Title: Secret liaison

Chapter: 1/?

Story rating: NC17

Pairing: Harry/Draco

Story warnings: slash, rimming, slight violence, very slight dub!con

Summary: In 8th year Harry gets into a fight with Draco Malfoy that leads to a relationship neither of them planned.

A/N: Thank you to lordhellbore for being an awesome beta.

Harry wasn't sure why it started. Malfoy hadn't been any trouble at all since the beginning of their eighth year. In fact, Harry had barely noticed him all term. Malfoy seemed content to get on with work, keep his head down and stay out of everyone's way. It was late October before he and Harry had even spoken. And as usual in their relationship, that was through a fight.

Harry had been walking alone down the charms corridor, his mind wandering as it tended to do lately. He hadn't realised the other occupant of the corridor who was heading in the opposite direction. When Harry looked up from watching his own feet and caught sight of Malfoy, with his eyes narrowed and looking right at Harry with complete contempt, something within Harry snapped. He felt a boiling anger that he had not felt in a very long time.

He acted before thinking and pushed Malfoy hard. When the other boy caught his footing, he stared at Harry in complete shock.

"What the fuck, Potter!" Malfoy demanded.

"I could ask you the same thing! Who the fuck do you think you are looking at?"

Malfoy blinked before his face screwed up in anger and he promptly shoved Harry just as hard. Because of Malfoy's superior height he had better leverage and Harry fell straight onto his arse.

Seeing red at the smirk that looked down on him, Harry threw himself at Malfoy, wrapping his arms around his legs and pulling him down. They fought angrily on the floor, Malfoy managing to stay on top of Harry as he pulled at his hair. Harry screamed in pain before dragging his ragged fingernails down Malfoy's face, leaving pink track marks.

Malfoy retaliated by slapping Harry across the face before grabbing him by the collar and shaking him so hard his head banged again and again against the hard stone floor.

Harry was dizzy and exhausted when Malfoy finally stopped. His eyes were unfocused and blurry, which was also due to Malfoy slapping off his glasses. They now lay broken a few feet away from the gasping, sore pair. Harry hadn't felt this exhausted in a long time; clearly, he wasn't in good enough shape to fight with the git anymore.

Harry barely noticed that Malfoy was still on top of him, forehead resting on his collarbone, gasping for air. He didn't even notice the way Malfoy's hips were rotating smoothly against Harry's thigh until the other boy gave a throaty moan.

It was then that Harry noticed the hardness that was digging into his leg, sharp and firm.

"Wh-what-," Harry choked as Malfoy's movements grew quicker. "Malfoy, what are you doing?"

He tried to push the other boy off him when Malfoy failed to respond, but Malfoy was taller, damn him, and he was using all of his weight and height against Harry. It wasn't fair, why did Malfoy have to have a growth spurt over the summer before eighth year? Harry now only came up to Malfoy's chin when before, they had been roughly the same height.

Malfoy's hips quickened and stuttered, taking Harry away from his sulking.

"Get off, you freak!" Harry cried, trying with all his might to get him away.

"Wait..." Malfoy croaked pushing his hips down harder, "I'm- I'm coming – wait!

Harry's eyes grew to the size of saucers as Malfoy choked out a soft cry and dampness spread through to Harry's trousers.

He lay motionless, staring up at the high ceiling as Malfoy collapsed on top of him, panting hard and shivering slightly.

Harry was sure he was shivering too. The dampness on his leg and the feel of Malfoy's cock softening against him was making his insides feel funny.

Eventually, Malfoy lifted his head and stared down into Harry's unfocused eyes. Harry was sure the bastard was smirking.

"Merlin, I needed that." His voice sounded far too smug and Harry was furious again.

"What the hell do you think you're playing at, Malfoy; you can't just go around attacking people and humping their legs!"

"Easy, Potter." Malfoy was too calm and he hated it. "If I remember correctly, you were the one who pushed me first."

Harry's mouth screwed up. "But I'm not the one who got – got.. HARD from it, you pervert."

Malfoy blinked at him or at least Harry thought he did. He really needed his glasses; he was starting to get a headache. The boy on top then shifted and Harry gasped. Malfoy's knee came into contact with Harry's groin. Harry hadn't realised that he was hard too. He felt his face burn with shame.

"Who's the pervert now?" Malfoy whispered and Harry shivered from disgust and disgust alone.

"Shut up," Harry scowled. He tried to wiggle himself loose of Malfoy's grip, but all it did was cause his crotch to rub even more against Malfoy's knee. Flashes of pleasure shot through his body. He had never felt anything like it before.

He heard Malfoy chuckle, then felt a hand on his abdomen. Fingers were trying to force their way into Harry's trousers and Harry cried out, "NO! Don't you dare!"

Malfoy froze and the hand was lifted away. Harry was thankful, he had never had anyone touch him there before and he certainly didn't want the first one to do it to be Draco Malfoy.

However, he was still hard and aching and Malfoy's knee was right there! He couldn't help but shift his hips just slightly, desperate to get the pressure to release just a little.

"You're telling me no, but you want it, Potter," Malfoy murmured, shifting so his knee disappeared. Harry groaned in disappointment, then gasped as Malfoy parted Harry's legs and let his entire weight fall between them.

They were now touching, groin to groin. Harry thought he was going to die with both embarrassment and pent up frustration.

He tried to wiggle his hips against Malfoy's, but he couldn't budge with Malfoy so heavy on top of him.

"Tell me you want it," Malfoy demanded. "Tell me and I'll help you."

Harry bit his lip and furrowed his brow. He wanted him to move, damn it, but he also wanted him to piss off and leave him alone.

"Tell me," Malfoy whispered into his ear and the hot, wet breath was enough for Harry.

Malfoy didn't even have to move for him - the weight, the voice, it was all too much and Harry promptly came in his underwear, hard and almost painful. His cries echoed in the corridor and bounced back into his own ears.

He felt weak when the orgasm was over. His muscles ached and his lungs burned from Malfoy being on top of him and from having probably the best orgasm of his life.

He could have easily drifted off to sleep before he heard Malfoy's voice.

"Are you kidding me? That's it?"

Harry blinked and stared up at the blonde blur on top of him. He was confused for a moment before he realised what Malfoy was talking about. Harry had come hard without any real stimulation at all. He had come quicker than anyone probably had in the history of time and he'd done it in front of Draco fucking Malfoy!

Feeling his face burn again, Harry wiggled under Malfoy and this time, the other boy didn't stop him. He got up from on top of Harry and stood over him. Harry looked away and quickly felt around for his glasses. He pulled out his wand and repaired them before putting them back on. He chanced a quick glance at Malfoy, who was looking at him oddly, pink tracks running down his face from Harry's fingernails.

Harry stood up and fixed his clothing, wanting to spell away the stains he and Malfoy had left on his trousers but feeling too embarrassed to do it in front of Malfoy. When he felt himself calm slightly, he turned back to Malfoy, prepared to threaten him if he ever told anyone about this, but Malfoy was already gone. He had silently walked down the corridor out of sight.

Harry blinked before promptly feeling sick. What the hell had he done?