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Mwhahahaha! Sequel to Unexpected Existence is finally here~! It's taken me an awful long time to think of something...but now I can finally start this damned thing! Also, it is a song fic! Based off of Locking Up The Sun by Poets of the Fall, I give you a fic of the same name!

Chapter 1: 1 year later...

"Will you listen Ichigo?" Hichigo Kurosaki scolded his twin as they sat in his bedroom. Ichigo opened an eye and sighed. The last thing he wanted was to study for a stupid literature test.

"Forgive me if I'm not into 4,000 year old drama's." He grumbled. Shiro sighed and threw a pencil at him. "Ouch!"

"C'mon Ichigo. This is our last year of high school ok?" Ichigo cringed slightly. In reality, it was only Shiro's second year of high school, since only last year was he able to 're-establish' his existence as his twin. And even then his existence had been cut short Ichigo had to kill him to prevent the Hogyoku from possesing his twin's soul.

"Alright, fine. It's on Oedipus Rex, right?"

"Yes. Now...who did he marry?"


"Yes, who is also...?" Ichigo closed his eyes, trying to think.


"Yes! Maybe you were paying attention after all." Shiro clapped sarcastically. Ichigo rolled his chocolate eyes and looked at his alarm clock.

9:00...'bout time. "Ok, I'm off Shiro." He said, grabbing his badge and allowing his soul to seperate from his body. He then opened the window and leapt off into the night.

Shiro sighed as he watched his brother leap off into the night, the black moon pattern on the ribbon on his zanpakuto glowing in the moonlight. Has it really been a year already?

"Surprislingly...yes it has, no?" Shiro turned around to see a child form of himself sitting on the bed, a black cape flowing behind him and ice blue eyes staring at him.

"Do you ever shut up Zantaiyo?" He sighed, glaring at his zanpakuto. Zantaiyo was a very chatty zanpakuto in his opinion.

"I could, but you need someone other than your brother to speak to for the moment." Shiro didn't comment; it was true. "Are you still worried about something?"

"You live in my mind and soul, so you should know." He grumbled, his hand subconsiously tracing a dark scar on his chest. It was on the area of his heart, where Zangetsu had pierced it.

"True, but you should voice your thoughts every now and then, correct?" Zantaiyo pointed out. Shiro nodded and sat down next to his zanpakuto.

"I'm worried Zantaiyo. Something doesn't...feel right. I feel like something bad's gonna happen...something big, evil and soon too."

"Have you mentioned this to Ichigo?"

"You know I have! He ignored me and pushed it off like he did before I..." He shook his head as another unpleasant memory from last year tried to surface. "I tried...but he won't listen."

"Try again. It is that simple, no?" Shiro sighed as he walked to his own bedroom, feeling sleep crawling onto him.

"No isn't that easy..." He whispered, twiddling his thumbs. He had never felt so nervous around his own zanpakuto, or ever for that matter. Maybe it was because he-

"You love him, do you not?" Shiro's face instantly flared pink, since his skin couldn't really turn red.

"Wh-what? No-no I d-"

"You said it yourself. I live within your soul, your mind. I know how you feel. This is stronger than the love brothers should share." He stated. Shiro sighed in defeat.

"Yeah...I have no idea for how long. But he..." Shiro gripped his jeans tightly. "He wouldn't understand! He'd hate me if I told him this!"

"So keeping it bottled up will help you? Hichigo, I believe that you should tell him sooner or later." Zantaiyo pointed out. Shiro sighed and stood up, walking out of the room.

"I'm going to bed. Night." He mumbled before entering his room and closing the door. Zantaiyo smiled slightly before vanishing.

Ichigo sighed as he sat on the roof of a nearby house, waiting for the sun to rise. He didn't care about the test, he'd be fine on it. "You seem to be enjoying yourself." Ichigo turned to see Zantaiyo materialize next to him.

"Can't you ever just chat with your own Soul Reaper and not bug me?" He asked, annoyed that his personal time had been interrupted. Zantaiyo chuckled, blue eyes shining with humor.

"Ah, but is my element not fire? Am I not named after the sun?" He asked. "Can I enjoy the rising of the very star that gives us life?" Ichigo sighed. Zantaiyo was almost more cryptic than Zangetsu. "You have your own star as well, you know." Ichigo gave him a puzzled look and the zanpakuto chuckled.

"You're too confusing. Can't you just shut up and enjoy the view?" Ichigo mumbled. If possible, Zantaiyo's eyes shined brighter. "You're odd, ya know that?"

"So I have been told. But I do not mind. I am who I am."

"So what's your real reason for coming out here to bother me?" Ichigo asked. Zantaiyo sighed and gazed at the sun as it peaked over the top of the tall buildings.

"How come you refuse to speak to your brother?"

"Whaddya mean by that? I talk to him all the ti-"

"I mean actually speak to him Ichigo. Can't you see how he feels?" Ichigo shook his head.

"No, he hides it rather well. Guess that's still the only part of him similar to a Hollow." He whispered 'hollow' quietly. He still didn't like the idea that Shiro was, to Soul Society, still considered a Hollow when he was human now. But even Shiro admitted that the powers were still within him, but now they more like a power source, not a consious thing trying to devour his mind and soul. It irked Ichigo a little that his twin didn't seem to mind it. "I dunno, is he dying again or something?" Ichigo chuckled nervously at his failed joke.

"Not exactly in a humored filled mood I see. At any case, talk to him, ask what is wrong. I am sure that if you look carefully, you will see that something is not right with Hichigo." Zantaiyo said. Ichigo turned to see him fading from view. "Do this, or I fear the consequences..." Ichigo watched as the zanpakuto faded, leaving a brief warm spot in the air before it faded with the warmth of the rising sun.

Consequences? Ichigo rolled his eyes and leapt off the roof, intent on getting at least two hours of sleep before school. What did he mean by that? Nothing's going to happen here...

Unbeknowest to Ichigo, a pair of deep, red eyes watched him from the shadows, interest glowing in them. Hmm...he is not the one I need then... he thought, his rust colored hair flapping in the wind. A wide, mad grin spread across his face that would send shivers down even Kenpachi's spine. He turned around and began heading back towards the shadow he came from. It looks as though I will need the other one after all...

Chapter 1 end

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