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Oct. 25, 20XX

Five more have fallen today, and we are now short a Vet. If there is any good news in this at all, is that I managed to confirm a few of my suspicions. Although considering how I'm forced to gather this information, it does nothing but sicken me.

Every time "God" summons us, there are always eight of us. Those who have remained alive from the last mission, and those who have recently died. "God" apparently does not care about who it brings into this either. Today, we had a child of not even three years old brought into the room. I can barely tolerate the fact that "God" has taken prisoner of the elderly once before, but to shackle a small child to our fate. The cruelty of the act knows no bounds, I knew the child would not survive.

Once again, I tried to convince the newcomers of how to survive. But in the process an argument broke out between me and one of the Vets. He had claimed that me trying to help these people was foolish, and he was tiring of me wasting the time to do so. And I'm ashamed to admit that I'm starting to believe him. Regardless, I have to try anyways. The way I see it, if no one else has to die during these missions, no one else will be dragged into this.

"God" once again gives us our target, and here is where I have noticed another pattern. There is never a single target. And yet "God" see's fit to only inform us about one of them, and gives us useless information on top of it. I don't understand, does it want us to win, or fail? The ramifications of either explanation trouble me. Perhaps it doesn't want either, and simply finds us battling these monsters amusing.

The aliens we face is another topic that has me concerned. While each and every single one we have come across has been lethal within it's own right, I can't help but question, how long have they been here before we arrived? Each alien is far stronger than any person I've known, and yet not once have I heard about any strange killings on the news. Does "God" cover the aliens tracks to keep the people from panicking? Or are we sent out on the mission as soon as they arrive, and yet before they have the chance to kill anyone? Or perhaps, the worst case scenario I can think of, they are only attacking in self defense against the ones sent to kill them. I hope I'm wrong.

I will have to wait longer until I learn what is so special about these points. The Vet that seemed excited last time was among the dead tonight. While fighting what the others call the "Boss", the Vet got distracted by the terrified child. And to my horror, the Vet turned his gun to the child. A short moment later, the Vet himself was impaled through the back. But the atrocity that was committed will not leave me, and I doubt it will for some time. I couldn't bring myself to eat anything tonight, I don't think I would have been able to keep it down.

I'd pray again to survive the next mission, but I'm starting to doubt whether it's a good idea to do so anymore. Even if I did pray, I'm not sure anyone is listening anymore.


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