Kenichi had actually managed to get a good night's sleep, Sakaki had washed his back for him and then walked him to his room before letting him go to bed. The next morning was fairly quiet, though Miu was in a much more pleasant mood than yesterday, so Kenichi was quite happy that she wasn't giving him dirty looks and glares whenever their eyes met.

"You should go wake up Miss Stanley, she is your guest after all, and we wouldn't want her going to school without a meal, would we?" The Elder said, looking at Kenichi and Miu for a moment before he swiped a piece of Kenichi's morning fish. He didn't usually partake in the 'Steal-The-Disciple's-Food' game, but he was still a bit sore towards Kenichi, so he figured he could play along just for today.

"No, certainly not Elder." Kenichi said exasperatedly as he stood up to go get Rachel. He had expected her to have already been up, but apparently Miu had gone to wake her up before and Rachel just kept on sleeping through anything Miu did.

"Hey Rachel? You awake?" Kenichi said loudly at one of the doors into the dojo. He'd learned that asking if someone was awake was vital; Shigure's traps were often set tenfold when she was asleep and he'd made the mistake of trying to enter her room when she slept before and had narrowly dodged the spears, bamboo spikes, maces, and various shuriken and kunai that had greeted him.

"Yes Kenichi?"

"Are you dressed?" He asked, also remembering Shigure's other habit being naked when he'd try to go to her room. He doubted that Rachel would be naked, but he figured he'd ask, just to be safe with Rachel.

"Yes, I have clothes on." She replied from the other side of the door.

"Oh, ok then!" Kenichi said as he opened the door to see Rachel stretching in her bra and underwear, her breast shaking slightly as she bent backwards, putting her arms over her head and performing a bridge. "Gah!" Kenichi quickly closed the door. "I thought you said you were wearing clothes!"

"I am" Rachel replied, giggling at Kenichi's shyness. "I'm doing my morning stretches. What did you need me for?" She asked, her tone becoming less playful and Kenichi heard the sound of her putting her clothes on.

"Breakfast is ready." He said, managing to calm down.

"Alrighty!" Rachel burst out of the dojo, knocking the back of Kenichi's head with the sliding door, knocking him to the ground.

"I'm going to have to be even more careful than before." Kenichi thought, praying that Rachel wasn't going to be this prone to injuring him while she wasn't even trying to fight him.

Breakfast had gone surprisingly smoothly, the masters weren't stealing Kenichi's food because they wanted to look good in front of their guest. After a while, Kenichi and Miu headed out, but found that there were two large men in black suits waiting outside Ryozanpaku's door.

"Excuse me, did you see this girl in here?" One of them asked, sounding extremely polite as he pulled out a picture of Rachel. "Her name is Rachel, and she was supposed to come back to her hotel last night, but she never returned. Someone informed us that she had been seen entering this building." The man knew where he was and who he was talking to, but he also knew that there were five extremely powerful masters behind those doors and he didn't want to fight any of them.

"Yes, she spent the night here. We're sorry she didn't call you" Miu said, rather hurriedly and sounding rather happy to be rid of Rachel. "She should be out shortly."

"Kenichi! We have to walk to school together!" Rachel said, hopping over the wall and landing next to Kenichi. "Can't have anyone doubting that we're dating now can we?"

"You're dating him Ms. Stanley?" The guard asked, looking slightly dumbfounded.

"Mhm~ We're in looove~" She said, wrapping her arms around Kenichi's body and hugging him, pressing her soft chest on his hard back. Kenichi tried to squirm out of her grip, but found it didn't actually do him much good. He was enjoying what was happening, but he didn't want Miu mad at him, and the two men were probably master class fighters who were more than willing to kill him if he upset them. Much to his surprise, the gentleman who hadn't spoken leaned over to Miu and whispered in her ear, an eyebrow raised behind his shaded glasses. Miu nodded, then shook her head in response and the man stood up and shrugged.

"Well, if she's not dating him and he's living with her, he could be dating Miss Castor." He said, his voice gravely and low. "I suppose it possible."

"Huh, well I say we give it a week." The polite one said, shrugging as well and walking away. "Take care of Miss Rachel alright?" He said as they turned and stated to walk away.

"Wh-what just happened?" Kenichi asked, sweat pouring down his brow as he sighed in relief.

"They asked if Rachel had just recently decided this and I said yes." Miu explained. "I guess this means they're not too surprised by this."

"Those two again!" Rachel said, hmphing as she rest her head on Kenichi's shoulder. "They don't let me have any fun, and they don't even pretend to pay attention when I do get the spotlight."

"Huh…I wonder why." Kenichi thought, trying not to laugh nervously. It wasn't that he was against Rachel's bodyguards leaving him alone; it's that someone not giving Rachel attention was a pretty difficult task when you're supposed to be watching her constantly. To be fair, he knew Rachel could take care of herself most of the time, despite not being a master class fighter.

"We really should get to school." Miu said, her voice shaking with irritation as she started walking down the sidewalk, leaving Kenichi and Rachel behind.

"Mhm! Comon Kenichi!" Rachel said, pulling Kenichi's arm as she rushed to catch up with Miu. She didn't have anything against Miu personally, but it would look much more authentic to everyone if she was seen walking to school with her new boyfriend and the girl he was living with.

The sight of Kenichi walking with Rachel wrapped around his arm got people talking immediately. Miu walking next to them, looking rather angry didn't exactly help matters.

"Please let go of my arm Rachel." Kenichi groaned as he tried to separate himself from Rachel, to no avail.

"Not until we get to our class~" She said in a sing-song voice, reveling in all the attention she was getting and all the people around them whispering. She could pick out a few of them expressing shock, while others were discussing that Niijima's article exposing them must have made them stop hiding their love. Others were amazed they hadn't seen this coming for some reason, though even Rachel knew there was no reason for them to hook up at all.

As Kenichi, Rachel and Miu arrived at their classroom Rachel gave Kenichi a long kiss, making his face turn beet red before she went to her classroom. This earned her a murderous glance from Miu, who sat down huffing again, and Renka, who was sitting on the windowsill outside, watching them.

Classes went by as usual, but at lunch Kenichi tried to find a new hiding spot, not only from the Shinpaku alliance, but from his new girlfriend. Miu was eating lunch with the Shinpaku group so he couldn't try and talk to her there without potentially facing their wrath or scolding. He couldn't hide in the water tower thanks to Renka punching a massive hole in it. So he decided to sneak over to the greenhouses and eat in there, near his favorite plant he'd saved from Daimonji when he went on his little rampage after Kenichi had first beaten him.

"Thank god nobody's here." Kenichi thought as he ate his pitiful lunch. He'd peeked inside his lunch box to see, unsurprisingly, Miu had barely given him anything to eat. He actually ate in peace for a few minutes, occasionally talking to his plant about what was going on before sensing a familiar alien presence among his plants. He hid his lunch and started peeking between the nearby leaves, hoping to spot Niijima before he was spotted. He spotted Niijima near some of Chikage's plants which they'd moved into the greenhouse from the garden, but he seemed far more interested in them than looking for anything else at the moment.

"Come out already Kenichi." Niijima said casually, pulling up some data on his PDA before turning and facing where Kenichi's head had been moments ago. "I know you're back there." His Niijima Senses always alerted him to the presence of those who had particularly ill will towards him, and Kenichi was far less than pleased with him right now, so he registered loud and clear.

Kenichi resumed eating his lunch, trying to remain as inconspicuous as possible, hoping Niijima would just assume he was hearing things and leave him alone. He actually got a few minutes of peace before Niijima's clawed hand grabbed his shoulder, making him jump in the air.

"Come now Kenichi, did you really think you could hide from me?" he asked, cackling manically as Kenichi tried to calm his increased heart rate.

"Did you find out who printed that article yet?" Kenichi asked once he calmed down.

"Nope." Niijima said, looking oddly casual about the fact he couldn't find some information.

"Why do you look so calm then?" Kenichi shouted, this was definitely not normal for Niijima.

"Oh, in exchange for saying a few…things, Rachel has given me some good info about Yami." Niijima said, beaming, his sharp pointy teeth gleaming.

"What kind of information on Yami?" Kenichi asked, deciding he'd rather hear the good news first.

"Oh, the identities of a few companies they have power over, some names of politicians she'd overheard, and a bit of insight on their training methods, or at least the ones she goes through." Niijima said, showing Kenichi his PDA screen with a large wall of text on it displaying the information he'd received. "I dare say we have quite a lot to gain from you two dating."

"Yeah, and what exactly did you SAY in order to get this information?" Kenichi asked, bracing himself for some less than pleasant news.

"Oh you know, just a few rumors to spice up your dating life nothing too major." Niijima said flippantly, poking a few buttons on his PDA screen and looking back at Chikage's plants.

"Define nothing major." Kenichi's right eye twitched as he felt a vein on his forehead start pulsing.

"Oh just how I saw her stay over at the dojo, and maybe something about you two sleeping in the same room." Niijima grinned casually, knowing he was earning himself a beating, but it was worth it for what he was getting out of the deal. Information on Yami was hard to get, even for him, and now he had a direct access to some of their most secret information. Like hell he was going to pass up this opportunity to milk it for all it was worth, he didn't care if Kenichi and Rachel had to "date" for a year if it got him the juiciest information, it was A-OK with him.

"You what?" Kenichi replied dead panned, while half of that information was true, but the other half implied way too many things for him to accept.

"Well, I had to say something to get her to spill the beans. " Niijima calmly replied as he turned his back to Kenichi and headed for the door. "By the way, you have about ten seconds before she finds you, I suggest you prepare yourself." Niijima added, pointing to the greenhouse roof as he opened the door and left. Kenichi looked confused for a second before looking up where Niijima had pointed and seeing Rachel, squatting on the roof trying to silently open one of the glass panes right above his head, giving him a full view of her underwear up her skirt. Kenichi turned red and twitched, how had she found him? Only a few people actually knew he liked hiding in the greenhouses and taking to plants, unless.

"Niijima you bastard." Kenichi twitched again, grabbing his book bag and bolting for the door, but Rachel jumped off the roof, landing on him and hugging him with her legs.

"Hi there Kenichi~" Rachel said, leaning down and hugging him, her legs holding his so he couldn't run.

"H-hi Rachel, how're you doing?" Kenichi replied, trying to wiggle out of her grasp.

"Oh pretty good, you know there are still ten minutes left in our lunch break. We should eat together." She more demanded than implied. "That's what a boyfriend and girlfriend do after all."

"Yeah, that's true." Kenichi said, groaning a bit as Rachel got off of him and started to go through her backpack and pull out a lunchbox. He could try and run, but now that Rachel knew his main hiding place, aside from the water tower, he really didn't think he'd manage to escape this time.

"Where's your lunch Kenichi?" Rachel asked, leaning in and seeing Kenichi's lunch box only had a dried up looking fish and a few grains of rice left in it.

"Oh, I ate the other half of it before you found me." Kenichi said, his voice sounding exasperated as he remembered that the other dried up fish and what he thought was some squid weren't exactly substantial for him.

"Do you want some of mine?" Rachel offered as she opened her box, revealing a large amount of rice, some pills, a deli sandwich, and a pudding cup.

"You sure?" Kenichi asked.

"Of course, as long as I can feed it to you." Rachel replied, smiling. She'd done some research before on what lovey-dovey couples did and knew that feeding each other was considered pretty significant in Japan. Kenichi blushed, his immediate instinct to say no being overridden by his loudly rumbling stomach.

"S-sure why not?" He replied, forcing a smile." But I thought Yami monitored your diets very strictly, wouldn't they get mad at you if you were sharing your lunch?"

"Not really." Rachel replied, opening the pudding cup and getting a scoop of it out and offering it to Kenichi. He opened his mouth obligingly as she slowly slid the spoon into his mouth, letting him scoop the jello off with his tongue and then pulling out the spoon out. "The pills are all that are really 'required' by Yami for us to eat, I'm not on a super strict diet like Chikage or anything. My Maestro told me I could always eat a few other things as well. After all, one can't have a very lucha day if you don't eat something you like, now can you?" She explained while getting a spoonful of pudding for herself, offering Kenichi the spoon handle. "Now you feed me."

"S-seriously?"Kenichi half shouted, taking the spoon's handle slowly, making sing sure Rachel wasn't just kidding around with him.

"Mhm! It's only romantic if they boyfriend and girlfriend feed each other isn't it?" She replied opening her mouth as well. "Ahhhh" Kenichi blushed as she slowly put the spoonful of pudding into Rachel's mouth, letting her suck off the pudding before pulling the spoon out and handing it back to her. He'd often fantasized about doing this sort of thing with Miu, but never had the opportunity before. The rest of their meal went the same way, Kenichi and Rachel alternating between feeding each other the rice, then they split the deli sandwich eating quietly.

"Ahh, that was pretty good Rachel." Kenichi said, smiling as he patted his belly.

"Thanks, I made it myself." Rachel replied, packing her box back into her backpack. "We'll I'll see you after class Kenichi sweetie~" She said, giving him a kiss on the cheek before heading towards the main school building.

"She's not so bad after all." Kenichi thought to himself. He had honestly expected her to make much more of a production of them eating lunch together, let alone allow them to eat in such a secluded area away from the public eye. Or so he thought until he heard a twig snap off to his left. He stood up and bolted towards the source of the sound, reaching his hand foreword and grabbing someone's clothes, though it didn't feel like the school uniform. "Who's there?" he shouted, swearing that if it was Niijima taking pictures in a bush disguise he was going to try and smash that damn PDA of his once and for all.

"Goddamn twigs got me caught." A very familiar voice from the bushes said. Much to his surprise, and terror, he had grabbed Sakaki's leather jacket." You can let go now Kenichi."

"AH! Master Sakaki what are you doing here?" Kenichi shouted, instantly releasing his grip on Sakaki's jacket.

"The elder asked me to make sure that nothing funny was goin' on between you and Rachel. Seems like you two are playing the part of a happy couple pretty damn well though." Sakaki said, giving Kenichi an accusing glare, trying to shift the blame from him to his disciple.

"Well yeah…aha…"Kenichi twiddled his fingers a bit, unable to come up with an actual reply to that statement. Then both Master and disciple heard another twig snap and they both turned to the bush near them, each grabbing a man in a large black suit. "You guys again?" Kenichi shouted, immediately letting go of the man's suit and brushing it off before bowing apologetically.

"We were told to watch and make sure you weren't blackmailing Miss Stanley into this relationship." The one with the gruff voice replied as he was being held in the air by Sakaki.

"Well we're not, so scram!" Sakaki replied, forcefully tossing he man into his partner. "Geez, these Yami guys are always snooping around aren't they?" Sakaki replied.

"Yeah, because you guys don't trial me and Miu everywhere we go all the damn time." Kenichi thought sarcastically, giving his master an equally accusing glare.

"H-hey! Don't look at me like that Kenichi!" Sakaki said, a bit unnerved by his disciple's dirty look. "But seriously, be careful. If Yami's sending these gorillas to keep an eye on you two, you can bet that they're gonna be watching you two twenty four seven. I feel like going for a quick drink so I'll leave you to your schoolwork, don't be late getting home again or else Akisame said he's got a few new inventions for you to try out." And with that, Sakaki jumped into the trees, catapulting himself towards the nearest bar. His first jump shook quite a few of the trees, dislodging a very irritated looking Niijima, who was holding a few small twigs that fell from his grasp, along with his PDA falling from his hands and landing near Kenichi's feet, a picture of Kenichi and Rachel feeding each other on the display.

"Niijima…how long were you there?" Kenichi shouted, picking up the PDA and holding it furiously, his hand shaking.

"Ohh, long enough." Nijima replied., standing up and brushing himself off. Truth be told he had never left, hell, the ladder he had used to climb up the tree was still against the tree, out of Kenichi's line of sight. "Now if you'd be so kind as to give me…STOP THAT!" Niijima shouted as he watched Kenichi bash his PDA against his knee, trying to break the demonic device.

"Why! Won't! It! Break?" Kenichi shouted, kneeing the PDA harder and harder with each word, but the device showed no signs of even registering Kenichi's attempts to break it. Kenichi eventually got so desperate he started biting it, hoping to at least ruin the touch screen before Niijima wrenched it out of his hands.

"My technology would not break no matter what you did to it! KEKEKEKEKEKEKEKE-AUGH!" Niijima was laughing maniacally when Kenichi punched him in his stomach, just to shut him up as he headed back to his classroom, forgetting his lunchbox, which Niijima grabbed, laughing wheezily. "Ke…ke…ke… oh the things I will do for my information." He said quietly, smiling wickedly before placing a tiny microphone in a corner of the box and adding a false bottom to it, making it so Kenichi wouldn't even notice his box was bugged.

The rest of the day passed smoothly, Kenichi was continually given the cold Shoulder by Miu despite his best efforts to explain what was really going on. When the final bell rang, as if the bell was a cue, Rachel slid the door to Kenichi's classroom open and walked over to him, hugging him enthusiastically.

"Kenichi~ I think we should go out today, how about you~?" She asked, tugging him quickly out of the classroom before he could even answer.

"Agh! Wait a minute!" Kenichi tried to say as he tried to regain his balance. Rachel tugging him around with is head pressed onto her collar was throwing him off as he tried to hop on one foot to keep up with Rachel's full running speed.

"Aww, what's the matter, don't you wanna go out with me?" Rachel asked, pouting slightly as she stopped moving full speed, stopping when they reached the river area where She and Kenichi had fallen into the previous day. In truth, she had dragged him there to get away from the Shinpaku Alliance members and that Renka girl. She knew they would interrupt any time the two had alone.

"Rachel, I need to get back to Ryozanpaku." Kenichi explained calmly.

"Aww, but why? Can't training wait until later?" She asked, pouting more and using a very childish voice.

"No, it really can't trust me." Kenichi replied, walking towards Ryozanpaku quickly. As much as he'd like to go out and see a movie or something like that, he knew his masters would train him to the point of near death if he missed almost two days of training without their permission, let alone to spend it on a date.

"Aww, can I at least join in on your training with you then?" Rachel asked, curious as to what the masters at Ryozanpaku could possibly have done to make someone so good at martial arts as Kenichi. Niijima had shown her Kenichi's gym records prior to his discipleship at Ryozanpaku and he was well below average. But in under a year he had managed to be able to take on the likes of Shou and her brother, two people even she would have extreme difficulty defeating. Whatever they were doing behind those wooden doors must be something beyond even what Yami's scientific geniuses could come up with to train a human body.

"Uhh…sure I guess." Kenichi said weakly, not too keen on anyone having to suffer Ryoznpaku's training methods, including himself. "But you'll have to ask my masters first." Kenichi hoped that he could at least get a no out of The Elder and Sakaki, he knew Apachai would just be thrilled to have a second disciple, Shigure didn't train him enough and she probably wouldn't mind either, Akisame definitely had something planned involving Rachel, Kenichi knew that for sure, and Ma was unlikely to turn down Rachel especially if it meant he got opportunities to take photos of her in sweat covered training clothes.

"Ok." Rachel replied, walking happily next to Kenichi.

When the "couple" arrived at Ryozanpaku, Kenichi casually opened the doors with one hand, he had long ago gained the strength necessary to do so, and someday hoped he could open then with just two fingers like Miu and The Elder could. Akisame was sitting in the yard with some blue prints lying in front of him; he seemed to be measuring the height of the dojo's roof from the ground, then the distance from the roof to the nearby trees, making a note after each measurement.

"Oh, hello you two. Don't mind me, I'm just making some blueprints for my newest machine." He casually said as he looked at Kenichi and Rachel as they entered the dojo, Kenichi closing the doors behind them.

"And you need the measurements for outside the dojo as well for this invention?" Rachel asked, a bit surprised that a machine Ryozanpkau was using would take up so much space.

"Oh, it just needs to have to appropriate reach is all, can't have Kenichi esca- dodging it too easily now can we?" Akisame asked with a chuckle, making Kenichi pale slightly.

"That reminds me, do you mind if I join in on Kenichi's training until this whole incident is resolved? I'm sure I can keep up with whatever he had to do." Rachel stated confidently.

"Well if you really want to, It's Apachai's turn to start off today so I hope you're good at dodging." Akisame said, "You don't mind do you Apachai?" he shouted at a nearby wall, knowing Apachai was waiting behind it, eager to surprise Kenichi with his new training equipment. Apachai had bought new pads with the money he had helped Sakaki win at the horse races.

"Apa! Not at all! Look Kenichi! New training gear!" he shouted, hopping from behind the wall and presenting Kenichi with his new pads and headgear. "Sakaki helped me pick them out, so you should be extra safe now!"

"Wow, thanks for the new equipment Apachai!" Kenichi said happily. True he doubted he would survive the new set of concussion the day would bring, but he at least knew Apachai was trying not to beat him mercilessly without protecting him.

"Oh, uhh...I guess you can use Kenichi's other gear if you want." Apachai said, offering Rachel Kenichi's older gear, which, while quite worn, certainly did its job.

"You can have my new gear if you want Rachel." Kenichi offered, this was her first time training with Apachai and he definitely wasn't going to be gentle about it, especially after she said she could handle anything Kenichi could.

"No, no it's quite alright. I'm sure I'll be just fine." Rachel said, confident in her own body.

"Ok…"Kenichi said, heading to his room to change, Rachel heading to the Dojo area to change as well. She was wearing a dogi just like Kenichi, pads at her knees, elbows, head, and boxing gloves on. Kenichi had to admit, for the first few minute of training, Rachel managed to block almost all of Apachai's punches, though she did miss a few and got hit in the torso those times. Apachai would stop and let her recover, just like he did with Kenichi, and then came the Apa Kick.

Kenichi didn't know which caused this newest black out, the concussive force of him hitting The Elder's bonsai tree and consequently breaking off a limb, his immediate contact with Ryozampaku's stone wall that followed, or maybe it was when he hit his head on the ground. He noticed, midflight that Rachel had hit a branch, breaking it as well, but she shot off at an odd angle and did the equivalent of a belly flop into the stone wall. He assumed she was knocked out as well, because when he came to, he heard her coughing and spluttering due to whatever foul drink Ma had dumped into their mouths to raise them from near-death.

"Apa…ooops." Apachai said apologetically.

"What happened? I remember being kicked…then a tree." Rachel said, clutching her pounding head, the entire front of her body feeling like she had received a large amount of Deigo Tick Drivers.

"Erm Apachai kicked us and I think you hit the wall" Kenichi said, pointing to the visibly cracked wall near where they were lying. "I'm pretty sure I'm that dent" he pointed to the other wall where a vaguely human shaped dent was being repaired by Sakaki, who looked like he was in a foul mood

"And…this is normal for you?" Rachel asked, half exasperated, half concerned for not only her own health, but Kenichi's.

"Yeah, pretty much." He said, grunting as he got up and walked back over to Apachai as if nothing had happened. "erm, you can sit this out if you want." He offered, watching Rachel shakily get to her feet.

"No, I said I could keep up with you and I will." she said as she started walking back towards Kenichi "It wouldn't' be very lucha of me to go back on what I said now would it?"

"Eheh…if you say so Rachel." Kenichi replied, really hoping she'd just sit out Apachai's training at least, he knew whatever Sakaki, Ma, and Akisame had planned for him were nowhere near as dangerous as this.

At the end of the day Rachel was very sore, she had gotten three more concussions from Apachai's training, the large Karate master had bound her legs and made her walk on her hands as he moved herself and Kenichi foreword at what felt like a full running speed. She had done a similar exercise with her Maestro several times she managed to keep up with Kenichi the entire time. Then she and Kenichi had been tied over an open fire and forced to do crunches and then thrust her body foreword in an odd reverse mid-air crunch to avoid her hair catching fire despite the fact she'd put it in a knot at the base of her neck. Kenichi almost seemed used to this despite the fact he was swinging madly back and forth to avoid his hair burning as well, his face one of pure terror. If they started to move slower, The Judo master would fan the flames, forcing them to go faster again to avoid any heat burns. Though she swore she saw him taking pictures of them from time to time, and last, but not least they had introduced her to a stance called horse stance, taught her how to stand in it, then told her to hold her arms out. She instantly regretted this as she suddenly had bands with metal spikes attached slid up to the tips or her arms, if she moved her arms, the spikes poked her painfully and made her go back into the proper position. Then she was holding two large pots filled with what seemed to be boiling water, a smaller tea cup was placed on her head, her feet tied in their current positions to a wooden board with an incense stick sticking up right beneath her butt, threatening to painfully burn her if she tried to sit down or relax.

"Now hold this stance as long as you can." The Kempo master said, before opening up a magazine with near naked women on it before laying down and reading, not even looking at Rachel or Kenichi, who had the exact same setup as her. She had faltered in her stance only twice, once her legs had given out, causing her to slightly burn herself before she shot back up into her stance, and another time her grip had slipped, causing one of the pots to drop nearby and splash the hot water onto her toes. The Kempo Master applied a strange green colored lotion to the area the water had it, soothing the pain immediately. After that, they had dinner, both she and Kenichi not receiving much food despite her best efforts to grab some more from one of the masters, which failed miserably. She then showered, was given a look over from the Judo master who made sure she wasn't injured in any way, and headed to her make-shift bed in the dojo.

"Geez, no wonder he got better. If he can handle this, I'm not surprised at all that he managed to beat Ethan and Shou." She mused as she lay on the dojo floor. She heard a faint sound come from the ceiling before she saw the Weapons Mistress hanging upside down on the rafters, holding out a tray of tea and some large rice cakes to her.

"Kenichi…said to…give you…as thanks." She said bluntly before setting the tray down next to Rachel. "Are you…injured…anywhere?... I will…treat you." She said, very slowly.

"Um, no…I'm not hurting anywhere particularly badly." Rachel said, caught a bit off guard by this master's gentle approach and blunt mannerisms. "Did you already do this for Kenichi?"

"Yes." The Weapons mistress answered simply. "He told do...this for you…as well."

"Oh, well thank you." Rachel said, making a mental note to thank Kenichi tomorrow as she sipped her tea.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Author Notes~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Yes Rachel is being flirty and getting Kenichi in all sorts of trouble in this chapter, lucky guy ain't he?

I had the Yami men be calm, rather than just assault Kenichi because

A. they were in front of Ryozanpaku, it's near suicide to attack him there in front of people like The Elder, Sakaki and Apachai.

B. Not all members of Yami are homicidal maniacs, Akira Hongo (Shou's previous master), Sehrul Rahman (Ethan's Master), and even Siaga Furinji (Miu's dad and the Head of Yami) are pretty calm and civil individuals in and outside of combat.

Cannot type innuendos…sounds…so…goddamn cheesy.*bangs head on desk*

And, just to clear this up, yes, Rachel calls Akisame a Judo master in the previous chapter, he is a Jujitsu master. This was an intentional mistake seeing as many Americans (myself included before I read this series) thought they were the same thing. I'm pretty sure Rachel would make this mistake despite her immense knowledge because she would learn the counters to the lock, bars and holds which are both taught in Judo and Jujitsu. Jujitsu came first, then Judo was developed from it, so the similarities are not too hard to see.

I change what people are called depending on who our current "host" is. When we had Chikage, I referred to Kenichi and Band-aid, and Rachel as Castor, just as she does in series, rather than by their names, even when not in direct thought or speech, as long as she was out "host". So I had Rachel call Akisame a Judo master rather than a Jujitsu master. I'm rather glad so many of you caught this, but there is the full explanation for it.


Seriously though, I'm confident that everything Ryozanpkau has thrown at Kenichi to get him where he is, is way more intense than anything Yami or YOMI has been doing. They seem to be following the more scientific approach to training and trying to use orthodox methods of training someone. As opposed to Ryozanpaku's very unorthodox and possibly life threatening methods.