Okayy.. so I only just finished Sinister Soulmates, and this idea has been attacking me for a while so I allowed it to invade my mind and here it is! :) I haven't planned it all, so I don't know exactly what will happen, but I know that it will help my writing improve :) So let's hope my updates aren't as slow this time, and I hope you all enjoy it!
Oh and and obviously this is a SonAmy, with some Taismo and Knouge.

Me, Myself and Andy

Amy Rose liked herself the way she was: feisty, romantic and a girl. But when it hits home that Sonic is awkward around her, she decides to make some changes, and transforms herself into Andy Rhodes. In her effort to get Sonic's attention, what lengths will she go to to strengthen her relationship with him, as a boy?

Chapter 1 – If I Was a Boy

Amy Rose, a teenage hedgehog and a hopeless romantic, should've been enjoying the spring sunshine as she walked through the park. But she wasn't. If she was honest with herself, she was bored. A nice long walk on a beautiful day like this was almost pointless if there was no one to share it with. She breathed a sigh as she plodded down the path, immune to the beauty of the newly-grown daffodils that poked out of the grass. She ignored the soft calls of birds and the heat of the sun as it gently warmed her back.


The park was filled with people: mainly couples and their children. Amy frowned; knowing that it would be a while before her own romance even took off at all. Her love interest was spontaneous and unpredictable, and he just happened to be the fastest and most famous hero that ever existed. Sonic the Hedgehog. Amy's heart felt lighter just thinking about him. He was just so strong and handsome, and yet so impossible to catch for just one moment. Of course this made her attempted romance with him difficult but that didn't stop her from trying. Sonic liked to run, but that didn't mean that he disliked her. Or at least she hoped. He just enjoyed being active, but it got annoying at times when she was trying to converse with him and he would rush off randomly.


As Amy turned into the fields, a sight met her eyes that finally made her smile. Lazing around on the grass was Knuckles the Echidna, and next to him was the hero himself. She grinned and broke into a run, eager to see them. "Hey! Sonic! Knuckles!" she yelled.

The two males looked up as she arrived beside them. Knuckles smiled and nodded at her, getting to his feet. Sonic's reaction, however, was not quite what she had hoped her. He suddenly looked uncomfortable and leapt up from the ground, shifting his weight between his feet. Amy threw her arms around him, squeezing him happily.

"Oh Sonic, it's been so long since I've seen you," she giggled.

"I saw you yesterday, Amy," he choked, slowly prying her arms off him.

"I know," she grinned, "But yesterday can seem like ages ago when you're without your love!"


Sonic blushed. "Err... r-right," he stuttered.

"Anyway, I was thinking we should hang out. Maybe you can teach me some battle stuff, you know, without my hammer," she suggested. "I know I've asked you that before but since you ignored it," she said, "I had to ask again. So can we do that?"

"Um, maybe some other time, Amy. Sorry guys, I gotta run! See ya!" With that, he raced into the distance, leaving a cloud of dust in his wake.

Amy growled and clenched her fists. "Damn it, Sonic!" she cried. "I HATE it when you do that!" She stamped her foot into the dirt, panting angrily. "The nerve of that guy!" she muttered. Knuckles laughed and she whipped round to glare at him. "What exactly is funny about this?" she hissed in his face.

He promptly closed his mouth and held up his hands. "Nothing," he said quickly.

"Yeah, that's what I thought," she said, moving away from him again.


Suddenly her rage was gone, and she gazed sadly at the horizon where Sonic had disappeared. She turned back to her companion and sighed. "Why does he do that?" she said quietly.

"Huh?" he said. "Do what?"

Amy heaved another sigh at his stupidity. "Why does he run away every time I talk to him?"

"It's not every time-"

"Answer the question, Knuckles!" she snapped.

Knuckles shrugged. "Well... you are kind of... you know."

"Kind of what?" she growled.


Knuckles stepped back again, not wanting to provoke her anger. "Err... I mean Sonic's just uncomfortable sometimes," he blathered. "He feels intimidated by girls."

Amy stood back, surprised by this information. She looked down, considering it. She'd definitely never thought of Sonic as the nervous type. "Really?"

"Yeah. He's happier talking to other guys because... well... they're guys," he said. He raised an eyebrow at her. "If you were really close to Sonic, you'd know that," he added.

Amy clenched her fists again and gritted her teeth. "I am close to Sonic!" she yelled.

Knuckles backed away, trying to look apologetic. "I know, I know!" he yelped. Then he straightened again, calming himself. "Maybe if you were a boy he'd talk to you more, but you're a girl so he gets freaked out," he said. "Then again, he does talk to Cream and Cosmo, and even Rouge, so maybe it is just you."


"Wait. What?" Amy said, suddenly looking up at him.

Knuckles looked panicked. "Er, I didn't mean it in that way. It probably isn't you. I just meant that-"

"No, no, the other thing," she said, suddenly very interested.

He breathed a sigh of relief. "Oh... I said that if you were a boy maybe he'd talk to you."

Amy stared at him for a moment. "You think so?" she said.

Knuckles shrugged again. "Yeah. But you're not," he reminded her.

She nodded. "Thanks, Knuckles. I'd better go home now," she said quietly, deep in thought. "Bye."


She turned the other way and began the walk back to her house. As she paced along, her mind was lost amongst new thoughts. She found it hard to believe that Sonic felt nervous around girls but then she'd seen it first hand. And it was true that he hung out with Tails and Knuckles more than anyone else, who were of course boys. She bit her lip. Was that why he avoided her so much? It did make sense she supposed. Knuckles's comment about her closeness with Sonic had bothered her considerably. Amy had always thought that she knew Sonic like the back of her hand, but now she wasn't so sure. She knew his favourite things, but did that really count? She didn't know anymore. What if she really didn't know him so well after all?


Amy stopped outside her home as she unlocked the door. She let herself inside and closed it again, leaning against the wooden frame. Did she really not know that much about him? How was she supposed to know anything about him if he wouldn't let her get within a mile of him? The only opportunities for them to spent time together were whenever the gang had gone out as a group. Other than that, she was hardly ever alone with him at all. And now Knuckles had told her that it was because she was a girl. She walked to her bedroom to study herself in the mirror. It was true that her dress did make her look girly, but she liked that. How could Sonic be awkward around her? She didn't act very girly. She was energetic and strong like him, and she enjoyed the same kind of activities as him. So maybe she loved romance, so what? Was that a problem?


Amy frowned at her reflection, mentally scolding herself. She'd never believed in changing who you are for anybody. But... for Sonic? She shook her head.

'No,' she thought. 'I can't change the way I am just for him.' She looked at the ceiling, huffing. 'Oh but then if I don't he'll never like me! Ugh... what should I do? I can't act like a boy but...' She looked at herself again, thinking back to what Knuckles had said.

"Maybe if you were a boy he'd talk to you more..."

She stared into her reflection, thinking carefully. She was formulating one of the weirdest ideas she had ever thought of. It was ridiculous, crazy even.

'But,' she thought, 'It just might work.'

Hopefully you can all guess what her plan is ;) But all will be revealed if you don't get it. I guess this story is sort of based on 'She's the Man' which is an AWESOME film and if you like teenage romances you should watch it! Thanks for reading this, and I'd be really grateful for reviews. Especially since it's the first chapter and I want to know what you guys think :)