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3 years later-

jess was screaming as she was walked into the maternity ward of Blake hospital.

"breathe jess breathe your doing perfect"said Becker.

"perfect. PERFECT no perfect no I am ow getting a baby out of me."said jess.

A midwife took jess into a water birth room.

" Mr Hilary Becker and Mrs Jessica Becker"said the midwife looking at the chart as jess was lifted into the water.

"okay the drug I want the drug I have ah changed my ah mind"cried jess.

"okay okay calm down. Tell me your name"said the midwife.

"you know my name you idiot"screamed jess.

"tell me your name or you cant have the drugs."said the midwife.

"fine. Jessica Becker. Ah ow ow ow ah this kid is ah coming fast ah"cried jess. Becker held her hand.

"will you stop breathing I is giving me a head ache"said jess as she sat in the water waiting for her next contraction.

The midwife chuckled and Becker smiled.

"OH NO! I have got to do the Becker I SWEAR DOWN HOLD YOUR BREATH IT IS GIVING ME A HAND ACHE AHHHHH"screamed jess.

"okay Jessica I need you to give me on last push come on push"said the midwife. Jess let out a scream of pain and it all stopped the pain died down and her sight was blinded by tears and she heard cries not from her but from a small baby. High pitched healthy cries.

" congratulations you have a healthy baby girl."said the midwife handing the baby to jess.

" uh I am a Mam a mammy and your a dad a daddy oh my god"said jess.

Jess was helped out of the water and the baby was in her arms.

"jess you need to give the baby to the midwife now"said Becker.

"no she is no little don't drop her"said jess reluctantly handing over the little baby. Jess was wheeled into a private room. Jess got changed out of her birthing bikini and into a hospital gown and the baby was brought back to her.

" do you have a name yet?"asked the midwife. Becker and jess looked at each other.

" Charlotte Sarah Daniel Becker"said jess and Becker together the midwife smiled and nodded before walking out the room.

Becker and jess sat there for ages watching little baby Charlotte. Soon the whole ARC team came in and meet Charlotte.

" daddy,look it is daddy and I am mammy"said jess.

"we sure are I love you I love you both"said Becker.

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