevent them from becoming witches. As the result, Kyouko and Mami who originally died, now can re-lived thanks to her wish. However in exchange, she loses her physical humanity to become a force of nature, detached from mankind; however, she is now suspended in interdimensional space, in contact with everyone and everything. She then says her goodbyes to me, and she also thanked me for all this time I always protect her and rescue her from despair. Even she also thinks I'm a sort of guardian angel for her. Before we parted, Madoka gives me a red ribbon as a sign that wherever I was, she would always protect me, so that I won't forget her."

"Alongside with Mami and Kyouko, I returns to a world where Madoka doesn't exist, and she, Mami and Kyōko are fighting together, though Homura still retains her memories of Madoka. With a different type of enemy that are born from curses, called Demons, I'm keep fighting and continues to protect the world that she loved. "

"Day by day, week to week, and month to month. There was already a year I was with Mami and Kyouko lives as Puella Magi. However one day, I also had a strange dream, just like Madoka who dream about me. In front of me, there are two black-haired girls, one with short hair and another one with long hair like me. They both wearing long robes and they both have wings. However, unlike Madoka and me, the wing that they have is just mechanical wing. At first I didn't know what the purpose of the dream. Even I always thought if it was just merely my imagination."

"But I realized that my dreams really come true…"

"Madoka ... still exists."

"Want to know how to find my friend still exists? Well, it's simple. I met two girls who I call "The Reincarnation of Ultimate Puella Magi". Yes, both of them. They are siblings."

"Unlike siblings in general, where at first they are at loggerheads, but reconciled in the end, both of them continuously clashed as never finished. Although in their veins flows the blood of my friend (well, I don't understand why, they called Madoka as their "mother"), the two battled each other fiercely like arch-enemies. It seems they are destined to kill each other, as happened at the time. And it seems as if they derived some sort of twisted pleasure from this sisterly fighting."

"But in the end…

… only one was left standing."

End of my diary.

Signed by: Homura Akemi.

Notes: If the anime is a Goethe's Faust in Magical Girl style, then this fic is Dante Alighieri's La Divina Comedia in Magical Girl style. Whereas the anime much more focused on friendship , then in this story not only of friendship only. But it also included elements of familiarity and relations between siblings. Inspired from my favorite game action, Devil May Cry, this story will have a strong action element. And the power of each character going more extreme than usual. Currently I'm working on the next chapter. If there is criticism and suggestions, please PM to me. Please give the support!