Prologue: Chapter 1

So, I know everyone else has taken a shot at writing Kara, Lee and Zak's pre-mini-series relationships, but here's my version. Hope you enjoy!

Kara smirks as she tilts her head back and pours the ambrosia straight down her throat. As angry as she's been over getting grounded and assigned to the Academy, getting to scream at nuggets all day has done wonders for her mood.

"Lieutenant?" a voice asks beside her.

Her grin grows feral as Kara catches the deference in the man's tone and turns to see which one has found her.

"Hey." A young man stands over her, gesturing to the empty stool beside hers. "Can I sit?"

Kara shrugs, studying him. Of all the new nuggets today, this kid was the only one who obeyed all her orders without screwing up. Even when she'd tried to call attention to him, he had let it roll off of him, his only response an ironic smile lurking in his eyes. "Cadet...Adama, was it?" As if she doesn't know.

"Yes, sir." He slides into the seat. "Zak."

She nods. "Nuggets usually screw up their first day, Zak."

"Did you?" Zak grins and gets away with his impertinence.

Kara snorts. "Not that day, actually."

Zak smiles. "I grew up in the military."

"Family business?"

He shrugs. "Second generation. My dad's a Commander. And my brother's a lieutenant."

She raises an eyebrow. "He train around here?"

"Nope." Zak waves to the bartender for his own drink. "He went to War College, did his flight training there."

"And you didn't want to go get a fancy education, too?" He's so damn affable, she has to push.

Zak just shakes his head. "Wasn't for me."

Kara takes a sip of her ambrosia and nods once. "My mom was a sergeant major. I grew up with military discipline, too."

"Well, at least we were well prepared for Basic Flight!"

She nearly chokes on her drink. "I guess that is something. And after that, what, the nuggets are just too young for your taste?"

"Something like that." He murmurs the words softly enough that Kara turns her head, catches the way Zak's eyes are lingering on her figure now that she's out of uniform. She gives him the once-over in turn and finds him quite to her taste.

A few drinks later, Kara decides this is the perfect way to defy the bastards who grounded her for frakking around with a superior officer. Zak seems surprised when she leans in and kisses him, but to his credit he doesn't hesitate.


The alarm blares the next morning, and Kara rapidly slaps it off.

"Time for class?" a voice asks blearily, and she rolls over, blinking hard.

"Sorry," Zak says with a grin. "Was I not supposed to still be here?"

"Yeah..." She's not pleased but it's not worth getting into right now. "You'll be missed back in your barracks." Kara slips out of bed, stepping into the bathroom and flipping on the shower to get the water going. It always takes a minute to warm up. When she turns around, Zak is still in bed, his eyes lingering on her naked body.

"Nice view," he says with a simple smile.

Kara glares, slightly perplexed.

"Can I see you again?"

She raises her eyebrows. "In class, at 0800. And if anyone ever hears about this-"

"They won't," he cuts her off. "You can trust me."

She freezes for just a moment, giving away more than she'd like except that Zak's chosen that moment to slip out of bed himself and search around for his clothes. Without answering him, she gets in the shower. By the time she comes out, he's mercifully gone.


The next time he finds her out at a bar, Kara's more cautious. Zak hasn't said anything in front of his classmates, but he watches her.

The third time she's hesitant too, but the fourth time and the time after that Kara accepts his presence with a smile and ignores him casually until the evening ends, when they drag each other back to her apartment and into bed. The sex is good and it's not like she knows anyone else still living in Delphi. Over a few weeks it becomes almost their routine. Sometimes they even do things besides frak.


Kara's caught off guard one afternoon when she walks in on Zak talking on the phone in the cadets' rec room. No one else is there so she perches on the arm of Zak's chair, waiting for him to pay attention to her.

"I'm looking forward to it, man," Zak says with a grin. His hand lightly pulls one of Kara's feet into his lap and his fingers explore her ankle. "You should meet my girlfriend while you're here."

Kara jerks back at the word, and Zak looks up at her in surprise.

"Gotta go," he says quickly into the phone. "Let me know when you know exactly when you'll get in."

Kara stares down at him as he hangs up, entirely at a loss for words.

"What?" Zak finally asks.


He shrugs. "We've been sleeping together regularly for two months. Is there something else you want me to call you?"

Her mouth hangs open. She can't put her reaction into words and if she could she wouldn't tell Zak. She's never been the kind of girl to have boyfriends. Sure she's frakked her share of friends and teammates and fellow officers but before the Academy she couldn't let anyone get close enough to find out what her home life was like, and ever since relationships of any kind have been against regs in the first place. Plus he barely knows her, just knows Starbuck. Kara swallows hard. "Whatever." She forces her usual sass into her tone and Zak grins, tugs her down to kiss him.

As she straightens, he smiles up at her. "That was my brother, by the way."

"The infamous lieutenant?"

"He's home on leave a couple days next week; he's going to stop by."

"Meeting the family," Kara murmurs to herself. Apparently this is what girlfriends do. "You don't want to just get dinner with him yourself and then come home and frak me?" Zak always describes his brother as the clear-headed one, the rational one. Lee's sure to see right through her.

"Don't worry." Zak leans up to kiss Kara's cheek, then stands. "He'll love you, too." He heads toward the door. "Come on or we'll be late."

In spite of his warning, Kara slips down into his seat and stares into space for a minute. Her mind is blank except for that one word: too.

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