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Jess rolled over in her bed. Her digital clock read 9:45 am she mental thank her self because today was her day off. Unfortunately jess felt weak and empty. She put it down to the fact she had no lunch or tea yesterday. She lay there thinking if she should go back to sleep for a minute but hunger took over and she rolled out of bed. She shivered she only wore a pair of red sweat pants and a t-shirt. She opened her bedroom door to find Abby, Connor and Becker laughing and chatting on the sofa. It was their day off to thought jess. She walked past them muttering a simple 'morning' before walking of to the kitchen. She only reached the centre of the kitchen before over come with dizziness and clasped into the tiled floor.

"jess has been a while in the kitchen I should go and check to see if she was okay"said Becker. Connor raised his brows in a cheeky way. Abby slapped him on the arm gently.

"get your head out of the gutter Connor"said Abby. Then she giggled, Becker had gone a bright red colour at this Abby raised her eye brows before he walked out of the room in the direction of the kitchen door flustered.

Becker walked into the kitchen and found a pale white unconscious jess with a small cut above her eye bleeding. Becker ran over to her he shook her slightly but she never stirred.

"jess?"whispered Becker before checking her pulse. There was a slow weak thump under his finger.

" Abby call an ambulance jess is in a bad way"said Becker in a strangled voice. He lifted her fragile body of the floor and carried her to the sofa.

" Becker the ambulance is on its way what happen?"said Connor. Becker shook his head.

"not sure she was on the floor when I found her and I am guessing the cut is from when she fell"said Becker trying to hold back worry and fear in his voice but failing. They waited till the ambulance came they followed her to the hospital.

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