George and the deadly peach

One day George saw a hobo sitting outside his house

The hobo was holding a jug of green liquid

George ran up to the hobo and said he would trade him whatever was in his pockets

But in this case it was a packet of smokes.

Hobo: deal

George sweet

Then George said to the hobo hey haven't I seen you before the hobo said no

Then George said you sure you look a little like Justin beiber

Then the hobo said I am Justin beiber.

Then George ran up the garden but on the way tripped over his pet rock Timmy George spilled the liquid on the ground and shouted curse you Jimmy.

Then George licked the ground but after a few minutes he remembered he had peed on the ground there yesterday then he ran inside scrubbing his tongue with a cloth and soap.

When he woke up the next morning he felt something on his face then he realised that his pet monkey bobo

Had pood on his face he very quickly washed it off his face then something caught Georges eye he went outside to see what it was then he saw it, it was a giant peach George then climbed inside the peach then he saw something then a giant cricket said I don't want to hurt you but then suddenly a giant spider jumped out and ate him.

The End