S4 League Fanfic

The life of endless combat - Oneshot

As War ravaged our planet, it led to the destruction of our own. Countless lives spent and one experiment changed everything, an experiment which the world has never seen before. The people feared the experiment because of its ability to produce youths with the powers not normal to the average person.

One by one, countries opposing this experiment revolted. Countries which agreed to the experiment unleashed its power in one battle, the first and only battle fought during the revolt. Again countless lives are lost, the world agreed to it willingly or not.

Even though the revolt lasted only one battle, people feared the experiment, whether its the countries supporting it or not. This time they were truly alone. The entire organization went underground fearing destruction due to years of hatred.

I was a new recruit, intense mental training was forced upon us. Many died in the process, some my dearest friends. Weapons and skills were used daily as tools to survive. We were feared,isolated and hated by all except our own kind. Eventhough all the hardships of our kind, we developed into an able society. Money, clothing, equipment and food were complete.

Soon governments came to accept us, though not as humans but tools for world domination. To ensure our races survival, our government agreed to it but in our own terms. Most governments could not do anything since no one can stand up to our might. A match was arranged daily, two teams, two countries fighting for land or resources. Our technology allowed us to fight at full potential but without killing our own kind. We carried the fate of the world in our weapons and skills.

Along the way we discover things, secrets even to our own kind. We had two options in life, complete the training and stay or work outside our society and risk dying early. Secrets awaiting to be revealed, this is our world, the world of endless fighting, the world of S4 League.

*Main sotry will follow after this, just an overview*

- Shachihata