This is just a three shot & it is completed. It started out as a little drabble where I was trying to get inside the head of Wes my OC but the drabble just took off & Jeff, Adam, Matt, Jay, Mike, Chris, Morrison, & Randy all took the fuck over and this back & forth sex scene ensued (that takes place in the next chp) Matt & Jay don't have a room, so they kick someone else out of theirs. Jedam, Jericho/Mor/Miz, Jay/Matt, Randy/Wes. Every couple has sex. Fic takes place around the Rated-RKO days. OOC, lotta AU. Christian was not in TNA ever, Jericho never gone. Everyone is in the WWE & together for my own damn benefit. It's not massively important anyway. I own no one but the concept of Wes. All characters mentioned are owned by WWE, TNA, or themselves, esp their images & the bodies I use to cover in cum. None of this ever happened, it is every bit fictional. The characters are fictional and nothing is real.

Chapter one/ 'Locker Room Romances'
Rated; M/ L (mentions of Hardycest, adult content)

Sometimes he felt uncomfortable around them. So he mainly just stayed quiet and out of their way. He'd just watch them. Smirking to himself under their antics. This was one of those times, back in the locker room of a bunch of wrestlers with colorful personalities. Wes Myers stood against the wall, nestled deep inside his hoodie. He liked being here, but felt so awkward. They were all friends. Were all comfortable with each other. They had never shown him dislike or anything, but maybe he wasn't comfortable with himself to open up to them yet. They didn't act like they didn't want him here, and Jeff was his friend, so he stayed.

His hazel green eyes traveled over to Jeff Hardy. The man with the multi-colored braided hair was busy combing his fingers through his boyfriend Adam's hair as the taller blonde argued with his best friend Jay over hotel arrangements.

"Me and Matt can't get a room tonight, Adam. Please, let us room with you two?" The shorter hair blonde known to the wrestling world as Christian pleaded, holding his hands together and pouting his bottom lip. His puppy-dog face was nowhere near as epic as Jeff's- or Sam Winchester's for that matter.. but that had nothing to do with this moment- So Jason usually didn't get his way.

"No, Jay." The wrestler known as Edge replied curtly.

"But you have that whole hotel suite all to yourselves!" Jay reminded.

"Because tomorrow is our anniversary. We're celebrating." Jeff stuck his tongue out through a wide perverted grin.

"That's right. We'll be busy." Adam smiled proudly.

"Fucking." Jeff added jovially, just in case they didn't get the gist of what them being 'busy' meant.

Matt covered his eyes. "I did not need to hear that. Jay, we're rooming with someone else."

"You're such a prude." Jeff huffed, twirling a strand of Adam's hair around his finger.

"No one, Jeff- I mean, no one- wants to think about their brother.. doing.. that! Let alone listening to it!" Matt shook his head with a grimace.

Jeff shrugged. "Unless your brother is as hott as me." He smirked. He also stood and gave a little wiggle and twirl and Matt sighed.

Jay turned to Matt. "I can't argue with him there.. Ow.." He rubbed his shoulder where Adam had smacked him. "What?"

"Quit fucking my Jeffy with your eyes."

"But I wasn't..!"

"I saw you." Adam pointed.

"But I didn't.."

"I know you." Adam glared.

Jeff just chuckled and pulled Adam closer to him, before nuzzling his face in the glaring blonde's neck. "Aweh, Addy. He was being fucked by my eyes. He couldn't top me."

Wes rolled his own eyes. Jeff wasn't known for making sense. But they were all used to it.

"You're not Hardy enough to dominate me." Jay answered, folding his arms.

"Only I am." Matt said proudly.

Jeff scoffed. "Puh-lease. I'm more Hardy than Matthew is. I taught the boy everything he knows."

"Ooh, that sounds kinky." Adam giggled.

Matt twitched visibly. "Jeff! You're gonna start rumors!"

"Again." Jay muttered.

Wes's ears perked up. He had only vaguely heard mention of the Hardycestuous rumors here and there. It was quite the interesting subject.

Jeff rolled his eyes that time and stretched back in his cubby hole seat, arm going around Adam's chest as the blonde laid back and snuggled back into him. "Childish morons."

"Hey, ass clown. Is it true you popped Matthew's cherry?" Chris Jericho asked Jeff as he popped his head inside from the conjoined locker room, his boyfriend/protege/mini-me Mike Mizanin behind him and peeking over his shoulder.

"Ugh, go away, Chris. No one asked you to input." Matt groaned.

"No one ever does. He just does it anyway." Jay added and Jericho tossed a towel at his face. Jay tossed it away as if it were diseased, made a disgusted face and started wiping himself off with his hands.

"Fuck you." Jericho said, strutting on inside and having himself a seat in one of the steal chairs, Mike following him. He stood behind the spikey-haired loud-mouth and started rubbing his shoulders.

"You wish you still were." Jay smirked knowingly and Jericho twitched.

"Anyway.. ugh, Reso.." Chris scoffed. "Matthew?"

"I still have my cherry, thank you." Matt gave a look and crossed his arms.

Jay stared at his lover. Lips parted and tongue curled up like he wanted to say 'liar'. Jay closed his mouth and sunk back into his cubby hole. He pointed and silently nodded. Making a little mental note.

Matt blinked and shrugged. "What? What did I say?"

"I know that look." Jericho said, wide-eyed. "It means you are not getting any tonight."

Jay shook his head and waved him off with his hand.

"Maybe for awhile." Jericho added.

Mike 'oohed' and Jeff laughed while Adam shook his head.

"You know Jay's body language?" Matt asked annoyed.

Jericho nodded. "We were together for two years. Of course I do."

Matt huffed, even more annoyed as he drug a hand down his face. "Fine! Jay took my cherry! Are you happy?"

A sick little smile crept up on the side of Jay's lips. "Now that you screamed that for the entire roster to hear; Yes." He kissed a grumbling Matt on the cheek.

Naturally Jeff and Adam had burst out laughing. Tears had formed in Jeff's eyes and Adam was holding his stomach. They held to each other for support from their giggle fit.

"Oh, shut up. You two don't even swap." Jay muttered.

"You don't know what we do." Adam giggled. He took a couple of breaths to calm down.

"Oh, haha. This is well and great and all, but we still have a problem about finding a room." Matt reminded.

"And we still have the problem of getting back to our nice comfy hotel suite and curling up naked in front of the fire." Jeff added, pushing Adam off him and standing up before taking Adam's hand.

"So, sleep in your rental car." Adam grinned as Jeff helped him up.

"Meanie!" Jay shouted.

"No room for you two. Sorry." Jeff sighed in a faux apologetic tone as he wrapped his arms around Adam's waist from behind, his head leaned against the blonde's shoulder.

"But, we can sleep on the couch! We'll be quiet and won't bother you! You won't know we're there!" Jay protested.

"No. You'll just get all hot and bothered by hearing us and then you'll start up. Remember Roanoke, Jay?" Adam said as Jeff nodded.

Jay twitched. "Uh..? Lots of things happened in lots of places.."

"What happened in Roanoke..?" Matt looked over to see Jericho whistling, twiddling his thumbs and his gaze directed up at the ceiling. "Chris?"

Chris flinched. "Uh.. what..? Nothing happened..."

Adam put his hand on his hip as Jeff's arms fell away from him. "Nothing? Chris and Jay were rooming with me and Jeff one night."

"And me and Adam decided to take a shower.. to y'know, relieve some terrible tension." Jeff added, staring at his nails.

"It had been a week! We were on the verge of murderous and stuck in close quarters with Y2Jay for way too long!" Adam defended when Matt tilted his head and glared. Jericho and Jay were glaring now! Adam tensed. "Jeffy! They're staring at me with their eyes again!"

Jeff groaned as Adam jumped behind him and hunched down, only peeking over Jeff's shoulder. "Anyway.. Those two horndogs heard us and we emerged from the shower to find them in the throes of passion."

"We couldn't help it! Have you heard you two? You're both very vocal and it had been a while for us too!" Jericho defended.

"It was not our fault you barged right in." Jay added.

"Uh, it was our room." Jeff stated.

"Why do I have to hear about my brother's sex capades? Even more so, why do I have to hear about my current lover's past sexual experiences with King Loud-Mouth?" Matt pondered aloud.

"Hey? Words! I have feelings too, you parasite!" Chris growled.

"Stay with Jericho and Miz." Jeff suggested.

Jay, Matt, Jericho and Mike all gave a collective "Hell no!" And Wes giggled.

Jeff glanced over and grinned. "Stay with Wesley. I bet you could coax him into a threesome."

Wes gulped and paled. He shrunk two feet into his hoodie.

Jay's eyes lit up. "Ooh, bet we could have lots of fun. Eh, Matty?" He nudged Matt playfully with his elbow.

Matt sighed. "Leave him alone, you guys."

"Yeah, he's wall-flower enough over there." Jericho added.

Wes tilted his head at the older male and muttered to himself.

Jay looked over at Matt and shook his head. "You really are no fun."

"Not what you said last night." Matt smirked.

More collective 'oohs'.

"Whelp, we're out. Come, Adam, I have toys.. Well, you'll cum later as a result of the toys." Jeff snickered.

Matt facepalmed.

"Ooh, do they vibrate?" Adam asked, following Jeff out the door.

"They do." Jeff agreed.

Adam giggled. "Awesome." And they were gone.

Jay blinked, fiddling with his shirt tail. "But we still don't have a room."

"Sorry, Junior." Jericho said as he stood. "But we're meeting Mor after his match. He's gonna be good and sweaty."

"And that means we have to give him a shower." Mike grinned, rubbing his hands together. "What fun." He shuddered, following his leader as they went to find their third in their relationship. Morrison was apparently in for a long night... Not that Wes was jealous or anything...

Just then Randy Orton poked his head in the door. "Hey, guys. You seen Adam? I wanted to go over something with him for our match tomorrow." Randy was Edge's tag partner in Rated-RKO. He was also Wes's little unrequited crush.

Jay had looked Wes's way and if he noticed the raven-haired man drooling or being weak in the knees, he kept it to himself. "Ya just missed him. Him and Jeff are away on their honeymoon.. I mean anniversary."

Randy chuckled and Wes melted even further into the wall. "There's a difference? Those two have been together so long, they may as well be married."

"Just call him on his cell." Matt suggested.

"Nah. He'd get mad and I'd rather not be on the end of a bitchy-Adam tirade. I'll see him tomorrow. See ya, guys." Randy waved at them before waving at Wes and the smaller male gulped as he was sure Randy winked at him.

"Bye, Ra-Randy.." Came the squeaked reply as Randy left. Wes exhaled and slouched. Surprised as shit he hadn't melted into a puddle of goo.

"Why don't you just talk to him?" Jay asked and Wes glared at him in wondering if he was fucking serious. "He doesn't bite... Or do you want him to bite?" Jay smirked.

"Hey! I got it! Perfect idea! We'll take Wes's room and Wes can room with Randy!" Matt suggested. He was tired and quite desperate at the moment.

Wes's eyes got wide, he shook his head and started to protest.

"Yeah.." Jay bit his lip. "Who knows, one thing could lead to another."

"Jay, we're supposed to be looking out for Wes. Not getting him raped." Matt reminded and ignored Wes paling.

"Randy would never rape him!" Jay said with a hand over his heart like he was shocked. "Randy's a gentle guy! He believes in protecting kittens and bunnies and all that fuzzy rainbow stuff."

Matt rolled his eyes and got out his cellphone. "I wouldn't go that far. I've seen what Randy can do in the ring. It itn't pretty." Matt put the phone to his ear. "Hey, Orton, you got plans? Can Wes bunk with you for the night?"

They all ignored Wes waving his hands back and forth frantically and mouthing 'no'. Finally the black-haired boy covered his face with his hand and turned around to face the wall. He could not room with Randy. It'd be far too awkward. His life would be over.


Wes blinked as he was shoved out of his hotel room with his bags in hand. Randy had agreed, since the couch in his room was a pull-out bed anyhow and Matt and Jay got Wes kicked out as quickly as possible.

"Now, you go be a good boy. Randy is room 308. Don't do anything Jeff wouldn't do to Adam tied up." Jay winked, patting Wes on the butt.

Wes turned and flipped his hair out of his face as the door shut and he heard the clicking of a lock.

I dunno why w/ me they always have rooming problems. I need a new excuse for why they fuck.. Wesley Charles Myers gets his name from my love of horror. Wes for Wes Craven (or Wesley off of the show Angel) Charles (Freddy Krueger's middle name) Myers (Michael Myers of Halloween fame) He's still majorly in development. This didn't go right into sex b/c everyone decided to sit around and talk about everything for too long. (smh) Sometimes I just let them talk. It was weird Miz didn't talk (scratches head) Next chp is nothing but smut. Three sex scenes all in the same chp. Cuz sometimes I just like writing loads of sweaty hott man-on-man sex. Luckily I got to showcase my Wesley in the 3rd chp. Hope no one minds. As anti-OC as I am (esp if you follow me on Twitter) I'm squeamish of it. Clusterfuck is supposed to mean like a thing were shit goes wrong or whatever. But I named it that not b/c of wrong shit happening, but b/c I had a cluster of ppl fucking. (logic at its finest)