The following morning proceeded much like the previous one. Too much kissing, which in turn made them late, because they were reluctant to take their hands off one another. They were both very grateful, however, of the fact that Cuddy did not seek either of them out, and neither of them had any intention of seeking her out either. House got a patient just before lunch, which made him seek out Wilson just after he'd sent off the ducklings to run the first tests.

He found his, what, boyfriend(?), behind his desk with his nose buried in paperwork. Wilson looked up when House entered, and a grin split his face. "Hey," he said when he laid eyes on House. "Hey yourself." House replied, before he limped behind the desk and bent down to kiss Wilson as if he had always done precisely that. Wilson hummed into the short kiss, and licked his lips when House pulled away. "Mmm, missed you," he said, stroking House's side; House had risen to his full height again and was looking down at Wilson in his chair.

"You saw me a few hours ago," House said with a raised eyebrow. "Yeah, but I still missed you," Wilson replied as his wandering hands sought out House's denim clad ass. "What, you didn't miss me?" he said mischievously as he gave House's buttocks a squeeze. House gritted his teeth to stop the moan that rose in his throat from escaping. He swallowed hard before replying, "Nope. Not a bit." He then carded his fingers through Wilson's hair, thereby tipping Wilson's head back and then leaned down to kiss him again, but adding his tongue to the mix this time. Wilson took stronger hold of his butt, and pulled until House tumbled forwards and awkwardly sprawled in Wilson's lap. Before House could compose himself, Wilson had adjusted him so House was effectually sat on Wilson's lap, his butt on one leg and both legs over the other. Wilson looked like the cat that had got the cream; House could tell that this had been his plan by pulling on his ass. "What are you, Santa Claus?" House said with some bite. Wilson was not affected by his tone at all, he just kept looking at House with a goofy grin. "I can be if you want me to be. I just like having you here," he said as he stroked House's back with one hand and his good thigh with the other.

"You are a sappy idiot," House said, but couldn't help but smile and lean in and kiss Wilson softly.

"Mmhmm," Wilson hummed when House kissed him, "So, ready for lunch soon?" he inquired. "Yeah, that's why I came; we're gonna have to push back lunch a little while. I just got a patient and I need those test results before I know what we can do." Wilson looked a little down-put, "As long as we're still doing lunch?" he asked. "Of course we're still doing lunch! It's just not gonna be right now." Wilson stroked his thigh and kissed him again, "Alright, go find out what crazy thing your patient's got and then come find me."

"The tests aren't ready right now, so I have time to sit here a little more, indulging your silly fantasies of having me on your lap." House said as he leaned in to kiss Wilson some more.

When they were finally able to do lunch, they left the premises and went to a store to find a new bed. When they left the car and walked across the lot towards the store, House grabbed Wilson's hand with his free hand, which earned him a raised eyebrow from Wilson. "What?", "I just thought we'd decided we wanted to keep this between us." Wilson said, but didn't let go of House's hand. "It's not likely that Cuddy's going to be there, or the ducklings or anybody else we know, and I honestly don't care. I want to fucking hold your hand, so I'm gonna hold your hand." Wilson could tell that House was getting a bit agitated, so he gripped House's hand tight and stopped him, by leaning over and giving him a quick kiss. House had expected that Wilson would just go with whatever House wanted in the store, but he had apparently grown a little bit of backbone since the entire furniture debacle of the loft. It took some time, and a lot of lewd bouncing on House's part, but they eventually found one that would meet Wilson's needs and would be good for House's leg. They paid extra to have it delivered the same afternoon; to be honest House would have been willing to pay every penny he had in the bank to get that bed home that afternoon, so he could have his way with Wilson in it that night.

When they got off from work, they returned to the loft and Wilson went straight for the master bathroom where he closed the door behind him. That left House to wait for the deliverymen who would come with the bed. Wilson hadn't emerged from the bathroom when the bed arrived. House convinced the men who delivered it to move the old bed into the spare room – formerly known as House's room – and when they left he put new bedding that they'd bought that day on the new bed, and then stood back and surveyed his handiwork. He couldn't help but imagine what they would do that night, in that bed. He would finally get to have sex with Wilson. He would finally get to be with Wilson in every way he'd ever dreamed of. He shuddered at the thought; it would be fantastic.

Just as he was lost in his fantasies, Wilson finally emerged from the bathroom, and had House been speechless from the ideas he'd had in his head, it was nothing compared to how he felt when Wilson came out of that bathroom. He saw Wilson in suits everyday. But, he must have done something extraordinary this time, cos he looked.. he looked fucking beautiful.

He was clad in a charcoal suit, with a white shirt underneath – no undershirt – his hair was quaffed in just the right way, and his black belt was a fantastic compliment to the entire set. The lack of tie and the way his shirt had the first two buttons open were almost better than any porn movie House had ever seen.

House's mouth was drier than cotton, and it took him several moments before he could compose himself enough to try and get enough saliva in his mouth, before he throatily said, "Fuck Wilson, you are the most sexy thing I have ever seen!"

Wilson blushed at House's words, and when he looked down to hide this his hair fell a little into his forehead that just made him that much more attractive to House's eyes. He almost flew across the room to kiss Wilson for all he was worth, but he kept his hands away from the hair for the time being; he could tell that Wilson had been hard at work, and he didn't want to mess it up. God, Wilson even smelled fantastic. If his hands hadn't been busy gripping Wilson tightly, he would have pinched himself, just to ensure that it wasn't his filthiest fantasies just playing in his head.

But Wilson looked too good for him to be a fantasy. He smelled to good for it to be a fantasy. He felt too good to be fantasy.

He pulled away from Wilson, and went to go change into something a little more fancy than the rock t-shirt, jeans he was currently wearing.

The restaurant was very fancy, but for once, House didn't care. Normally he wouldn't be seen dead in such a place, but he knew that Wilson loved places like this, and to be honest, he would do anything to please Wilson. He had to admit, that it was sort of romantic, being sat opposite Wilson in this dim lighting, both of them dressed to the nines.

He would deny to his dying day that he had a romantic side, at least to other people than Wilson, but being sat at that table with the man he'd thought he'd never have, knowing that Wilson wanted him back, made House reach over and held Wilson's hand while they waited for their food.

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