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Chpt. 1: Drawings and Dreams

A seven year old Harry Potter sat in the back seat of his uncle's brand new 1988 Audi 4000. He sat next to his cousin Dudley who was taken great pleasure between jabbing Harry in the side of his ribs with his meaty fingers or flicking Harry's ears.

Harry knew it would be useless to tell his Aunt and Uncle that Dudley was hurting him, they would only turn it around on him and accuse him of instigating the whole thing and he would just wind up getting locked in his cupboard or worse.

Harry had quickly learned his place in the Dursley household which was to say he had no place at all. He was little more than a servant to his 'family' and a punching back to Dudley and occasionally Vernon. His days were filled with chores and cooking for his relatives. Of course he was never allowed to eat at the table and rare were the occasions where he got to actually eat for than a meager size portion of the meal.

When he wasn't working on chores or cooking meals he had to stay in his cupboard underneath the stairs. Many nights he would lie back on his moth eaten blanket and listen as the Dursleys watched television or played board games. He heard them talk and laugh with one another. But never was a kind word ever spoken to him.

Harry was brought out of his musings by a hard punch to his left leg. "Charlie horse freak!" Dudley laughed scrunching up his face in a mock pout. "Gonna cry now freak, let's see some tears then."

Harry winced as he rubbed the quickly bruising leg but uttered no word in protest or defense. Harry hoped by ignoring Dudley he might get bored with him and give up his bullying. After a few minutes of getting no response Dudley finally turned away and started listening to his walkman cassette player.

He returned his gaze out the window, and noticed that they had left the noisy and busy streets of the city and where somewhere in more rural areas. If he were to guess they were headed southwest perhaps to one of the coastal towns. He had overheard Uncle Vernon talking to Aunt Petunia about a forest and something about finally getting rid of something.

Harry was actually surprised that his Aunt and Uncle were taking him anywhere, especially after what had happened last week. Harry had been drawing in his sketch pad one evening out in the backyard when Dudley had looked over his shoulder to see what he had been drawing.

Dudley immediately grabbed the pad and ran back into the house yelling to his parents to look and see what Harry had drawn. Vernon and Petunia took the sketch pad from Dudley and began to look at the many drawings that were in the book. Harry was becoming terrified at the looks on the faces of his Aunt and Uncle as they looked at the many drawings.

Harry had developed early on a love of drawing, it was one of the few things that the Dursley's allowed him to do and he found that it helped him forget his troubles and let him escape into his own world of fantasy.

One of his grade school teachers saw the obvious talent he possessed and had given him several sketch pads and a wide assortment of drawing paraphernalia colored pencils, pastels, etc. Harry knew he had a wild if not strange imagination and saw things in his dreams and flashes of images in his mind of people, places, and animals of every kind especially mythological ones. He saw giants and witches, elves and dwarves.

He was able to sketch on to paper in amazing detail all these images. Two of his favorite animals to draw were a majestic stag and a pure white snowy owl. For some reason those images seemed to call to him. Among his other drawings were images of castles and dragons, of people dressed in funny clothes like long colored bath robes.

However for the last two weeks he had been drawing many variations of the same two things. The first was of a strange looking house in a meadow surrounded by thick groves of trees. The house looked almost like the castle or rook of a chess set. It was brilliantly colored with a large garden. There was a rather large oak tree behind the house that had a rope swing attached to one of the large over hanging branches.

And always with the house he had drawn this little girl who Harry decided looked about his age and was very pretty. For a girl anyway. She had become the sole focus of his last three drawings. She had long blonde hair that looked almost white, she had large expressive silvery gray eyes that seemed to hold the mysteries of life. She had a smile that emphasized the innocence of her heart shaped face.

He had drawn her sitting side saddle on a flying broom with a look of complete tranquility on her face. A witch's hat on her head cocked to one side almost covering one of her eyes. Another of his drawings of her had her dancing in a small meadow as fairies flew about her and unicorns were grazing nearby.

The last picture he drew of her had her again in a small meadow seemingly twirling in midair as tree blossoms and flower pedals swirled all around her. Her arms outstretched and head tilted back her legs straight but crossed at the ankles. She seemed to be in a state of childlike bliss.

Harry had never met the girl before but somehow he knew that she was real. He also knew deep down that they would somehow meet. He had dreamed of her for ages. They had never actually spoken in his dreams, they would just seem to stare at each other and smile.

They had only ever touched each other once; she had reached out and grabbed his hand and smiled widely at him. As his dream faded he could have sworn she mouthed the word 'soon' to him. What she meant he did not know but felt that 'soon' he would.

Vernon and Petunia looked up from the sketch pad and glared at Harry. Vernon's face had started to turn red when he began to yell at Harry. "What is this freakishness you've been drawing!" Vernon stood up abruptly knocking over the chair he had been sitting in.

"I will not allow this …this…unnaturalness to be in my house!" Vernon began tearing the pages from the note pad ripping them to shreds as he pulled them out.

"No! No Uncle Vernon please no!" Harry cried as he saw the image of his mystery girl being shred to pieces and then anger raged through him and seemed to explode outwards. Harry did know how but all of a sudden is Uncle was lifted into mid air and bodily thrown into the far wall with a loud thud as pieces of drywall fell down on him.

Harry quickly snatched up the sketch pad and the torn pieces of paper and made a dash for his cupboard only to be backhanded by a recovered Vernon before he got there. The hit came right across his jaw and dropped the seven year old to the floor. Vernon then grabbed Harry by the hair and threw him into the cramped cupboard that had been his room for the past six years.

"No dinner for a week boy! And you're bloody well going to work to earn the money to repair my wall!" Vernon bellowed as he threw the bolt on the cupboard door effectively locking Harry inside.

That had been five days ago and now he was in his Uncle's car heading for a mini holiday. The car suddenly came to a stop causing Harry to arouse from his daydreaming. Looking around he saw that they were somewhere in a heavily wooded area.

"Alright. Everybody out." Vernon called. Harry and the Dursleys stepped out of the car into a warm spring day. Petunia had opened the boot of the car and removed a small cooler that had three sodas and a bottle of water in it.

Petunia handed Vernon and Dudley a soda each and handed Harry the only bottle of water while she took the remaining diet soda for herself. "Now drink up everyone, we need to keep ourselves hydrated on such a warm day." Pentunia said with a slightly nervous chuckle.

Harry opened up his bottled water which had seemed to be opened before. 'I can't even get a new bottle of water, its one they probably filled up at the house.' Harry mumbled to himself.

Harry quickly downed the twenty ounce bottle of water and turned to his Aunt and Uncle and ask what they had planned to do on the outing. As he tried to ask his question he noticed he began to slur his words abit.

He turned a questioning look at his Uncle who had asked him in a condescending voice. "How you feeling boy? Tired? Sleepy perhaps? You did give him enough Petunia?"

"Of course I did, I put three tranquilizers in the water before we left." Petunia stated matter of factly.

Harry felt the world begin to spin around him. He tried to take a step but found that his foot missed the ground entirely and he fell flat on his face. He managed to roll over on to his back, only to be looking straight into the eyes of a smirking Vernon.

"We've given you enough tranquilizers to kill a horse boy." Vernon smirked. "Pretty soon your breathing will become very difficult; your heart will begin to beat slower and slower. You'll pass out before it completely stops but you won't wake up again anyway." Vernon said with a maniacal laugh.

"The best part boy is people will believe it a suicide or an accidental overdose. I placed the rest of the pills in your pocket. When the police do come around to investigate will tell them what a troubled boy you were and how you ran off and we couldn't find you. I told you once that I would either beat the freakishness out of you or kill you in the attempt. Well here you go freak say hello to mum and dad in hell."

With that Vernon smiled and gathered up his wife and son and headed back to Surrey. Harry lay motionless on the ground. He was horror struck that his own 'family' could do this to him. Harry's mind struggled to remain conscious he knew he needed to find help soon or he would die.

Harry willed himself to roll on to his stomach and pushed himself up to his hands and knees. He slowly crawled his way through the trees hoping to find someone or a road at least that would lead to someone that could help him.

He had been crawling just a minute or two when he felt like he had just crawled through a thin wall of electricity. It wasn't exactly like electricity but it had been some sort of energy to it although he couldn't identify it, it made his insides quiver a bit.

Harry's head had cleared a bit but he was still having difficulties breathing it felt like he couldn't get enough air and he was beginning to gasp like a fish out of water. He was trying to decide what to do next when he heard it. It sounded like singing or humming…it was beautiful.

He looked around and noticed he had leaned against a tree on the edge of a small clearing. He looked across the way and saw a small girl in a knee length yellow sun dress skipping no…dancing through the trees. She entered the clearing and began to spin around with her arms outstretched.

He tried to call to her but there was not enough air in his lungs to vocalize a word. He looked at the girl and noticed a breeze had picked up around her. It began to blow tree blossoms and flower pedals around her. They seemed to gather at her feet and then wind their way up her body.

Harry's eyes widened as the small girl seemed to be lifted in to midair twirling around as blossom and flower pedals continued to encircle her. Her hair began blowing wildly around her face. Her giggling was musical to Harry's ears. She was at least six feet off the ground.

Harry suddenly realized that he had seen all this in a dream and had drawn it in his sketch pad. This was the girl he had dreamed of for the last two years, she was real! But then the cruelness off the situation dawned on him. He had found her but he was losing his battle to stay alive.

Harry's vision began to blur again, he felt heavy so heavy. His body slid from the tree he was propped against and fell prone to the ground. His eyes began to slowly close when he saw a pair of silvery gray eyes look down on him full of mirth and happiness.

"Well, now that you're here Harry, I can't very well have you dying that would be quite rude." A giggling voice said.

Harry closed his eyes and thought well that was an odd thing to say and then drifted off in to the darkness.


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