Title: Watching over
Author: Lisea18
Rating: M
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Pairing: KisaSasu, KisaIta, implied ItaSasu (if you want it to be that way)

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Watching over
Chapter II: day 21 to 23

oooooo day 21 oooooo

Kisame awoke to the ground shaking under him and groaned turning his head to hide it into the pillow. It was what, six in the morning? And Sasuke was already at it, despite driving himself to exhaustion yesterday.

"Damn young lively brat," mumbled Kisame.

Now that he was awake, there was no way he would be falling asleep again. Usually he could, because being a ninja gave you the impressive capacity of waking to danger and falling right back asleep after getting rid of said danger. But, he couldn't help but feel the need to keep an eye on his training addicted student.

His mood was lifted as he found, as was his habit now, breakfast wrapped in cellophane waiting for him, a note telling him the rest of it was in the little oven so it would remain warm. Itachi had been a viable cook the few times he had shouldered the job, it was mainly Kisame that cooked for them. Sasuke was a better cook, even if he only knew the basics. Itachi had told him their mother taught him how to, Itachi had never gotten the chance, too busy with his ninja duties.

Wolfing down half of his breakfast and grabbing the rest with him, he went to the corridor… or rather what was left of it. Sasuke had been training in doton (earth) jutsu and had done a real number on the place. A dark eyebrow lifted as he noticed water running down most of the stone protuberances. Worried he lifted his head but the ceiling seemed to be doing fine.

As he lowered his eyes he caught Sasuke's dark ones, a smirk making them twinkle in mischief. Ah. Sasuke hadn't waited for him to teach him how to use two elemental abilities at the same time. He was already using two of his not so natural abilities together. The brat was a living nightmare for any normal ninja, really. He wondered how people hadn't beaten the shit out of him at school, because seriously this was just unfair. Kisame chuckled darkly as he remembered how he had dealt with jealous people; that is, to say his pointy teeth and shark looks had been put to good use.

"Sorry for yesterday," apologized Kisame.


Sasuke hit the ground with his hands and a stone sprout from the ground, water coming out of it as a dragon. But it withered pretty fast. It was already a huge progress however to be able to use together two elements that weren't his. However since he didn't have a genetic ability he couldn't create wood.

"You made incredible progress," congratulated Kisame.

Sasuke gave him a hint of a smile as he wiped his forehead.

"Train me?" he requested, coming to stand in front Kisame and grabbing his hand to tug him forward.

"You're such an addict," chuckled Kisame before using the teen's hold on his wrist to send him flying.

Seconds later Sasuke was using the wall and doton to push himself off and attack. And just like that they started to fight, Kisame needing no words to teach things to the little genius. It was simply a pleasure of exchanging blows and coming up with crazy ideas to outdo the other. They were truly enjoying themselves.

Kisame was happy to see the real Sasuke, collected and kind, not eaten away by hatred; it was of course under the surface, it would never leave him, at least as long as Danzo and the elders were alive, but it wasn't eating him alive. He had a feeling he had in front of him the one Konoha members had learnt to love and care about, the one his actual team knew even if hidden under pretended cold indifference. He could bet Orochimaru never got to see him like that… because he was never trusted, Sasuke had always been guarded.

Kisame sent Sasuke to the wall, not worried for the crushing sound that resulted because of it; he knew Sasuke was just going to emerge from the rubble, eyes burning with passion and determination. And he did just that, a smirk on his lips as Kisame motioned him to come. This was fun.

For once Kisame let lunch time pass by an hour; he had always insisted one needed to eat at planned hours so they would not tire their body too much and lose track of time. He lifted an eyebrow as Sasuke began to undress for a bath but shrugged it off, after all the teen did need one, but usually he took it the evening, after being done with his training. In the meantime the water nin started the food and went to repair the corridor; they had done quite a number on it.

When he came back, the food was ready and Sasuke was waiting for him to eat. Kisame eyed Sasuke suspiciously. The teen usually dressed in Itachi's clothes: black shirt, with fishnet collar, and pants. Today, he had put on an outfit resembling his old one: a dark yukata with long sleeves, dark pants and a thin tissue belt. His torso was left showing as the yukata wasn't completely closed around his frame. He had certainly adapted some of Itachi's clothe to make them his when Kisame slept.

He sat down cross-legged and let Sasuke serve himself and take the first bite before he started eating too. Even if he found the teen attractive and he was falling for him, he wasn't stupid enough to trust him wholly. They ate in silence, Kisame too edgy to start his usual ramble. Something was definitely weird here.

A soft sound told him Sasuke had finished and laid his chopsticks on their holder. He did the same, eyeing the teen, frowning at the small threatening to appear on the brat's face. He narrowed his eyes in surprise as the latter bent down slightly.

"Thank you for your teaching."

Kisame stared, taken aback but that. He hadn't expected the teen to thank him… but then he hadn't thanked Kakashi since he had run away, nor Orochimaru since he had killed him… Kisame was the only teacher he had the occasion to thank. But then, Kisame had never said they were done. Lips thinned he waited for Sasuke to continue, it was obvious the teen wasn't done with whatever he was doing.

"My eyes are perfectly healed, I will be taking my leave now," continued Sasuke as he started to stand up.

"And what are you planning to achieve untrained as you are?" wondered Kisame, his voice cordial but hard.

He was now standing, getting round the low table to Sasuke. The latter was holding his gaze, dark eyes a turmoil of feelings that Kisame couldn't always decipher. Determination, anger, need of revenge…

"I am going to avenge my clan and my brother."

Kisame stopped a breath from the teen, towering above him. He was calm but rage was crawling under his skin and was palpable. He had never felt so angry in a very very long time. He wasn't even sure he knew why.

"Madara will kill you the moment you step out of here. You don't stand a chance, you can't hold a candle to him… yet"

"I will side with Madara if needed. My first goal is Danzo and the elders."

Kisame's hand twitched. The brat was clever. But Kisame couldn't let him go. Especially since he knew perfectly well where Danzo was right now…

"You are not ready."

Sasuke snorted at that. It was obvious he knew it… but he was ready to risk it all.

"I'm not going to watch them achieve their goals when my family and Itachi died for them! I'm not going to watch it happen, powerless!" gritted Sasuke, shaking in contained rage.

Kisame breathed deeply moving his hand toward Sasuke to lay it on his shoulder. The teen shrugged him off and crossed his arms on his chest and tilting his head slightly in a haughty way.

"Konoha was nearly destroyed by Pein and Danzo became Hokage," continued Sasuke. "The 8 tails was taken by Akatsuki and the Raikage ordered a Kage meeting. Danzo is currently travelling to join them. He's vulnerable right now; I can reach him without having the whole of Konoha in my way"

How the hell Sasuke had managed to know all that was beyond Kisame. He had been keeping tracks of the surface events via spy fishes, being extra careful about it so he wasn't found out by Madara, the alliance or Sasuke. It seemed he had failed with the latter.

"You thought you could keep me in the dark, didn't you?" asked Sasuke, his cold voice betraying the fact he was slightly hurt.

Why was he hurt? Did he think Kisame had lied about siding with him on his revenge? Kisame shook his head, refraining with difficulty a bad-tempered gesture.

"You're not ready," he insisted. "I didn't want you to rush head first into things, just like you're planning to do," he pointed out.

The air between them was heavy with tension. Both of them were controlling their temper perfectly only making the situation worse, because it was two volcanoes facing each other and ready to explode with no warning.

"I'm not a child!" hissed Sasuke, "I know what I'm doing! And I'm not going alone, my team is with me."

So he had managed to keep in contact with them? Clever little bugger.

"That's not enough, you're going to get yourself killed!" assured Kisame, camping firmly on his position, staring down at Sasuke.

He knew he was quite impressive with his bulk body, his craggy face, his little fish eyes, his branchia, his shark teeth. It didn't impress Sasuke at all, like it hadn't impressed Itachi but he wasn't moving away, there was no way he was letting the teen go to his death like that. Even if it was obvious the teen didn't care, he was ready to die to achieve his goal.

He wasn't going to deny him his dream, but he wasn't going to let him die for it… what he hadn't been able to do for Itachi, he was going to do for Sasuke.

"That's none of your business," hissed Sasuke, stepping forward, glaring even if he needed to raise his head to meet Kisame's eyes.

The latter didn't move an inch, ready to fight the teen to keep him in the cave, safe. He wasn't a dying man that had killed his whole family for a village that had betrayed him, he had a long life before him. Even if he was scared beyond repair he wasn't lost like had been Itachi. He loved that stubborn brat and he wouldn't let him die, furthermore Itachi would never have forgiven him if he did.

"I'm not letting you walk to your death like Itachi," deadpanned Kisame.

"I'm not Itachi!" growled Sasuke, nearly shouting in frustration, his eyes shifting to the side as hurt and… envy flashed through them.

Chakra flaring in rage the teen pushed by Kisame. The latter let him do so, thunderstruck. This tension… he hadn't noticed… he had thought it was hatred and impatience, desire to extract revenge immediately. But… he had been wrong. Too busy dealing with his own feelings… he hadn't noticed Sasuke's ones. The complicity and trust that had been building… Sasuke had fallen for him just like he did, or was at least attracted. Yet he though Kisame only saw in him Itachi's wish, a substitute to his love for his older brother.

As Sasuke moved passed the table, Kisame grabbed his wrist.

"Sasuke," he called, his tone like an order.

He felt the teen twitch just before he tried to yank his wrist free. Kisame didn't let go, Sasuke turning to him with spinning Sharingans. It took less than a second for the water-nin to drop his gaze, avoiding any attack that could come… but that small moment of inattention was all the time Sasuke needed. He kicked Kisame's chopsticks from the table, grabbing them with his free hand and before he could react he was attacking with them.

They stabbed him straight in the heart only his reflexes, as he grabbed Sasuke's hands with his own, saved his life a small trail of blood running on his fishnet shirt where the chopsticks had dug a few millimeters in. Damn brat.

"I'm not letting you die," he snarled, not releasing Sasuke's wrists.

In one deft movement he pulled the teen to him, twist the hand holding the chopsticks and as they clattered to the ground he claimed the pale lips. He kissed him hungrily, anger, frustration and desire all mixed together. Sasuke met his eagerness with stubbornly closed lips… from defiance or shock Kisame didn't know and didn't care.

This first shock gone, Sasuke growled, fighting to set himself free only to have Kisame hook his feet behind his heel and trip him. They fell heavily on the ground, Kisame trapping Sasuke under his weight, thin wrists pinned to the floor by his huge hands. The teen was struggling vehemently but that only allowed Kisame to slide between his legs and harshly pin Sasuke's pelvis with his.

The latter gasped and Kisame took full advantage of it, pushing his way into Sasuke's mouth, kissing him deeply. At the same time he let go of one of the teen's wrist, sneaking that free hand between them to harshly grab Sasuke's lower regions, stroking ruthlessly. The young man arched, moaning into Kisame's mouth at the friction.

The water nin wasn't what one would call a nice man. He was a pitiless murderer, had killed tons of people, even his own friends. He didn't give a damn if it was women, men or kids, if he had to kill them, he just did. However, that didn't mean he had no moral, just his own one. He valued and respected strength, he was a very polite man… and he wasn't one to force himself on people. But that didn't prevent him to try to convince them to try him… just like what he was doing… especially since he was blinded by anger and fear of losing the brat.

It seemed Sasuke didn't need that much convincing. Kisame had expected being punched away with the hand he had freed but instead that hand gripped his head, not pulling it backward but forward. Kisame tasted blood slightly as his teeth injured Sasuke's lips, lips that were moving against his own, parted to allow him full access. One long and strong leg had wrapped behind his ass and was forcing him down.

This was all he needed. He didn't give a damn if it was angry sex, if it was a way to make him drop his guard. Whatever the reason, since Sasuke allowed it, he would take him. He had desired that delicious supple body, rocking to meet his hips, for too long.

Sasuke was tugging on his hair, moans reverberating against Kisame's chest each time he thrust his pelvis. His hand was pressing down on Sasuke's hips, denying him control. In his other hand, he could feel Sasuke's wrist muscles shift as he squirmed in his hold, not trying to flee, only responding with angry passion.

They were still kissing, only parting to meet again, harder, harsher, lips crushing, tongues dueling, mapping each other's mouth. Sasuke was pulling on Kisame's shirt, as much to have a hold on something than to take it off… in a way that would never work. Chuckling, and receiving a bite on his lips for it, Kisame expertly undid Sasuke's belt allowing him to rake his hand up Sasuke's side.

It was the only bit of tenderness he allowed before he yanked the dark yukata open, using both hands to do so. He didn't take the time to marvel at the white skin offered to him, nor to trail kisses and caress to make it shiver. He just grabbed Sasuke's chin and kissed him harshly, the teen shivered his hands attacking Kisame's belt.

Parting from the delicious lips, Kisame pulled down the teen's pants and briefs but didn't bother the take them off completely. Instead he grabbed the strong tights and unceremoniously lifted the pale legs above his head to settle between them without having to move or undress him fully. Sasuke gave a startled yelp at that, losing his balance and falling flat on his back with a grunt and glare before moaning in pleasure as Kisame, pants half undone, grounded down on him.

As the young man tried to grab a hold of Kisame's hair and shoulder, the latter caught his wrists and pinned him to the floor, claiming his lips in a passionate kiss as he rocked hard against him. He didn't miss how that rendered Sasuke feverish, pants and moans unbridled.

He broke the kiss, nipping teasingly at Sasuke's lower lips. A heated glare from dark bottomless eyes made him growl as he secured both wrists in one hand, using his free one to grab a small bottle of the oil for weapons, totally safe for this kind of peculiar use. Unceremoniously he pushed two lube fingers into Sasuke's entrance, marveling at how they were easily engulfed, Sasuke opening his body for him.

Hadn't he known better he would have sworn the teen wasn't a virgin, he wasn't shy at all, not stressed. This was for the best, he might have felt slightly guilty for not even making sure the teen was ready. Sasuke knew what he wanted and Kisame wasn't going to check, as soon as Sasuke had answered his advances there was no going back. Hadn't it been a first for the brat and hadn't Kisame been so gifted by nature, he wouldn't have bothered with preparation.

He scissored his fingers in, prodding around to find the gland that would sent sparkles of pleasure in Sasuke's body. The latter had turned his head, panting harshly, moving with Kisame.

The water nin took this opportunity to give gentle bites at Sasuke's neck and nipples, enjoying how that made the teen moan and growl, craving for more, his body twisting in Kisame's hold in a vain attempt to get more.

Kisame obliged, pulling out his fingers and sheathing himself in with one powerful movement of the hips. Under his hand he felt Sauske's wrists muscles tensing as he violently arched his back, his head thrown back, lulling from side to side as he moaned in pleasure. Pale legs had closed around Kisame and he could feel the shaking of the teen's thighs, how he pushed back with his pelvis to drive him deeper.

Supporting himself on his arm, near Sasuke's chest, their heated skin touching, Kisame started to thrust, deep and fast. The teen met his movements eagerly, rolling his hips, writhing beneath him. They exchanged fast ruthless kisses, parting only to meet again, passion devouring them.

Soon it wasn't enough and Kisame released Sasuke's wrists, instead grabbing his hips, lifting them from the ground and driving himself in harder, deeper, no coherency whatsoever in his need to possess the teen, to be one with him and claim him.

Kisame smirked and licked his lips as Sasuke let his arms in their former position, above his head, sleeves dragged down, wrists crossed, even if they now moved at each unforgiving rocking of Sasuke's body as Kisame pounded into him. Dark eyes sliding closed as pants and moans turned to full out screams of pleasure. It was a delicious song to Kisame's ears, making him lose the little control he still had.

Digging his fingers into the muscled creamy skin, knowing full well that would leave marks, Kisame lost all rhythm, only slamming as deep and fast as he could as his climax got closer and closer. He could see at Sasuke's quivering and writhing he was close too. With a last hard thrust of his hips and a loud grunt Kisame fell over the edge, feeling Sasuke follow him, his walls clenching around him and only making his orgasm go higher. Pushing deeper into Sasuke at each wave of pleasure crashing through him Kisame emptied himself into his lover.

Sasuke had closed his legs around Kisame, encouraging him to possess him even more, head thrown back, nails digging in the ground, body arched and offered as he was taken into the throws of ecstasy. As they both recovered from their high, Kisame let himself fall on the teen, still buried inside him, enjoying how Sasuke's head came against his chest. He could smell the heady scent of the teen's hair. It gave him the illusion of enveloping Sasuke, protecting him.

Groaning he slide to the side, not sure Sasuke enjoyed being almost crushed under him and having him softening into his body. The teen's breathing was already back to normal and as soon as Kisame had moved, he rose to a sitting position, back to the water nin, racking a hand in tousled dark hair. The water nin grabbed the nearest napkin and tucked himself back into his barely taken off pants once decently cleaned.

Without a single word Sasuke adjusted his yukata back on his shoulders, then closing it around him. He kicked his pants completely off, he certainly wanted to clean a bit before putting them back. Knelling on one knee, he was ready to stand up when Kisame caught his wrist in a loose but firm grip.

Sasuke glanced above his shoulder, almost reluctantly, his expression unreadable as cold dark eyes met Kisame's white ones. It was clear the teen didn't expect anything from Kisame, if the anger had vanished, tension was still palpable. They had dealt with surplus of feelings with angry sex but that hadn't settled anything. Not that Kisame had thought it would, if you asked him, it might have made things even worse.

Sitting too, Kisame forced an unwilling Sasuke into his arms, wrapping one around the slender waist while still holding the wrist. Leaning forward, his chest against Sasuke's smaller back, Kisame brushed his lips against Sasuke's ear.

"You're not Itachi and you don't have to be, ever," he whispered softly, tightening his hold.

Sasuke flinched, trying to free himself half heartedly, Kisame not letting him do so.

"To become 'a fine ninja like your brother' isn't asked of you anymore," continued the water nin.

The teen snorted derisively at that, elbowing the water nin and managing to break free only to be caught once more and trapped in a warm embrace all over again, this time both arms wrapping around him, large hands trapping him.

"It is you I took moment ago, not Itachi," he went on. "Not once did I mistake you for him, Sasuke," assured Kisame.

He shifted his hand Itachi's necklace, winded around his wrist, chimed dragging Sasuke's eyes to it. With deft fingers Kisame unclipped it, letting it slide in the palm of his hand.

"It is a precious memory of a loved one," said Kisame, putting the necklace into his pants pocket, "but it is just that, a memento. It is you I see, you that I'm holding, you that I want to claim, you that I want to protect, not Itachi."

"He's dead," deadpanned Sasuke.

He turned his head to the side, dark eyes leveling Kisame, their lips a breath away from each other. Kisame smiled toothily, his gaze affectionate as usual. Sasuke reminded him of Itachi, of course he did, but he was also a whole different being.

"You're his legacy."

Not deterred by the cold glare, Kisame cupped Sasuke's head in his hand. It fitted completely in his palm. A surge of desire and protectiveness washed over him. He knew they had gotten close because of Itachi. Sasuke was all that was left of him in this world, he was the one who had known the real Itachi, the young one, the one Kisame had never met. Reciprocally Kisame was at Itachi's side till his death, he had known the truth, he could tell Sasuke who had been his brother after the massacre, what he had done…

"And I'm your only connection to him," he added, rubbing his calloused thumb against Sasuke's temple. "We share the same loss, we are linked by Itachi. You're not his replacement," he concluded.

"Stop reassuring me, I don't care," replied Sasuke, pushing Kisame's hand away with his arm.

Kisame didn't stop him from leaving this time. He watched tranquilly as the teen went to the bathtub, kneeling next to it to launch the heating process. Sasuke let his yukata shuffle at his feet as he sat on the small shower seat. For once Kisame didn't mumbled and turned away, on the contrary he let his eyes drink in the sight.

Well developed shoulders, a muscular back thinning to shape strong narrowed hips, a firm square ass, long tapering legs; smooth skin, hairless, scar-less; dark spiky hair that contrasted with its whiteness. He was truly beautiful, a deceptive weapon; a perfectly balanced and well shaped kunai that could slice your throat as you admired its hilt.

Kisame blinked as a dark gaze met his, a small smirk making them twinkle. It lasted only for a second and he was back to staring at midnight blue spiky hair. Kisame jumped to his feet as realization hit him. How could he have missed it? That fucking brat!

Now that he had been allowed to take Sasuke lots of small details came crashing together. He had only understood when he had seen Sasuke's anger, jealousy. In fact there had been other signs: Sasuke had been trustful, playful, subtly gentle…. They had both wrongly interpreted each other's signs, and both had been trying to hide… it had taken anger to finally let all the frustration out.

The brat thought Kisame only cared for him because of his love for Itachi. His lack of modesty had been because the teen was persuaded Kisame still loved his brother, then when he had noticed Kisame's unease, it had turned into a way to tease him.

Right now, that glance had been purposeful, an invitation. Smiling predatorily he took Sasuke's offer. Still fully clothed, he sneaked to him, joining him under the small shower that the young man had just turned off. Sliding his hands down his side to his hips.

"You're a tease," chuckled Kisame in Sasuke's ear, nibbling it softly.

"Hn," snorted the teen, turning in his embrace.

Kisame grinned toothily, caressing Sasuke's hair, cheek and neck with the back of his hand. The teen rose on his toes and pressed his closed lips to the corner of his. Cupping the firm ass cheeks Kisame lifted him up a bit more, supporting Sasuke as he licked his lips, nipped gently on the lower one. When the water nin tried to coax him in, the teen fled, leaving butterfly kisses on Kisame's jaw, cheek… gill.

"Ahnn!" moaned Sasuke as Kisame pressed against him, one arm sneaking around his waist to crush him against a broad chest.

His lovers had always been curious about his bronchia; they had carefully brushed fingers against them but never had any so bluntly kissed them as if it wasn't something strange, as if it was just a part of Kisame.

Grabbing Sasuke's chin, grinning at the slightly dazed eyes, he kissed him deeply, submitting that fierce mouth to his. In retaliation Sasuke yanked Kisame's pants down, stepping on them and forcing Kisame to take a step backward so they would be completely out of their way.

The water nin couldn't help but laugh, breaking the kiss. Who started with the pants instead of the shirt? In one smooth movement he pulled the garment off, throwing it away not caring where it landed. He didn't miss the appraising once over Sasuke gave him, nor the erotic shiver that shook the slender body.

Dark eyes defiantly met Kisame's one, as if taunting him to try and tame him. A slow amused smiled made its way on the older male features. This was what Sasuke wanted, to be gently forced into submission, dominated, forced out of control by an unrepentant but carrying lover. He wasn't seeking punishment or humiliation, not at all, it was more as if he couldn't let go without a fight, without checking his lover deserved him and showing he wasn't a weak little thing.

Kisame would take great pleasure obeying such commands. He would show the teen that all his pent-up feelings could be let out with rough hard sex like before, but also lured out by agonizing slow pleasure, driving him crazy until he had no other choice but to surrender.

Time ceased to exist as they lost themselves in each other. Hours were dissolving into tender moments of mapping bodies, discovering all their secrets, then left place to passionate union of bodies that in turn became slow and tender love making.

They rested wrapped together, hands wandering lazily not trying to arouse just… touching, feeling, caressing, loving. Eating was sometimes a game of teasing, sometimes a sweet moment of feeding each other or even a premise to devouring their bodies.

They talked too, in wordless moans and pleas of pleasure, in growls and groans of delightful frustration, in sighs of contentment. Words were also used carefully, for they held a more serious meaning.

Sasuke had confided how he had always felt inferior to his brother, how that made him fight so hard to be the best. How his brother's betrayal had planted in him the need to be the strongest so he wouldn't rely on anyone… how he tended to leave before being left behind, as if persuaded it would happen… he had done that with Naruto and team seven too, leaving for Orochimaru because they didn't support him, because he didn't want to kill Naruto for the eyes… and because he preferred to leave them before they grew tired of him. Kisame had pointed out that old team of his was still running after him and that, truly, he should give them some credit for that. Then he had whispered in his ear that Itachi had betrayed him to better protect him and that Itachi had always admired Sasuke for his being genuine, so full of life…

Kisame jokingly asked if Sasuke wasn't worried about letting a shark eat him alive, only to have the teen answer Kisame was no beast or monster, even if he was a killer, a proof of that being how despite Kisame's razor sharp teeth, Sasuke had no wounds whatsoever.

Kisame learnt that he actually loved being asked to go harder by someone not wishing to be hurt, but only to feel him more intensely. That lit in him a more feral part, one that needed to claim the pale body writhing underneath him and so he covered him in hickeys feeding both his need to possess and Sasuke's need to belong and be owned.

Power turned Sasuke on and Kisame was raw strength, bulk body. Kisame loved height difference, loved being able to pin his lover with only one hand, to hold that petite body in his huge one was letting him think he could guard him. He had destroyed so much that now he needed to protect. It was fulfilling to know Sasuke trusted him with his life, that even if he was perfectly capable of defending himself he still allowed and counted on Kisame to have his back. Watching over such a strong man pleased Kisame greatly, he didn't want a damsel in distress, and it was flattering to know Sasuke needed him.

Kisame had had many lovers but mostly one night stands, or no attached relationships. His first lover he had had to kill and never again had he allowed himself to love. Itachi had been the first to break this resolution, mainly because Kisame had known he would never have to kill him, Itachi wasn't one to stray from his resolve, Madara wouldn't have to order his murder. Sasuke… Sasuke was something new altogether. Kisame had felt had he be requested to kill Itachi he would have refused, but that was a distant hypothetic feeling. With Sasuke he knew with the outmost certainty he would never lift his hand on him.

This truth made Kisame feel as if he had finally found somewhere to belong to; someone to belong to… someone that would never use him. That filled him with a consuming need to take care of Sasuke, to express feelings he didn't know how to even begin to explain. That translated in unrepressed passion as he took Sasuke, in heartwarming tenderness as loved him. He was torn between craving Sasuke so much he wanted to fuck him so hard they would become one and worshipping him with butterfly touches and kisses.

Kisame was pretty sure Sasuke felt the same. Itachi had loved Kisame as a resigned and already dead man. As one not wanting to get attached since he knew he was going to die and abandon him. Sasuke was life, passion, anger, desperation… a drowning man clinging with all he got to life.

It translated in Sasuke ridding him slow or fierce, depending of the mood, until Kisame stripped him of his control again, to the teen's delight, and took him against the nearest hard surface.

Bent over the table, Kisame rubbing against his entrance teasingly before finally burying himself in, Sasuke's nails scratching the wood as he rocked with him, meeting each thrust. Kisame's hands taking support against the table before one grabbed the thin waist and made it undulate as he moved inside that tight heat, then finally gripping the hips to slam inside until Sasuke collapsed on the wood, his chest rubbing against it as he screamed in ecstasy.

Pushed against a wall, legs wrapped around Kisame's waist, arms locked behind his head as he chanted pleasure against his ear. Kisame's hands digging in his cheeks as parted him, guided him on his pulsing member, all the while leaving purple hickeys on his neck or devouring his lips.

Cocooned up in his embrace, back pressed to Kisame's chest, head thrown back on a broad shoulder, legs closed as Kisame undulate and grounded inside him. One big hand resting on the pale chest, as if to feel Sasuke's heart hammering against his ribcage, to feel each ragged breath as it lifted. The other hand lying on a slender hip, rubbing silky skin, controlling erratic needy movements.

And so much more as they learnt to please each other, Sasuke always the fast and dedicated learner. He found out just how much Sasuke enjoyed the callousness of his fingers, especially on his nipples and the inside of his thighs. Learnt that taking him from behind would extract the most delicious sounds, that the teen liked it rough and didn't mind being tied up. That being claimed aroused Sasuke to no end, grabbing his chin to force a kiss, biting or holding his nape in domination was an incredible turn on for both of them.

Kisame had never envisaged he would love his gill being kissed and licked, had never known he preferred the raking of nails to soft caress. He had never imagined his name could be an order, a plead, a thank, an admittance of love, a cry of pleasure… and how loudly parted lips could silently scream his name. To think such a silent moody teen could be so vocal when taken made Kisame hard just thinking of it. He hadn't phantom either just how much he loved a lover replying to his touch but also capable of offering himself completely to him, submitting to his desires. Without Sasuke he wouldn't have enjoyed the pleasure of staying buried in his lover's heat even after their love making, sometimes growing hard again inside him.

Time dissolve into the throws of passion, they rested only to wake up to more desperate union of bodies. They enjoyed the sweet tender moments of simply lying in the other's embrace, of eating from another's hand, teasingly licking retreading fingers. They knew reality would catch up with them soon enough and they hid in this realm of pleasure with even more abandon.

oooooo day 23 oooooo

They were nestled in Sasuke's bed, surrounded by all the cushions Kisame had piled up there ever since he had first brought Sasuke here. The synthetic lights were gently shining on them, enfolding them in a warm ambiance.

Kisame woke up first sighing contently as he felt Sasuke tightly wrapped around him, legs entangled, arm draped on his stomach, dark head on his chest, a slow warm breath fanning on his blue skin, teasing is nipple. Chuckling to himself at his suddenly rediscovered stamina but ignoring it, he massaged gently Sasuke's nape, enjoying how the teen nuzzled closer, arching against him.

Dark eyes blinked open, fingers grazing up from waist to chest to gently tease between his pecs. Lips kissed the skin and Sasuke looked up to Kisame, who offered him a smile.

"Are you hungry?" wondered the water nin, enjoying the attention and still kneading Sasuke's nape.


"Let's get grab some food then."

Sasuke moved so he would be astride on Kisame, his hands taking support on the blue chest, rubbing pleasantly until they caught on the scab a bit above the heart, where Sasuke had sank the chopsticks approximately two days ago. Kisame, who had grabbed the pale hips and was stroking them gently with his callous fingers, lifted a hand to cup Sasuke's chin, forcing him to raise his head so their eyes would meet. He knew even if Sasuke had meant it when he had stabbed him, he had also been persuaded Kisame would evade the hit.

"I know you're still going," he mentioned, before dragging Sasuke down to him for a kiss.

He wasn't a dork who thought that finding love and fucking someone senselessly would make them change their mind. He didn't try to stop Sasuke as he stood up, he watched as that firm body, littered with hickeys, moved away, bending a moment to grab one of Kisame's shirt and put it on.

Kisame growled appreciatively, and could almost hear Sasuke smirking. He loved how the shirt was far too big for Sasuke's built. It dropped from his left shoulder, letting the red hickey on the junction of neck stick out. It reached Sasuke's knees, underlining tapering legs. It made Kisame hot, it was an arousing sight and he couldn't help but love the fact Sasuke was wearing his clothe, his scent… it was a form of owning.

He licked his lips as Sasuke came back, striding him once again and putting the plate full of cherry tomatoes, cut salmon and small rice balls next to them. Kisame couldn't help but stare at the white tights revealed to him as the shirt ride up them. He loved seeing Sasuke naked but the half dressed kink appealed to him a lot too. Sneaking a hand under the dark shirt, he rubbed at the sensitive skin of Sasuke's thighs, making sure to use the callous part of his fingers.

With his free hand he fed Sasuke a tomato, chuckling as his finger was nipped at teasingly. Tucking a few cushion behind his back, Kisame lifted himself up so he was half sitting. That made Sasuke slide down to his lap, Kisame's hardness settling between pale cheeks. The teen didn't mind it, simply giving him a rice ball. They ate in silence, stealing kisses and touches, taunting each other with food. Kisame tickled and aroused Sasuke on purpose, twisting nipples, caressing thighs, putting a hickey on a pale wrist… The teen paid him back by scratching his sides and wiggling against him, rubbing his entrance against Kisame's member but never allowing more, generally driving him crazy.

As Sasuke bent down to catch the last tomato between Kisame's teeth, kissing him deeply to not let go of even a bit of juice, the water nin grabbed his waist and forced him down, impaling him in one jerk of hips.

"Ahnnn Kisame," moaned Sasuke, spreading his legs so he would slide even lower.

Kisame grunted, lifting his hands up Sasuke's body, under the shirt, feeling him tremble on their wake, so he could play with the perk nipples, rubbing them between his fingers.

"Hnnnn Ahnn," gasped Sasuke, dark eyes fluttering close from time to time.

The teen had started wavering back and forth, making Kisame move inside him. It felt delicious. Grabbing Sasuke's nape, Kisame pulled him forward, kissing him hungrily, mapping his mouth over and over again.

"Mmmn," breathed the teen before being kissed once again.

Kisame began to move his hips, thrusting slowly inside Sasuke, one hand pressed at the teen's lower back to help the movements. Sasuke's arms had locked around Kisame's neck, fingers treading into blue coarse locks. They were battling for dominance as they kissed, but Sasuke's body was already Kisame's, surrendered from the very moment he had penetrated him.

Breaking the kiss Sasuke's threw his head back, offering his neck to Kisame as he kept rolling his hips complementing the water nin's thrusts. He knees were closing purposefully against Kisame's hips, making Sasuke tighter.

"Kisame… Kisame… Kisame," chanted Sasuke, getting more and more desperate.

The water nin obeyed the unsaid command, nibbling on Sasuke's neck. The teen was pressing his head toward him, nails scratching Kisame's nape in pleasure. Wrapping a hand around the slender waist, pulling the shirt up, Kisame increased his rhythm, groaning as Sasuke tensed, clutching around him.

"Ahhh Kisame!"

He loved how the teen encouraged him with delicious moans and gasps. Soon he grew frustrated at the little leverage he had. He loved it slow and tender but he wanted more now, much more, he wanted to fuck Sasuke into the futon. He had almost the feeling this was their last time before Sasuke fled… and he wanted to crave himself into the teen and vice versa. Lifting Sasuke up, he pulled out.

"Kisa-?" started Sasuke before being thrown down on his face, Kisame slamming himself back inside him and grounding in and out mercilessly, "Ahhhhn! Fuck! Fuck Kisame hnnn! Hnnn!"

The teen was clutching the cushions, screaming in pleasure at the rough treatment. Kisame was using one hand to lift Sasuke's hips up as the rammed inside him at the perfect angle to hit repeatedly his prostate, the shirt had slid down to the small of the teen's back. The tip of Sasuke's member was brushing the futon, driving him crazy, especially since his nipple were pressed against the futon and rubbed on his shirt as each of Kisame's thrusts.

Kisame bent down over his lover, his hand leaving the hip to grab hold of a thigh. His other hand went to Sasuke's hands, that were tearing some cushion, and he captured them, holding the wrist in one hand and pinning them to the wall, forcing Sasuke to arch and lift his hand a bit.

"Ah! Ahh! More! Kisame, Kisame."

Grinning the water nin continued to pound harsh, fast and deep. Slowly he began to get faster and faster, pushing Sasuke up more and more into the futon until he was arched against the wall, face and chest pressed against it, wrists still pinned high above his head. They were closing in, Kisame jerking his hips without any rhythm now.

Growling possessively, he nuzzled his face in Sasuke's neck, biting the shoulder, up the throat and pushing away dark strands of hair to finally bit Sasuke's nape making the latter yell out, shuddering in ecstasy. As he tightened against him Kisame gave one last thrust, burying himself as deep as he could as he released, Sasuke in his wake.

Panting, Kisame gave slow shallow thrusts inside, his free hand rubbing a pale thigh before moving up to caress Sasuke's stomach and chest, moving him from the wall toward him. He released his wrist now that the teen was abandoned against his shoulder, sitting on his lap, Kisame still inside him.

"Hnnnmmm," mumbled Sasuke, eyes half closed, breath heavy.

Kisame kept petting him, caressing every available skin. Using the shirt he whipped him clean, then pulled it off the teen, discarding it right after to let his hand rub between Sasuke's legs teasingly. Grabbing his chin he gave him a languid kiss, jerking his hips up a bit just to have Sasuke moan.

"Kisame," he whispered with abandon, almost apologetically.

Finally with a last affectionate nip at the teen's nape Kisame pulled out, stretched a little and stood up to clean himself a bit, knowing Sasuke was doing so too. The teen hated feeling dirty and always made sure to clean their mess whenever possible.

Kisame dressed and didn't look back as he heard the tell tale sound of Sasuke not only doing the same but getting his stuff ready to leave too. He chuckled to himself as he thought that the teen was truly himself during sex, leaving behind that cold silent exterior to reveal a passionate gentle being. Itachi had been like that too, letting his sadness show when their body joined.

Kisame didn't feel bad comparing the two brother, because he was human, it was only natural to do so, as long as he didn't start comparing them in bad ways like Itachi doing this better than Sasuke, it was all good. There wasn't one better than the other, they were just different. Now that he thought about it, he wondered if Itachi's sadness as they made love was also because he knew he would break Kisame's heart for his dream. He hoped Itachi had known Kisame had agreed to that from the very start, never expecting being first in his lover's heart.

"Sasuke," Kisame called.

"Hn?" replied the teen, turning to face him.

"You said that Itachi should have fled with you. I already explained you why he thought it was better not to," Sasuke nodded at that and Kisame went on. "You're not the only one he left behind you know."

"I'm sorry," apologized Sasuke, as if it was his fault Itachi had chosen him over Kisame.

The latter chuckled at that, waving the remark off, he knew Sasuke was a gentle soul even if he did his best to hide it. He was also always feeling guilty for not stopping his brother before the murder, and now for not understanding the truth. This wasn't the point here.

"I wanted to tell you," continued Kisame, making sure he had eye contact with Sasuke, "he didn't take you with him… but I did."

This was important, he wanted the teen to know he hadn't left him behind, that he would not do so… that he was watching over him. Dark eyes dilated at that and Sasuke opened his mouth as if to reply but instead kicked off the ground and landed next to Kisame, kunai in hand as he faced the cave's ground where something was slowly growing.

Kisame had grabbed Samaheda as soon as he felt the threat. This had to be Zetsu who had finally located them. And indeed soon enough the white being took form. Kisame's hands on Sasuke's shoulder stopped him from launching and fighting the thing.

"We have to move now, he's only here to delay us," explained the water nin.

Obviously trusting him, Sasuke did as told, flipping over Zetsu's and running for the exit as he sent a volley of explosive tags. Kisame was on his heels, already combining with his sword. Just as Sasuke blew up the entrance, he was grabbing him by the waist and propelling them both into the water.

Even if Kisame was swimming really fast in this form, he had chosen a place deep in water and Sasuke was starting to lack air. He blinked as the teen caught his lips, kissing him to gain some air since Kisame used his bronchia to breath. To say he didn't enjoy it would have been lying but he didn't take advantage of the situation.

Finally breaking out of the water and running across it to reach the shore. A team of ninja was around, they knew it. Just their luck. But they had no choice; they had certainly felt them the moment they left the cave. Hence why they were going straight at them rather than wait and see if they would chase them.

They weren't even there yet before darts of poison and explosive tags were raining. Kisame used Samaheda to knock them away, protecting Sasuke as the latter launched into attack, eyes blazing red. Jumping in the middle of the startled ninjas, all only Jounin level, he spun, heel connecting with a jaw. In the meantime he had pulled out his sword and his fingers where brushing the ground as he flipped over, sending a few kunais and shuriken. He landed behind a ninja and cleanly passed his sword through him, avoiding the vital points but getting rid of him.

Kisame had knocked unconscious two of them, breaking a few bones in the process and already going for the last one who had been planning to ambush Sasuke on his blind spot. The poor dude didn't see it coming as both of them sandwiched him and he hit the ground still forming his seals. Kisame and Sasuke didn't need to communicate; they know how the other fought and what he would do.

Surrounded by the five ninjas bodies, they checked their surroundings briefly. Sure they weren't spied on for the moment, Sasuke bit his finger and used his blood to summon a huge hawk. No one but his team knew the teen had made a pact with them, it was a clever idea to use him to get away since they would go faster than planned by their enemies.

Kisame took a kunai and was going to slit the throats of the unconscious men when a pale hand stopped his. He raised his eyes to meet dark ones.

"Come with me," requested Sasuke, still holding Kisame's wrist.

The water nin watched Sasuke carefully. He knew the teen didn't mean just getting away from here. He had just asked Kisame to become a member of his team, to follow and help him in his revenge. Chuckling Kisame put away his kunai, Sasuke releasing his hold and jumping on his hawk, glancing at Kisame expectantly. The water nin joined him, wrapping his arms around Sasuke's waist and kissing his nape gently.

He wasn't being left behind this time. Sasuke had made a place for him in his dream, in his goal. When he had thought he had found somewhere and someone to belong he hadn't imagined just how right he was. Sasuke would never use him as a mere toll, he wouldn't even ask him to murder, on the contrary just like he had done moments ago he prevented him from killing. Never again would he have to kill his own kin.

A world of truth not lies, that's what Madara had promised him and that's what he found in Sasuke. What the teen was offering wasn't a perfect place, it was a world of revenge and hurt. They were going to bring justice to Itachi and reveal all the lies. Maybe they would construct a better place on the rumble of the old one. Sasuke didn't promise perfection, he just promised to try his best to make things a little bit fairer. Kisame preferred this to empty words of perfection.

As they flew to meet with Sasuke's three team mates so they could take down Danzo, Kisame thought that Konoha might never accepted them back again. Especially him, a missing nin from the mist, in the bingo book for ages and a famous slaughterer of people. He wasn't worried however, because he had his place at Sasuke's side and was sure he would never be left behind.

He would simply watch over Sasuke and see what was to come.

ooooooooooo End oooooooooooo

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