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Chapter 18: Apology and Acceptence.

Ichigo felt a bit nervous with Rei's silence. He wasn't sure why he offered to do this, but he had an idea. Granted, a risky one, and if it failed, they were all dead. "And why would I want to take you up on this?" Rei asked, kneeling down on the floor to be face to face with Ichigo. "I have what I need."

"You just said Shiro's Heart isn't strong enough. But I was unaffected by our split after Yugokai. Besides, Hell hasn't fully affected me yet either."

"Heh, I see what Kai sees; such is our connection. It did affect you. However, you managed to 'snap out of it'. But..." He leaned back, closing his red eyes. "It is a tempting offer..."

"I just have two conditions." Ichigo said quietly. Rei opened one eye and he continued. "One, you let me and Shiro talk. Two, when...when it's time, let them all leave Hell. That's all I want."

"Are you quite positive you are in position to make demands, Moon?" Ichigo felt the coils around him tighten a bit as Rei leaned in closer. Staring up at Rei's eyes made him shiver. "You are as powerless as he was." He gestured to Shiro. "You both are just frightened teenagers."

"Maybe...but I'm not afraid to fight scum like you." Ichigo spat in Rei's face. Rei backed up and laughed.

"Fine! I shall amuse myself then, with this. I will take you up on your...offer." Ichigo watched as the coils around him faded and he sat up slowly. Rei walked over and placed his hand onto Shiro's chest. Shiro arched and screamed silently before falling forward. Ichigo rushed over and caught his twin and glared at Rei. "You have two days until the gateway is fully complete. I shall enjoy taking you from him...despair is such a joyous emotion." Rei cackled as he walked away, leaving the two alone. Ichigo placed his hand carefully on Shiro's chest, relieved to feel his hear thudding under his hand. Shiro groaned and he watched as his twin's golden eyes opened slowly.

"I...Ichigo?" He asked quietly, unsure if he was there.

"Yeah, it's me."

Shiro wasn't quite sure if this was real. Why is here? He wondered. He reached out slowly and placed his hand on Ichigo's face. "Why...why are you-"

"Do you think I'd actually leave you here alone?" Ichigo asked, although he knew the answer. Of course Shiro would think that, considering what had happened not too long ago. "Ok, that was a stupid question."

" left..."

"And got kidnapped. Heh, guess I really need to pay more attention." He chuckled and helped Shiro sit up. "Look...Shiro I-"

"You should've left!" He snapped angrily, glaring at his twin. "I did that so you would leave damnit!"

"You honestly think I'd do that?"

"Of course! You hate me! I disgust you!" Shiro snapped. Ichigo noticed that they still held an odd green tint and he sighed.

"I know what happened to us, after Yugokai. You're not acting like yourself...I took something from you."

"Oh really? Then what was it?" Shiro huffed, his eyes burning with anger.

"I'm afraid to say it because you'll get more pissed..." Ichigo muttered. He remembered back when Shiro had told him that they wouldn't be able to hold Hoshiten's for for long. I bet that's when it happened...when I took 'it' from him. "So instead, I wanna say something else, something I should've said earlier."

"And what's th-" He gently placed his lips against his twins, and at that moment he felt something from inside him flow out and towards the stunned albino.

Give it all back...make him who he was again...the one I love, please... He thought. He gave that feeling an extra push and he felt something more leave him and it made him feel slightly dizzy. He broke away from Shiro and looked at him. the green tint was gone, and shiro's golden eyes now seemed stronger than his body.

"Ichigo..." shiro's voice was firmer, sounding like it did a year ago, before all of their hell had started.

"I'm sorry Shiro. I l-" He was cut off as Shiro slamme dhis pale, slightly cooler lips against Ichigo's, and the other immediatly responded to the albino's sudden roughness. Shiro licked and nipped at his closed mouth, practically demanding entry, and Ichigo gave it to him, moaning as Shiro's blue tongue mapped his mouth, every curve, every dip. Shiro groaned as Ichigo raised his hands and tangled them in his filthy, white hair and pulled. But when the cold cuffs touched his neck, he stopped and stared.

"Ichigo...what happened? why are you-" Ichigo placed a finger gently on Shiro's lips.

"I'm sorry...I was confused and scared. "Shiro chuckled a bit in his usual manner. "Shut up. but I seriously didn't know what to do...I'm so sorry Shiro...I love you." Shiro smiled softly and kissed Ichigo again.

"I love you too, Ichigo..." He grinned. "We need to get out of here, but you have the same cuffs I do..." He muttered, looking at Ichigo's white kimono and his wrists. "Damn him..."

"Everyone's worried, you know..."

"Everyone?" Ichigo explained what had happened and Shiro couldn't help but feel stupid. "Damn that fucking son of a I guess this means my hollow still does exist then..."

"Guess so, but I think it's cut off like Zantaiyo and Zangetsu are." Ichigo admitted. "So we're completly powerless..."

"I have no idea when that gate'll be done-"

"Two days...Rei said two days." Shiro looked at him but said nothing. Ichigo yawned and curled up on the ground, next to Shiro. Shiro sighed and laid next to him, grabbing him and holding him close.

I love you... he thought, and he could feel Ichigo's love was the only feeling Ichigo had right now.

Chapter 18 end

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