Summary: Beckett and Castle investigate the murder of a Transgenic. Total AU. How will they react to the news? Where will their investigation turn? Will they finally come to terms with their feelings for one another?

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Chapter 4

Wait what?

Kate Beckett watched as her two favorite Detectives left to do there given tasks. Her hand rose to grab her desk phone but paused. She hated this. It was the one aspect of her job that always seemed to jolt her. Every notification to friends and families meant that she was destroying their world with her news. Their lives would forever be changed the moment the words left her mouth. She remembered how much her life was impacted by the loss of Johanna Beckett. The stench of liquor still haunted her when she thought of her father's path into a dark place where he almost never made it out. She remembers her own descent when she crept into her mother's murder. And to this day, she wonders if she will ever be free of the burden that lingered there in the background. Her entire life was circled around a single notification. How would this affect theirs?

Castle seemed to sense her hesitation and gently laid a hand on her shoulder. She snapped out of her thoughts and lifted the phone as he removed it. She appreciated the gesture but did not make a habit of pulling affection and comfort from her partner. Just him being there was enough to give her the strength to go on. Without ever having wanted it, she became to depend on him. He was the light at the end of a very dark tunnel.

The phone rang several times before an answering machine picked up. Sighing, she waited for the beep and left a simple but effective message.

"Mrs. Nicholes, this is Detective Kate Beckett with the NYPD…"

After finishing the message, she replaced the phone and was about to say something before frantic footsteps came right her way. The Detective turned her head in surprise as Lanie came rushing to her desk.

"Kate! Someone stole the body!"


"Wait what? Lanie, slow down. What do you mean someone stole the body? I was just there."

Lanie took a deep breath before explaining what happened only moments earlier. "I left the autopsy room to use the bathroom. And when I returned, everything was gone. Kate, I didn't leave for more than 4 minutes. How the hell could someone have not only cleared out the body but all of my notes as well? Everything is gone. I…"

The look on Castle's face was priceless. He was shocked but there was a gleeful excitement as well. This case was turning completely crazy and that was enough to make him giddy. Leave it to Castle to find the joy in a missing body. This could completely ruin everything and he was sitting there in complete awe.

"And you were saying my theories were crazy…I must say Beckett, it sure seems like a CIA cover-up to me don't you think?"

Instead of her normal quip or reprimand, she merely sat there in shock. 4 minutes. That was barely enough time to grab the files and definitely not enough time to remove a body from the lab.

"They must still be in the building."

She quickly turned and grabbed her phone again.

"This is Detective Kate Beckett, badge number 0334. We need to lock down the building. No one gets in or out!"

Kate practically slammed the phone down and bolted out of the chair and headed straight for Montgomery's office. He was just getting off of the phone when she entered his office in a flurry.


"Beckett, I know. I just sent out uniforms to search the building. If they're still inside, we will find them. I want you to go down to the lab and see if you can figure out how the hell they got in there without anyone noticing. Have Ryan review the cameras and check to see if they caught anyone coming in or out."

"Yes sir."

Essentially, without the body of Zack Nicholes, their case would become a dead end. His autopsy was crucial to understanding how he died and who may be behind it. While Castle seemed to enjoy the sudden excitement, she took this as a major blow. What was she going to tell the boy's parents? Hadn't she just left them a message to call her back? What if they came in for their notification before the body was recovered? Everything about this case made her head hurt and she felt a wave of nausea. The lack of real food or sleep and the extreme stress from the case was literally making her sick. Rushing passed her desk; she practically dragged Castle toward the elevators.

"Whoa whoa whoa Beckett! I think I'm capable of walking on my own." Castle said with a slightly amused expression.

She pushed him into the elevator and hit the down button multiple times before the door started to slide closed. She then spun to face him with fury in her eyes. All of her pent of frustration was about to be unloaded on her partner.

"You just don't get it do you Castle? A boy was murdered, not much older than Alexis. And now, right before I tell his parents that their son has been killed in one of the most brutal ways possible, his body is stolen. You're seriously taking this as some kind of joke?"

Beckett's voice started to rise with each word. The enormity of the situation began to make way into Castle's brain and his smile faded quickly. His eyes shifted down with guilt and shame for his actions. Normally, Kate was used to Rick's antics, but at this moment, she just couldn't take it anymore.

"You're right."

He was suddenly bombarded with thoughts of his beautiful, red-headed daughter, Alexis. Her happy spirit and intelligence could brighten anyone's day. He couldn't imagine life without her and now, he felt guilty for having taken part in downplaying the enormity of the situation at hand. Stepping off of the elevator, he followed behind Kate with newfound focus. His eyes started to scan every crevice until they made it into the lab. Lanie was frantically looking around the office for any trace of the victim or her files.

Several other officers joined in on the search of the morgue, looking in closets, testing vents for any possible breaks, and opening any large bins, boxes, or garbage cans for places to hide a body until it was safe to exit the building. It almost seemed like a lost cause until Castle noticed the tiniest white edge of a business card. He lifted the piece of stock between his fingers where a simple symbol was imprinted dead center in all black ink on the card. The image was that of a DNA strand with a flame at the base.

"Hey Lanie, does this look familiar to you?"

Both Lanie and Beckett looked up and came over to take a peek at the card. The Medical Examiner looked confused but Beckett's hand came out softly and touched the symbol. She stared, saying nothing but simply pushing her eyebrows together in deep thought. All of a sudden, recognition drifted onto her face.

"I've seen this before…"


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