Title: The untold confession
Crossover: PSI Factor/ Sue Thomas FB Eye
Pairing: Connor/ Lindsay, Jack/ Sue
Rating: 12
Summaries: Connor and Lindsay travel to Washington D.C. to help Sue: Sue's parents don´t know about her and Jack's baby.
Notes: I´m proud to say I decided to learn ASL. It´s hard but it´s fun, too.

The untold confession

Lindsay has never been to Washington DC before and the more she was looking forward to see her new friend Sue again. They met last August in the Sierra Nevada and because they liked each other, they had exchanged phone numbers and email addresses to stay in touch.
Now it was already December and Lindsay remembered Sue would give birth to her baby soon. She hoped she wouldn´t bother Sue, but when she received a disappointed mail two weeks ago were Sue wrote the baby wasn´t born until now, Lindsay knew she had to come quickly. It took a while before she had organized the trip, finally the trip from Toronto to Washington took several hours.
Washington DC was already buried under a thick blanket of snow and it even snowed a little when an out of breath Lindsay reached the apartment on the ground floor where Jack and Sue Hudson lived. The couple was probably expecting a visit: Between the branches of a Christmas wreath stuck a note. It was written in very hectic letters: "The baby is coming!"
Lindsay hastily went down the small stairs and got in the car. Luckily she and Sue were talking about the baby and she knew which hospital was chosen for the birth. It was a hospital which offered new hearing test for newborns and how Sue wrote in an e-mail, it was very important to her, to have certainty about if her baby was healthy. Lindsay then sent a newspaper article by e-mail that less than 5 percent of all deaf children in America also had a deaf parent.
The drive to the hospital took almost half an hour, but finally she reached the maternity ward. In the Family Room a group of people was already waiting. Because Lindsay had seen a photo of Sue and her best friend, she recognized the dark-skinned, pretty woman.
"Hello. You are Jack´s and Sue´s friends, right?", Lindsay wanted to know and the woman turned around to her. She smiled: "I'm Lucy, Hi."
"I'm Lindsay," she saw the blue balloons on which was printed in white letters "It's a Boy!".
"How do you know it's a boy?", asked Lindsay skeptical and Lucy reported that the doctor had blurted the baby´s gender at the last examination a few days ago: Sue saw how he told a nurse outside the room that the little Mister Hudson probably wasn´t in the mood to see the light of the world, although he should have been arrived two weeks ago. Then Sue took Jack's hand excitedly. Of course he asked what was going on and she told him over the moon the baby was a boy. And Jack couldn´t keep it private.
"Wow," Lindsay agreed, "This is a crazy story."
"How do you know Sue and Jack?", asked Lucy, when the door to the waiting area opened and Jack walked in. He looked tired but relieved. "They´re both fine," he said and smiled, "Sue is still a little tired, but Sarah is very healthy. She´s already crying loud and is as pretty as her mother."
"Did you say Sarah?", Lucy asked and Lindsay looked confused.
Of course, Jack had noticed the blue balloons. "Yes", he agreed, smiling proudly, "It's a girl. The doctor was wrong."
Lindsay thought the story was now even crazier. If they would ever decide to camp again one day in the Sierra Nevada and this time they´d tell the weirdest stories of their lives, this was one of them.
"Congratulations!", Lucy suddenly sounded excited, "Can we see them?"
"They are already in their room," Jack showed his friends the way to the hospital room. In passing he told Lindsay, it was nice to see her.
Sue was still very tired but in her eyes was a happy glow. "Meet Sarah Grace Hudson," she said and then she looked at her daughter, "Sarah, this is your aunt Lucy."
Lucy noted enthusiastically the girl had blond hair and was incredibly sweet. "May I hold her?"
Sue nodded and placed Sarah carefully in Lucy's arms. "Stay in sight with my baby," Jack warned her, "Don´t mess with Daddy…" Then he was laughing and shaking his head, still disbelieving: "My baby… That sounds incredible."
Sue discovered her new friend and embraced her warmly. She was very happy that Lindsay had come and she noticed something was wrong. Something was different than when they first met four months ago. "You're pregnant!"
"Yes, I´m seven month pregnant", Lindsay said happily and Sue was counting, "That means you were already three months pregnant when we got to know at Lake Tahoe."
"And I thought you know from childbirth class," Lucy laughed and swayed Sarah in her arms back and forth. Lindsay told Sue she was able to hide the pregnancy under her long clothes and she also wanted to keep that secret for a moment, until the first trimester was over. Sue had to admit she suspected something like that, after she and Jack were surprisingly invited to a fancy hotel on the countryside, where Connor and Lindsay got married in a small ceremony last September. The wedding was like a dream. The autumn location with colorful leaves on the ground and Lindsay in a wedding dress and a diadem on her head reminded Sue to a movie which she watched once.
Although Sue couldn´t believe what she saw, she was very happy for Lindsay and...
"Where is Connor?"
"Oh, don´t worry about Connor," Lindsay said, "He is looking for a parking space."
Once again there was a knock at the door and a little out of breath Connor entered the hospital room. Sue complained because they hadn´t told her earlier they were also expecting a baby. Then they could have talked earlier about antenatal classes, diapers and baby clothes. "Don´t worry," Lindsay assured amused when Connor put his arm around her after he had welcomed Jack, "You still have six weeks to tell me everything in detail."

Three days later, Connor and Lindsay were still in Washington DC. Connor also had never been here and so he apologized to Lindsay on a snowy day: he wouldn´t be a good tour guide in Washington. Not even the little book which he bought was helpful. Moreover, there were many things worth seeing in town and he had no idea where they should start with the tour. So they only visited the West Potomac Park. There, they watched the Washington Monument and the Lincoln Monument and took some photos. Then they ate lunch at a nice restaurant and Lindsay used the time to rest a little. She couldn´t see her feet and she felt as if her belly would constantly win several meters in size second by second.
"I´ll burst if your daughter doesn´t come out soon," Lindsay explained to Connor, while she chose a menu and he looked a little confused. Lindsay thought that was so typical! He had no idea how terrible gaining 40 pounds during pregnancy felt, how it was if the shoes don´t fit any longer and how it was if she was sick every morning (Connor was glad he hadn´t gained weight during his wife´s pregnancy). Three weeks ago, Lindsay was captured by the urge of cleaning their apartment from top to bottom. As far as she knew experts called this behavior "the nesting instinct". She wondered how other women could stand it and she had to ask Sue urgency, if giving birth was really as bad as her mother already told her. When Lindsay thought about the impending birth, she sometimes cried so much that Connor had to comfort her in his arms. The hormones were to blame. For several weeks she was much more sensitive and crabby. But it was a very nice experience to expect a baby.
Today, Sue was allowed to leave the hospital with her baby and she invited her friends for dinner. Finally, Connor and Lindsay hadn´t been at her nice apartment before and Sue had a new cannelloni recipe, which she wanted to try. Jack tried to persuade her she could order food. Finally, Sue had given birth to a baby three days ago. She better should go to bed and rest. But Sue insisted to cook dinner and she told her husband, he should keep back the number of the Thai delivery service for a different time.
When the door bell rang, Levi jumped excitedly out of his basket. "The door," Jack said. He held Sarah in his arms when he answered the door. A monstrous plant was standing in front of him.
"Hello. Are we too late?", a voice asked and the plant was shaking.
"A speaking plant, Wow," Jack said and stepped aside, "No, you´re in time... Welcome to our humble home." He watched how Connor carried the plant in the apartment and he found a good place between to the Floor-to-ceiling windows and the Christmas tree. The plant was a gift, but of course Lindsay had bought clothes for the baby, too. "It's great that you came," Sue was very happy and thanked for the gift wrapped box.
"I'll open the present later, okay?... By the way, this is for you", Sue said and handed Lindsay also a gift, "It helped me a lot and I hope it helps you, too."
"Thank you... Can I help you somehow?", Lindsay remarked Sue was still busy with the dessert, when they went into the kitchen area and Jack put the baby in the cradle.
"You don´t have to help."
"No, that's fine," assured Lindsay. She really didn´t mind Sue to help with the strawberries. She was glad she could take the opportunity to have a little talk with her friend, while Jack and Connor walked out.
"Oh, believe me I would give everything for it, if today was the delivery date... I feel like as if I´m close to exploding," Lindsay sounded tired, "Isabella doesn´t make it easy for me."
"Isabella a very nice name for a baby", Sue said.
"You sound like my parents," Lindsay recalled and smiled.
"At least your parents know about your baby," Sue said and Lindsay knew what that meant.
"I thought your parents know, too!", Lindsay was confused and noticed the worry in Sue's face.
"No. They were already very...", Sue was looking for a suitable word,"...very shocked when Jack and I got married one year ago, so we told nothing about Sarah. They´d believe we rush into this. I can already imagine my mother's face when she finds out about Sarah." It was Christmas Day in ten days and Sue expected her parents wanted to visit her. Or she and Jack would visit her parents. Actually, they already wanted to tell them about Sarah last August, but then Sue changed her mind and they traveled home without telling their parents. Sue was afraid of her mother´s the reaction. She was afraid her mother asked how Sue could be so irresponsible, even though she knew she couldn´t ever hear her daughter cry at night.
"Sarah is a healthy baby," Lindsay recalled, "You better tell your parents about Sarah, before they figure it out... Why shouldn´t your mother be happy for you? You found a man you love. He loves you...", when Lindsay said this, Sue had to smile. She had believed for a long time she would never find someone who wanted to be with her, but she loved Jack right from the start. The thought about he was interested in her, sent a swarm of butterflies through her body. He could have every woman in the world, but he only wanted her. Jack wasn´t even put off by the argument it might be different if he wanted to be with her: For example she once told him she couldn´t watch TV without subtitles. He then replied he wouldn´t care if he only was allowed to sit every night on the couch with her and hold her in his arms. Her heart stopped when Jack only looked at her and there was no reason to be concerned: Jack treated her like a princess, they both wanted to have a baby and their wish was fulfilled finally. In the hospital he kissed his wife with so much love when he held Sarah in his arms for the first time.
"...Well, and you won´t like this: You're a grown woman. She can´t force you to stay alone for the rest of your live", Lindsay finished her speech. She heard the door open to the garden, Connor and Jack came in and at that moment she noticed another guests because Levi ran to the door immediately. "I hope it's okay I invited Lucy." Lucy and Sue had shared an apartment, when Sue hadn´t lived with Jack and Lucy was still her best friend.
"Lucy seems to be very friendly." Lindsay was expecting more visitors, because the table was prepared for more than four people.
"Hi Lucy!", Jack said while he opened the front door and Lucy entered. She embraced Sue happily and thanked for the invitation, then they sat down at the table for dinner. After they had eaten the cannelloni, Sue served little cakes which she and Lindsay had prepared during their conversation in the kitchen. "This is Strawberry- Chilli Tart," Sue explained, "It´s a recipe I wanted to try."
Meanwhile, Sarah was with them and Lucy held the baby in her arms.
"She got me with her incredible culinary skills", Jack laughed and put an arm around his wife when she sat down next to him. Sue was shocked: "No, that's not true...", she laugh and Lucy thought it was funny: "Well, the way to a man´s heart is through his stomach."
"In Spain that saying is translated with: Love comes in through the kitchen."
"You´ve been to Spain?", Lucy asked, interested, looking at Lindsay.
"No, I was on the Internet. I found that saying in an online encyclopedia when I was searching for THE perfect baby name. Our baby will be born in six weeks." Lindsay took Connors hand and looked at him happily while she was talking.
"You'd better unpack my gift quickly!", Sue suggested and Lindsay grabbed the small package, which she had placed beside her on the table. She carefully opened the wrapping paper. The gift was a book. Although Lindsay already read the standard book "What to Expect When You're Expecting" long ago she thanked her and she also received cute pink baby shoes.
"Now you have to open my gift!", Lindsay yelled and registered how Connor rolled his eyes. He thought Lindsay and Sue were really excited when it was about kids.
Sue opened Lindsay's gift and put a small yellow baby jumpsuit out of the box and then she thanked Lindsay. Lindsay hated the color yellow, but unfortunately she had no idea if Sue´s baby was a boy or girl. Therefore, she had bought the cute pink baby suit with a purple hippo print for her own baby. Next, Sue grabbed a beige fluffy baby jacket with cute ears on the left and right of its hat. "In this jacket Sarah will look like a little bear," she laughed. Lucy told she was searching for the meaning of baby names on the internet. In Hebrew Sarah meant "princess" and Jack joked Sarah was his and Sue's princess. The baby on Lucy's arm began to cry and Lucy was worried. She had no experience with babies and she hoped Sarah just needed a new diaper.
"Don´t worry, she's all right," Sue said, when she took the baby on her arm, "She´s only crying for attention." When Sarah heard her Mommy´s voice she calmed down instantly and she clung to her neck. Sue noticed how soft and warm the skin of her baby felt. "She often cries if she feels lonely."
The door bell rang again. They were done with dinner and Jack was very surprised about another visit when he heard the doorbell again. He got up and told his wife in sign language he would answer the door. To impress Sue he once learned a little sign language and he often used it. Even today she was trembling in happiness, when she thought about the evening when he took her home after a party and then signed her on her doorstep 'I love you'. He wanted to make sure she wouldn´t misunderstand and so he chose a language with was clear to her. Her heart skipped a beat when she saw it and when he kissed her affectionately it was like the world would stand. She was unable to respond. She gave herself up to him and tears were welling up in her eyes when she told him she also loved him very much. Jack stayed with her all night, it was so wonderful to be with him and she enjoyed the kisses on her skin, where she was never kissed before.
Sometimes she was still nervous, excited and thrilled when he kissed her.
Jack didn´t know what to say when he saw the late visit: Sue's parents.
"The visitor parking spaces in front of the house are crowded," Carla said when she entered the apartment, "There´s also a car from Canada... A miracle we found a parking space." Carla noticed they apparently weren´t alone, because she heard two more voices talking in the living room. A female voice complained about insomnia, leg cramps at night and then she asked at what time Sue got labors. Carla watched how Sue got up with an infant in her arms and answered it started about one day before giving birth and then she gently kissed the baby´s cheek.
Sue froze when she saw her parents standing in the living room of her apartment.

"Why didn´t you say anything?", Carla asked angry. She didn´t know what to think about the blond baby in her daughter´s arms. She looked at the infant and suspected the baby was only a few days old. "Why didn´t you tell me about your baby?"
"I thought...", Sue stammered and Sarah began to sob in her arms. Lindsay got up heavily from the couch where she sat and she told Sue she would take care about Sarah. So she took the baby in her arms and entered the nursery room with Connor and Lucy.
Sue swallowed hard and grabbed Jack's hand. "I thought you´d be angry," Sue finally said.
"I have every reason to be angry!", Clara shouted and she watched how Jack put an arm around Sue.
"Was it your idea?", she asked, "Was it your idea to keep the baby away from us?"
Her mother's face looked upset. Sue didn´t like the way her mother furrowed her brow.
"It was my idea!", it suddenly burst out of Sue and it wasn´t even a lie, "I couldn´t tell you because you would have reacted exactly the way you react now. You wouldn´t understand why we..."
"...Why you´re taking the risk of having a baby which could also be deaf?"
"Sarah is a healthy baby, Mom!"
But Carla hadn´t finished: "You became deaf when you were one and a half year old, Sue!... I can´t understand why you´re taking the risk you can´t even hear your child cry…!"
"Being happy includes a husband AND a baby for me. You can´t expect…"
"…Levi could attack the baby!"
"He would never do that!", Sue defended her dog. She suspected her mother registered the desperation in her face. "I thought you were a bit more intelligent and responsible, Sue!"
This statement was like a slap in the face for Sue and she looked depressed to the floor after she saw her mother saying this. Then she felt how Jack let her go, he went to Clara and her Dad and sent both out. She didn´t see what he told them because she was so struck by her mother´s anger she had to sit down. When Jack was standing in front of her, he grabbed her hands and she got up. Sadly she threw her arms around his neck and tried to hold back her tears. "I'm sorry she said this," Jack murmured, although he knew she couldn´t hear him.
"I was right," she said, "My mother wouldn´t understand."

Lindsay, Connor and Lucy were alarmed when they heard a door fall. Then they heard Sue crying and sobbing, she told Jack she was right that her mother wouldn´t understand and about one minute later she entered the nursery room to take Sarah on her arm. She hugged her baby tightly.
"We should leave," Connor suggested softly and Lucy nodded in agreement. Lindsay also wanted to go, but she stood in the doorway, when Sue wanted to know if she had heard the conversation.
Lindsay came back to her and stood beside her. "Every single word," Lindsay knew, Sue had imagined the first evening at home with her baby a little bit differently, "Your parents have a very bad timing."
"Yes, that's right," Sue nodded. She loved her parents but of course she already noticed she and Jack were always disturbed at inappropriate moments: After she and Jack spent their first night together, they slept long in her bed in the next morning. Sue slept in Jack's arms until the sun woke her and she snuggled against his warm skin. She was a bit scarred when her mother was suddenly standing in the doorway and shook her head. Her parents visited unannounced, Carla asked her if she was serious and Sue felt like a little child. It was embarrassing for her, her mother had just caught them after their first night together. Even Lucy was a bit surprised, but in a positive way and she said it was high time they finally talked about their feelings and obviously they also showed it.
Similarly, Sue remembered a weekend last April. It was a weekend in which she didn´t know she was expecting a baby and she and Jack had visited her parents in Ohio. On a beautiful, sunny Saturday morning they walked past a small pond. Jack picked up a twig and threw it for Levi. The dog chased after the twig, grabbed it and rushed back to Jack. "Levi, don´t!", he cried when he saw the dog wouldn´t stop in time. Levi jumped up at him and threw Jack backwards into the water. It wasn´t his intention to hold on to Sue, so he also pulled her on her arm into the cold lake. Sue began to laugh and pointed water in his direction. Then she swam to him, threw her arms around his neck and began to kiss him. Her blouse was completely soaked. He lifted her up, while their kiss became deeper and deeper. Jack suddenly stopped kissing her. "Is everything all right?", Sue asked.
"Your mother is calling for you," Jack told her and she saw how Clara was on the other side of the small pond and looked quite angry. Disappointed Sue noted she and Jack would never be alone, at least not here. Clara scolded them because it was too cold to swim yet, she would certainly get a cold and Sue told her mother it wasn´t Jack's intention to pull her into the water. Actually Carla liked Jack but when Sue and Jack got married, Sue sometimes believed her mother began to hate him. When she and Jack returned home, Sue actually got the flu and then a doctor found out she was pregnant. She ran immediately to the office, hugged Jack and told him about the baby. It was one of the happiest moments in her life, but when she wanted to grab the phone to tell her mother, she couldn´t. Sue came to the conclusion she couldn´t count on her mother´s help or support. They were alone.
Lindsay and Connor stayed late into the night until they were convinced Sue was well. Late in the evening they drove back to their hotel.

The things that you can give to me
I can feel it when your holding me close
You 're Like one of the world wonders
I know I'm going under
Come see that I'm ready for this
And you're so good for me
You're my true joy
You make me wanna say
Through strength I found love
In time I found myself in happiness with you ("Happiness" by Alexis Jordan)

In the night Levi jumped on Sue´s and Jack´s bed. He pawed impatiently at Sue's arm and when she didn´t respond, he pushed Jack. "Good morning, Levi," he said, half asleep and thought even Sarah was quiet at night, but he knew it wouldn´t stay that way.
Jack noted how the phone rang. In the darkness he walked through the apartment and grabbed the phone. "Hudson residence", he answered, listened attentively to the caller and after two minutes, he hung up. He hurried back into the bedroom and woke Sue. "We have to get to the hospital," he told her, "Lindsay was dizzy and collapsed."

The ambulance brought Lindsay to the same hospital in which Sue had delivered her baby because it was closer to the hotel where Connor and Lindsay lived during their stay in Washington. During the entire drive Sue asked herself what happened. She and Jack finally reached the maternity ward of the hospital. They met Connor, who looked tired and worried. "How is she?", Sue asked anxiously.
"Both are okay at the moment," Connor replied, "She was... We were in our room and she was about to go to bed when she suddenly collapsed." Connor took a moment, he had to sit down, "The doctors say it would be no problem if the baby was born at the end of the thirty-fourth week of pregnancy. But it´s better if it would wait for another while."
Sue nodded understandingly and looked anxiously to Sarah, who slept in her portable car seat.
"Lindsay now has to stay in bed. That´s why the doctors fly her back home today by helicopter."
"Can we do something?", asked Sue, "We... We could go to the hotel to get Lindsay's stuff." Connor thanked for this proposal and so he handed them the card with which they could enter the hotel room. When Sue packed Lindsay's clothes in a suitcase at the hotel room she thought about how awful it had to be for Connor. He couldn´t help his wife and she wondered how Jack would have reacted if something happened to her and Sarah. Lindsay was a very good friend and when Sue had written in an email her baby wasn´t born yet, Lindsay promised to come to Washington as soon as possible to help her. It was time Sue returned the favor.

"It's very nice you want to help me, but you wouldn´t have to come to Canada," Lindsay explained next evening when she and Sue were sitting on the couch in her and Connors house. The flight by helicopter from Washington to Toronto had just taken a few hours last night. Connor had accompanied Lindsay during the flight, while Jack and Sue drove Connors car back to Toronto. They were almost ten hours on the road and arrived in the late afternoon. Jack had some days off so he could help his wife with the baby and he didn´t mind if Sue wanted to travel to Canada. Both were never been to Canada before and Sue had the feeling her parents wouldn´t miss her. After their last conversation she hadn´t talked a word to them and she believed it would probably take a while until she felt ready to forgive them. Until then, Sue would help Lindsay.
The hospital stay in Toronto was short, after Lindsay´s and the baby´s condition had improved. Nevertheless, Lindsay had to stay in bed as long as possible. With a bad conscience Lindsay asked if Sue wasn´t tired and she shook her head. Jack drove the car and he was resting in the guest room (Because of they had brought Connor's car to Toronto, Lindsay insisted they should at least accept the offer to stay in the guest room. They even had a travel bed for their baby in which Sarah was allowed to sleep.).
"That's okay. I´ve never been to Canada before and it´s very exciting!", Sue said, walked into Lindsay's kitchen to get two cups of tea, "Jack has a few days off and he´s here, Sarah is with us and Levi also helps me. I don´t need more…. And I must be sure you're doing well."
Gratefully, took Lindsay a cup of tea but she already had a premonition Sue´s trip to Toronto wasn´t just because she wanted to help. "Sounds as if you flee from your parents," she answered when Sue sat down on the couch again, "Did you talk to your parents?"
"No. After they left our apartment, I had to calm down first. And then you were brought to hospital..."
"I see," Lindsay nodded, "We are your excuse."
"That´s not what I wanted to say... But my mother said she´s thinking it´s very stupid and irresponsible to have a baby in my condition."
Lindsay became angry. She wondered which condition she was talking about but she decided to calm down: "I´m sure, it wasn´t meant that way."
"It was meant that way", she added. "I know better." She had never seen her mother so angry, Carla had never said such terrible things to her and she didn´t know if she could ever forgive her.
When the door to the guest room opened Jack came in. Jack felt much better. He looked now much better than when he arrived and he asked where Connor was. Lindsay told she sent her husband to the supermarket. On the assumption they would return home in one week, they had no food in the fridge and they desperately needed something to eat. Sue already agreed to cook dinner, Lindsay should rest.
Levi began to bark and they turned around to look at the front door. He announced that Connor was coming home with a large filled paper bag. "Here you are!", Sue cried, getting up. She took the bag from Connor. "What do we do this evening?", she wanted to know then. Since they now had a baby, going out times were limited, but that didn´t bother her. She loved Jack and he was also crazy about her and his sweet, adorable baby.
"When we arrived, I saw there´s a small video store two streets away", suggested Jack and took his crying daughter in his arms.
"This is a good idea," Connor said.
"Fine! We can choose between..."
"What about me?", Lindsay yelled, "I'm sitting on the couch all day and watching TV! Do you think I want to continue in the evening?"
"Calm down," Sue's voice sounded warningly when she unpacked the items in the kitchen and saw her friend talking, "That's not good for your blood pressure and for your baby!"
"Okay, I give up!", Lindsay was annoyed, "I have no choice anyway! Let's watch a movie! "

Next morning, Sue and Jack were sitting alone at the breakfast table. Because Connor and Lindsay haven´t shown up, they noticed something must have happened. They waited and waited.
In the late morning Sue was walking restlessly through the living room with Sarah on her arm and the baby sobbed occasionally, when the door opened.
"Thank God, there you are!", Sue said concerned when she saw him, "Where's Lindsay?"
"Lindsay was in labor last night," Connor told, "The baby is born. Don´t worry, they´re doing well. Isabella has to spend one week in an incubator, but then she can come home with us, she´s even able to breathe." Connor now showed them a photo of his daughter.
"My good, she is so sweet! Congratulations!", Sue cried and took his digital camera, "Can we see them?"

The baby was doing well and when Sue visited her friend for the first time in hospital, she greeted her with the words "Hi, Mommy. I am so proud of you" and hugged her. Lindsay explained she had never felt such terrible pains before and Sue had to laugh. She noted Isabella had her Dad's dark hair and her Mom´s blue eyes. The baby was also incredibly sweet and pretty.
One week later, Lindsay and the baby were allowed to leave the hospital. They would spend the coming Christmas at home as a family. Sue was very relieved that her friend´s baby was alive and well. She and Jack wished they could stay in Toronto a little longer than one week, but the center of their lives was in America. Nevertheless, they were sure they would meet again. At the farewell Lindsay said they should also have their next child at the same time. So they could be pregnant together.
Sue and Jack were back home in Washington DC since one day, when they got unannounced visit in the afternoon. Sue carried Sarah on her arm, Levi ran excitedly to the door and Jack signed his wife that someone asked for their attention.
"Where have you been?", asked Carla after Jack had answered the door and she came in, "Your neighbor told us she had heard how Jack said the middle in of the night in the hallway you´d have to go to hospital and then you left the apartment with Sarah... Can you imagine how worried your father and I were when we noticed you left town one week ago?"
"A friend was sick. She and her baby where in danger... If you're worried about Sarah, she´s doing very well", Sue now looked affectionately at the little blond baby on her arm, "Aren´t you, honey?"
Sue observed how Jack and her father were talking quietly. Unlike her mother, they looked very peaceful. Then Jack came to her and put his arms around Sue.
"I´d like to talk to you alone," Carla said and Jack nodded in agreement. He signed to Sue he would leave the apartment for a few minutes with her Dad and Levi. Then the two women were alone. With Sarah in her arms, Sue sat on the couch and she was curious to see what would happen now. Her mother sat down beside her.
Carla swallowed and crimped a tissue in her restless hands. While Sue, Jack and the baby were untraceable for one week, she could think about many things. Carla finally looked at her daughter. "There were many things I shouldn´t have said," Carla apologized, "I'm very sorry I lost my nerve when your friends were here. First I was shocked you are afraid to tell me about my grandchild. Don´t think I hate you for what you have done... I'm very happy for you and Jack. It wasn´t stupid to have a sweet and healthy baby, It´s very courageous you still fight for your dreams."
"Thanks, Mom."
"It´s just… I sometimes wish you´d be my little girl forever. For me it´s hard to realize you´re a Mom, now… I was wrong about you and your husband... Jack cares much about you and protects you... Do you think he can forgive me?", Carla asked and Sue nodded frantically.
"Can you forgive me, too?", Clara asked now and gulped a stream of tears. Sue nodded when her mother hugged her as best as possible and then Clara wanted to know if she was finally allowed to hold her granddaughter. Jack and Sue's Dad watched them through a window and they looked very satisfied. Clara laughed, when Sarah on her arm began to cry. "She´s wonderful, Sue", she sobbed, "She´s wonderful, just like you."