A New Life

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Chapter 1

Artemis P.O.V

I was under my invisibility cloak, casting curses at every opponent I could see, trying desperately to protect my friends. No one knew that I was alive just yet. To one side of me I could see Dumbledore battling with a bunch of Death Eaters, to the other, Sirius and Remus were fighting back to back with another load of Death Eaters. I couldn't see Ron, or Hermione. Ginny was duelling Bellatrix LeStrange. Suddenly there was a shout.

"NOT MY DAUGHTER YOU BITCH!" Molly Weasley suddenly jumped into the battle with Bellatrix, pushing Ginny out of the way. She threw spell after spell, curse after curse, at the insane Death Eater. Several hit Bellatrix, and she went down.

Voldemort appeared then, looking outraged, and he started towards Molly. I threw a shield in between them, and Voldemort stopped, and looked round, just in time to see me pull off my cloak. His snake like nostrils flared. "Artemis Potter." He spat. "How are you alive?"

We began to circle each other. "You made a mistake Tom. Three years ago, you used my blood to come back." I made a tutting noise and shook my head. "That was a mistake Tom. But now, we are on equal footing thanks to that last killing curse you hit me with. It's just you and me."

"You think that we are equal girl? You are nothing more than a child, who hides behind greater witches and wizards than yourself. Who's going to die for you this time Potter?"

"No one Tom." I sneered the name. "Like I said; it's just you and me."

I was barely aware of the circle that had formed around us. Right now I had my entire attention focused on him. I ignored the somehow healed over cut that was on my neck, I'd focus on how all my cuts had healed later. Right now, I had to end this. Once and for all.

"This ends here Tom. Tonight. Even if I die, I'm taking you with me."

"Fool. You think you can defeat me? I have taken steps to ensure my immortality!"

"You mean your Horcruxes? The last one was destroyed. Neville did the honours. You are as mortal as anyone else, Tom Morvalo Riddle!"

"You Dare!"

"Yes I dare, because that's your real name; it shows what you try to hide. That you are a half blood. Like me."

He hissed, and raised his wand. "AVADA KADAVERA!" The burst of green light hurtled towards me, and I heard a rush of wings. I smirked.

"PROTEGO! BOMBARDA!" The shield and spells all collided, and created priori incantatem once again. I pushed, with everything in me. I pushed all the spells back towards him. My lips curled into a snarl, and a growl ripped out of me, as I pushed the lights towards my parents' murderer.

I thought of everything that had happened because of him. Murder for fun. Torture for fun. Then I thought of what he'd put me through. He'd murdered my parents. He'd killed friends of mine. His Death Eaters had raped both me, and Hermione, and tortured us all. They'd almost killed my Godfather, the only father I'd ever known. It was because of him that I had to live with the Dursleys, and I'd suffered many years of physical and verbal abuse.

I took a step forward, then another and then another. There was an explosion, and then a wave of power that knocked me back. I hit the ground heavily. I saw Voldemort drop to the ground, and I knew that he was dead. I'd done it. I'd finally killed him. I let my eyes close and let darkness consume me.

I did it mum, dad. I did it.

No P.O.V

Logan shot up in bed, panting. He got up and went over to the window, and looked up at the slowly rising sun. That dream had been the most vivid one yet. As if he had been in the battle. Watching the girl with the haunted emerald eyes fight. He'd dreamt of her before, but never so vividly. It seemed that now he had his memories had come back; dreams of his past had been replaced with dreams of that girl.

There was something about her, something that called to him. It was as if she was real, just far away, out of his reach. Why did he keep dreaming about her? Who was she? Why did she seem so real to him? And why did he feel the compelling need to be with her? To protect her?

From what he'd seen of her life, she had quite the penchant for trouble. But why did that matter to him? Logan pushed off the wall and went to take a shower, his thoughts preoccupied with the girl from his dreams. Once he was done, he got dressed, and walked downstairs, where he came across the Professor and Storm.

"Ah, Logan, I take it you had another dream then." The Professor said.

"Yeah." He said. He'd told the Professor, after the Professor had convinced him, with much persuasion, about the dreams. Storm had overheard and commented that it seemed as if he was dreaming of the Wizarding world, to which she once belonged.

"There was this fight going on, it was in some sort of castle. It started out, with the girl fighting her way through who must've been the enemy. They were all in black robes with white masks. After a while, the fighting stopped, and a voice came through. It was disjointed. I didn't hear all of what it said. Something about handing someone over, or entering the fray themselves.

"The girl took the opportunity to leave, up to some sort of office. She pored a silvery substance into a bowl, and seemed to go through memories of someone, Snape I think. But I only got the gist of their meanings. She did to. She had to let herself die. She put on this cloak. I could still see her, but no one else could. Then there was this stone she had, while outside this forest. She turned it three times, and two figures appeared. I think they were her parents. They told her they were proud of her, and dying was quicker and easier than going to sleep. They walked with her, into the forest, and to a clearing. The people in the black robes were there and so was a man. Hell if he was human. He looked like he was part snake. Well, he killed her, but then later, after dumping her outside the castle and a boy her age, killing a damn big snake that the man had on his shoulders, she got up, and threw the cloak back on. She helped protect allot of people on her side, before facing the guy again. This time though, she was taunting him, before they shot at each other. The lights connected, and she seemed to will them towards the man. There was an explosion, and that was it."

Storm was incredibly pale. "Snake like features? Black robes and white masks?"


"That sounds like Death Eaters. And V- Voldemort. Don't make me say the damn name again." Storm hissed.

Logan held up his hands. "Alright. But what's wrong with the name?"

"He's the darkest wizard of all times. Every witch or wizard, except a few, do not speak it."

"Alright, but I don't see what's to be feared about a name."

"What does this girl look like?"

"Black hair, haunted emerald green eyes, like she has the weight of the world on her shoulders and some more. She also has a lightning bolt shape scar on her forehead."

"That sounds like…"

"Like?" Logan urged.

"Artemis Potter. The Girl Who Lived. The only person to ever survive the killing curse, and she did it when she was one. Logan, I think you may have seen what is possibly the final battle?"

"Final Battle?"

"There are rumours going round that it may be leading to the wars final battle in Britain, right now. You may have witnessed it."

There was a thump. The three looked round to see an owl hop onto the windowsill. It held a newspaper in its beak. Storm opened the window, pulled three bronze coins out of her pocket and put it in the pouch, before taking the newspaper.

The owl flew off and Storm unrolled the paper, not fazed by the owl. She read out the headline.


Storm looked sick. "How could they do that to her? She's not even eighteen!" She said.

"That is just the way it is, Storm. Even some Wizards hold prejudices. You know that."

"I know Professor. It's just… she's gone through so much ever since she was one. And now the people she saved are turning on her."

"Does it say what her abilities are?" Logan asked.

Storm scanned the article. "She can now do wandless with ease and has gone Feral with a healing factor. They're looking at her like they would a werewolf! And not all werewolves are bad either!"

"What now?" Logan asked the Professor.

"We wait and see what happens." He answered.

Logan held back a retort. He wanted to find this girl, especially now he knew she was real… and like him. He nodded, and walked off.

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