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Blaine grabbed the last one of his boxes and looked around his room. A lot of his stuff was still there. Only the most precious things he had packed to go to New York. Off to College. With Kurt. Blaine couldn't wait.

He couldn't believe that it had only been two years ago that Kurt had walked into his life. More than ever Blaine had the feeling that Kurt must have known him forever. And during those months leading up to graduation Blaine realized how incredibly lucky he was that this amazingly strong and beautiful guy was in love with him. And so much so that he had agreed to move into one of the crappiest apartments in New York with him.

A knock pulled Blaine from his thoughts. His dad was standing in the door. Blaine looked up to be greeted with a smile.

"Ready?" his dad asked and Blaine grinned.

"Yes, absolutely." He walked out of the room and his dad followed down the stairs.

"Now, are you sure you have everything? I mean, I don't want to turn around halfway to New York because you forgot the very first... well, whatever Kurt gave you on your two-months anniversary or something like that." They made their way out the front door and to the car. Blaine sat down the box and turned to his father.

"I do have the cashmere sweater Kurt gave me for our two months anniversary, thank you very much. It was one of the first things I packed," he replied still smiling.

"Yes, well, you do know what I mean though, right?" Richard asked with a raised eyebrow.

"Yes, dad, I know and I have everything." They stood there for a moment just looking at each other.

"I made sandwiches for you!" Blaine's mom called from inside the house and only seconds later she appeared in person, a little plastic box in hand, "Are you ready to hit the road?"

Both men nodded.

"Blaine, you have everything, don't you, honey?" she said as she handed her husband the food who in turn threw the box on top of everything else in the backseat of the car. Claire put both hands on her son's face.

"Yes, mom, I got everything I need." he said smiling, humoring his mom by answering the question she had asked at least seven times that morning.

"I mean, you didn't forget anything that-"

"-Kurt gave me? No, dad asked the same thing not 5 minutes ago. It's not like I always forget everything." Claire's reply was a raised eyebrow, "What? I don't! Dad! A little help here!"

Richard Anderson turned around and pulled his son into a hug.

"No, Blaine not at all. Except when we went to visit your aunt last summer and you forgot the - and I can't believe I'm saying this again - guitar picks that Kurt gave you and we drove back an hour to get them because you felt completely unable to go without them for a week." Blaine gasped.

"They were important! And it's easy to forget them. They're tiny!"

"Right, well, I just wanna make sure that you don't force me to turn around for guitar picks or something like that when we're somewhere in Pennsylvania because I'm telling you right now, that is not going to happen."

"Okay, fine! I'm only telling you this because you are being completely ridiculous - I checked three times if I have everything Kurt gave me, okay? Are you happy now? Can we go already?" he said in mock-annoyance and his parents were smiling while he checked whether his back was on the passenger seat or still standing in the kitchen.

"He's all grown up," Claire whispered to her husband.

"Nah, I don't think he'll ever grow up completely." Both laughed softly.

"You think he'll be alright?"

"Kurt will take care of him. They'll take care of each other." Claire looked at her husband whose eyes never left Blaine and she couldn't help but smile. Only a year ago, they had been unable to talk about anything concerning Blaine's sexuality. And then Blaine had brought Kurt home and he had changed everything. Yeah, her husband had come a long way.

"I think we're ready," Blaine said from the other side of the car looking at his parents expectantly. Richard nodded slowly. Blaine went back to his mom.

"I wish I could come with you and see you settling safely into your apartment," Claire said tearing up.

"You have to work, mom, it's fine." She hugged him tightly and - although he would forever deny it - she knew he was crying a little as well. She pressed her lips against his forehead.

"Now, you take care and I want you to call me from the road and if your father drives too fast and when you arrive in New York and every single day. I want to know everything, you hear me, Blaine Anderson? Everything!" Blaine laughed.

"Yes, mom. I promise, I'll call." She didn't let him go just yet and instead pressed her cheek against his head. For once her son had gone without any gel in his hair. She sighed.

"Are you sure you're old enough to go to College yet?"

"Yes, mom, I'm pretty sure McKinley won't take me back now."

"That's too bad, I like having you home." She let him go reluctantly, "All right, all right, go before I'll change my mind and decide that you should study at Ohio State." Blaine kissed his mother good-bye.

"Bye mom, I'll call, I promise," he said as he got in the car.

"You better!" she said as she hugged her husband and whispered to him, "Drive carefully and make sure the boys have everything when you leave."

"I will," he said softly and he got in the car as well.

"Say 'hi' to Kurt for me." she said as she leaned through the open window.

"Will do." And as she took a step back Richard turned the key and moments later they were gone. Claire sighed a second time and brushed a tear away from her eye. The house felt empty already. Even worse than when Blaine had left for Dalton. Her little boy was moving to New York.

They were on their way to the Hudson-Hummel house. Not even five minutes after Richard had pulled onto the street Blaine had started texting. He could see a small smile playing around Blaine's lips from the corner of his eye.

"So, is Kurt done with packing yet?" Richard asked, amused.

"Not quite," Blaine frowned, "Oh well, we'll probably have to wait for them a little while."

"Let me ask you one question, son - and I know I have asked this question before - but why exactly do we have to drive with two cars but can't actually drive separately? Kurt and you won't even be in the same car and we'll probably lose them somewhere on the way or the other way around. It's just impractical to make this some kind of fun road trip."

"Well, I mean, if we are all going to drive to New York, why would we do it separately?"

"Blaine, we will be driving in separate cars regardless. The only difference is that Kurt will be in the car behind us instead in the car 50 miles behind us or something like that."

"Exactly! So if we stop for food or gas or something it'll be nicer. It won't just be the two of us - no offense."

"This was Kurt's idea, wasn't it?" Richard asked, suddenly suspicious.

"Maybe," Blaine muttered.

"Son, I cannot believe I would ever have to say these words to you but you, my friend, are whipped."

"What?" Blaine asked in mock-horror, "I resent that!"

"It's completely true. I would know, your mother has me whipped as well. It must be something about Anderson men..." he trailed off. Blaine laughed. It never failed to amaze Blaine how much alike he and his father actually were. And that always made him wonder how they had ever ended up not talking to each other.

"So. You're sure, you're ready for this?" Richard asked tapping his finger on the steering wheel.

"Isn't it a little late to ask me that?"

"You do realize you two will annoy the hell out of each other. Why did we ever agree to get you guys a single bedroom apartment," he wondered loudly.

"Because you know that we are two very trustworthy and responsible young men. And really, dad, i appreciate your faith in me," Blaine said, smirking and not even looking up from his cell phone.

"Yeah right... single bedroom," Richard muttered under his breath and Blaine looked up at him finally.

"Dad, please don't turn this into another awkward gay sex discussion. You were doing so well until now."

"Oh, the last one was definitely enough for a lifetime... You are being careful though, right?" he added.

"Why? You're afraid I might get Kurt pregnant or vice versa?" Richard wondered once more where his little boy had gone and when exactly Blaine had picked up a little too much of Kurt's sharp tongue.

"Right," was all he answered.

He could only imagine what Burt and himself had gotten themselves into with sons such as these living in New York City.

"Kurt, I'm sure they're already on their way. Don't you think you should finish up soon?" Burt yelled from the kitchen.

"Yes, dad, what do think I'm trying to do?" a very annoyed voice called back from upstairs.

"No need to get touchy," he mumbled. Kurt had been somewhat tense in the past days. He had checked his bags multiple times, made lists and walked through the house aimlessly seemingly searching for something he had forgotten. Every once in a while he would shriek and run upstairs. Burt guessed those were the times when he had remembered something. He couldn't be sure though. The worst case of moving out panic had occured about two days ago when Blaine had been over.

"Kurt, I'm sure we can live without four different curtains," Blaine tried to argue carefully, "We don't need four different colours, I mean, that may be a little overboard for our first apartment, don't you think? We can always get another one later if we want a change in color."

"Are you kidding me right now, Blaine Anderson? We're gonna go and get a fourth one RIGHT THIS SECOND! You may not have standards but I want our apartment to be PERFECT! Four is just the right amount! One for each season, so they go with the decorations!" Burt had only heard that conversation from downstairs and the sigh that Blaine heaved carried well into the living room. Burt smiled.

"Right. Let's go then." And only minutes later they walked out the door. Blaine looked at Burt on their way out and Burt gave the boy a pitying smile.

"Alright," Kurt said as he heaved the last bag downstairs, "I think I packed everything."

"Seriously? I thought I'd never hear those words from you." That earned him a look from Kurt. Burt smiled. They heard the sound of a car outside.

"Well, it seems you're right on time, Kurt. Now we only need to get the last bit of your stuff into the car." Kurt was out the door in seconds though. Burt looked out the window to see Blaine being dragged out of his seat and into his son's arms.

"We're moving to New York today, Blaine!" he heard Kurt say and Blaine smiled goofily. And as Burt watched the curly haired boy peck his son's lips he couldn't help but think about how fast Kurt had grown up.

"I'm not sure I want them in New York alone," Burt said when he heard Carole behind him. She laughed softly.

"I think it might be a little too late for that realization."

He groaned and walked outside to greet Blaine and Richard.

"Well, I certainly hope you know why we are making this a huge road trip," Richard said to Burt.

"Please, most of the time I have no idea what these two are thinking." They shook hands. "It's good to see you."

"Good to see you, too. Oh, hi Carole!" Carole waved from the doorway and Richard waved back.

"So, are you done packing?" Blaine asked and Kurt nodded, looking almost proud.

"Yeah, there are like three bags that still need to get into the car though" Burt said.

"Right. Then let's do this!" Blaine said and Kurt gave him a beaming smile.

They put the stuff into the car, one bag having to travel in the Anderson's car for lack of space in the Hummel's car (Kurt packed a LOT of stuff) and after saying goodbye to Carole they were on their way. To New York City and to their new life. Together.

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