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Chapter 1: Japan - Separation

I'm not exactly sure why I decided to go along on this outing. There was really no point in it, and I could have been doing much better things, but that manuke America had all but convinced Italy to go, despite the fact that three hour walk to a supposedly haunted mansion was intimidating.

The younger nation had seemed so excited, that usual happy expression lighting up especially bright on his face. It was him that had really convinced me, for convenience. Honestly. I didn't want to let him come, then get in trouble, and call me to come get him out of trouble. I was saving myself time, honestly.

"Ve~ It's really here!" I raised my head from where it had been facing the ground in thought as I had walked up the path behind Italy and Germany. I let my eyes rest on the auburn-haired Italian in front of me, then looked past him to the mansion.

The first thing I noticed was that despite the fact that the sun had been shining when we had left the conference center, said sun was now hidden behind dull grey clouds. Even without the sunlight to illuminate the mansion, it's orange-tiled roof seemed to stand out like a sore thumb against the dirty white plaster that was falling off the outside walls. I frowned, noticing the bars on the windows of the first two floors.

"I thought it was just a rumor." I muttered, half to myself, thinking back to what America had said about this place. So far the stories he had said were panning out to be true. "Though I never thought we would actually find it. Odd that the windows are barred..."

"It has such a desolate feel..." a rough voice said from beside me, and I turned my head. It was Prussia, running a hand through his albino hair. I had almost forgotten that he had come along. I tried to meet his red eyes with my own brown, but they were focused on the mansion and a grin slowly bloomed on his face. He stuck one hand in his navy pockets and gave a laugh. "kesesese, not bad~"

"I don't' think it's very interesting though..." I turned my head again, focusing on the people in front of me. Germany had been the one to speak this time, and I blinked a bit as he looked back at us. I was taken back by how horribly pale he looked. He seemed to be focusing on anything but the mansion as if it made him sick thinking about it and he quickly raised a hand to correct a few sprigs of blonde hair that had fallen out of position. Despite this, he did not look any better.

"I agree." I replied, nodding solemnly. Seeing Germany so upset was unnerving to say the least, planting a seed of doubt in my decision to come. "Can we not just look around, and then head back?" I waved a hand dismissively, trying to shrug off my unease.

"Awwww~" Italy suddenly complained, but didn't turn to face us. "After all that trouble we went through to find it?" The tone of his voice held something else, and I felt a shiver run down my spine. The only trouble there had been to find it was convincing me and Germany to accompany him...so what could he possibly mean by 'trouble'? "C'mon! Let's go in just for a little while~" He started making his way to the door, and I watched slightly amused as the color drained from Germany's face.

"A-ah, Italia! Vait a minute!" Germany called after him, almost immediately taking off at a brisk walk to follow. I let out a sigh, standing there for a moment. I do believe the term for what I was feeling was, as America would put it, dumbfounded. Italy usually shied away from such things as this, and Germany was usually so strong, it confused me.

"Come on, lets not get left behind Japan, kesesese." Prussia said, brushing against my arm, and I sighed again as I nodded. I forced my feet forward and quickly caught up as Italy opened the door and disappeared into the darkness.

Upon entering the mansion shortly after Italy and Germany, I nearly sneezed at the wave of stale air that hit my face. I frowned at the dulled white walls that now surrounded me, no different from the walls outside. There was no hint of mold or decay like one would think would be in an abandoned manor, and it confused me as I made a few steps forward, my saddles making hollow noises on the yellowed floor. I turned my attention to Italy and Germany.

"it's cleaner than I thought..." Italy muttered, almost offhandedly as he turned around. I paused at that, and then focused on everything around me. It was clean...almost too clean. I felt slightly at home, but at the same time...the silence was off-putting.

"It is quiet as well." I replied, frowning a bit. I felt deafened by the silence, almost to where I could hear my heart thudding in my own chest. I turned my head, catching Germany shiver out of the corner of my eye.

"H-hey can ve go now? Haven't ve seen enough?" the blonde stuttered, looking very much unnerved. Odd, I thought to myself, as I had never heard the man stutter before. If this had been an anime or game from my own country, a few light bulbs would be going off in my head...or at least trying too. Something was a little wrong about this place.

"Kesese~" Prussia let out a laugh, and poked his brother in the arm with a grin. "Vhat's the matter Vest? You scaared?" he asked, and I heard a grumble come from the blonde, who opened his mouth to retaliate.

A loud crash resounded and echoed off the walls, coming from one of the hallways. It startled me so much that I jumped, and placed a hand on my chest as I waited for the echo to die down. I glanced at the others and noticed they too seemed to be stunned.

"L-look, ve should really go now..." Germany muttered, his voice cracking. I frowned at him, slightly annoyed by the way he was acting. This was not like him at all. I knew that he did not like supernatural items, or ghost stories, but this was borderline ridiculous.

"Oh do not be obscured." I said flatly, smoothing out my kimono. "It is not like there are ghosts here. Where has your common sense gone, Doitsu-san?" I felt a little responsible for the group, after all, i was the oldest. I figured due to this, it was my responsibility to go find out what the source of the crash was, so no one would be injured by what had fallen, or help whoever had been hurt by it, if someone had been.

My mind made up, I made my way forward, listening to the sound of my sandals clicking against the hardwood floor. Brushing past Germany, I gave him a frown. He needed to conquer this obscured fear of ghosts. Those things did not exist, so there really was no use in wasting the energy being afra-

A grip on my arm stopped my thoughts, startling me out of my thinking. I looked down at the hand that now loosened it's grip, finding it to belong to Prussia. I blinked a few times, focusing on his face. He was grinning, but those red eyes of his betrayed that he was frightened. Quickly, he let go and tried to act like there was nothing wrong.

"Be careful Japan." he said, that blinding grin focused on me. "Vouldn't vant you to get hurt, kesese~"

"Hai." I said, waving him off and turning back down the hall that the crash had come from, frowning a bit. "I am just going to see what happened. I will return shortly."

I made my way down the hall, pausing at a door. Looking over my shoulder, I noticed that Prussia's eyes were still on me, calculating gaze staring at me. Then his attention was drawn away and to Italy who had managed to clamber up on Germany's back. I could see even from here that there were tears in the Italian's eyes, and I could hear the laughter that came from Prussia. I shrugged my shoulders and shook my head, stifling a chuckle. Placing a hand on the knob of the room, I frowned at finding it locked. Shaking my head a bit, I moved on, continuing down the hallway and entered what seemed to be a foyer of some sort. To the left there was a television and a few couches, to the left there was a kitchen or bar area, and right in front of me, there was a table that could have been a dining table. Despite these furnishings, there was little to no decoration. I blinked a few times and moved to the left, checking the television and under the couches. The television was off, and did not seem to have a scratch on it, and the couches were completely bare both on and under. The coffee table was not even glass, but wooden and bare. Finding nothing, I turned my attention to the kitchen area, and made my way over to the counter.


Blinking, I looked down at my feet, as something I had stepped on made a noise. Underneath my sandals was a small pile of broken glass. I could vaguely see the shape of a plate that had met the ground with a horrible fate. Bending down, I carefully picked up one of the larger pieces, turning it over in my hand.

"So this was the source of the sound..." I muttered to no one in particular, and turned it over in my hand once more before gathering the rest of the pieces to place back on the counter. "Careful, Nihon. You would not want to cut yourself on the glass..." I paused, blinking at myself. It was unlike me to talk to myself like this, so I stood and shook my head as I placed the remains of the plate on the counter. My eyes scanned the rest of the room, and I found a door. Making my way around the counter, I couldn't help the curiosity that bubbled up in me. I took a hold of the handle and turned, feeling it turn in my hand, so I pulled backwards to open it. It didn't budge. Perhaps it was one of those doors that opened outwards, so I pushed on the door. It still refused. It was jammed.

"...nani?" I asked allowed, and tugged a bit, but the door wouldn't budge. I stood there for a moment, a hand on my chin as I thought about the jammed door in front of me. Out of no where, a chill ran down my back and I blinked, feeling a sense of dejavu hit me. I wondered for a moment if I had been in this exact situation before. This couldn't possibly be the case. I had never been here before, correct? I turned to leave and return to the others.

Suddenly, the entire room felt colder to me, almost menacing in the way the temperature dropped, but it was odd, there was no one there. There was no reason for me to feel this way, and a frown that seemed to have moved in on it's own made itself at home on my face as I thought.

A deserted mansion in the middle of nowhere. A loud noise that separates you from your friends. Locked doors. Jammed doors...My mind could not help but wander to the countless horror games that I had played, had helped create...and even given to America. It was a similar situation...in fact it was very similar. All that was left for said horror game situation was for the remainder of my part to vanish into thin air and for a monster to appear.

I shook my head after a moment, and ran the thoughts of horror games from it. This was obscured. Those were games, visions of fantasy items, nothing more than that. Despite this fact, it did not change the fact that I was slightly frightened. This fright had planted itself in my soul, deep enough that i gripped the container of my katana a little bit tighter through my kimono as I made my way back into the hallway.

It was almost laughable how the entire air of the mansion had made my demeanor change.

Turning the corner to go back down the hallway and into the foyer, I noticed it was silent. Upon raising my eyes to the end of the hall, I saw...nothing. Impossible. My pace quickened until I was almost jogging, as I found myself alone in the center of the house.

Emphasis on the alone.

For a moment I just stood there, feeling...shocked and slightly horror struck. Germany, Italy, and even Prussia had seemed to vanish into thin air, with no inkling to where they had gone. It's impossible. These types of things do not happen.

"Did they leave, after all?" I asked the air, frowning again and pivoting on my foot in a circle. It was times like these, I could use a layer of dust on the floor, but the mansion was far too clean for that. I now had reason to be a bit concerned, but it seemed too surreal to be true. This had to be all one big trick. "How regrettable." I let out a sigh, and made my way to the front door, placing a hand on the door to push it open.

The door did not move. I frowned, and pushed it again. It still did not move, so I pulled on it. But no matter what I did, the door would not move.

"Odd...the door was working when we came in..." I muttered, scrunching my face up in slight confusion.

A deserted mansion...seperation of your party...the countless horror games that I had played and even given to America...

I felt my heart drop low in my chest at the situation. It was now eerily similar, too much for my liking. I could no longer use the front door, and I could feel the panic welling within me. The only thing that was now missing from this scenario was the monster, and that was something I did not want to think about.

"Doitsu-san?" I called out, turning to face the unfamiliar mansion. "Ita-kun?" I frowned at the soundless air that greeted me. The only other sound that echoed around me was the creaking walls as wind battered the outside of the mansion. I hadn't noticed the wind blowing before...but in here, it was deafening.

I let out a sigh and took my sword case from my back and undid the top of it. "It's been a long time, my friend." I said as I pulled Tachi out of the case and attached its hilt to my kimono sash. I placed the case next to the door, knowing that carrying it would make it difficult to get around. "I suppose I will have to go look for them..." I muttered to myself, shaking my head as I noticed the stale air had started to get to me. Almost grumbling to myself, I pushed myself forward and down the middle hallway.

There were no doors in this hallway, but it did branch out slightly into an oriental type room. I found myself surprised, since the kitchen and living area had been so sparcly decorated. This room, however, was very much decorated, the tatami lining the floor neatly and even a few scrolls lining the wall. I couldn't help myself from smiling, feeling the stale air dissipate slightly as I grew comfortable in this particular room. Then I shook my head, slightly disgusted at myself at getting so distracted.

"Stop that Nihon. You must find the others quickly, and not get distracted by such trivial things." I told myself, straightening the sleeve of my grey kimono. I needed to find the others as fast as I could, this worry that had settled in the pit of my stomach was not comfortable. It was cold, and merely thinking about Italy, Germany, and even Prussia being alone in this place made it worse. I wanted to fix this feeling that had settled in me, and the only way to do that was to find them.

"Doitsu-san!" I called out once again. "Ita-kun! Purosien-san!" I got no answer for the second time, and I let out another sigh as I found myself pulling at the sleeve of my kimono. Great. I was developing the same habit that Chūgoku had. I scoffed a bit, lowering my hand and forcing myself to focus on the task at hand. I let myself walk into the tatami room, my sandals becoming muffled by the mats that littered the floor.

"Doitsu-san was acting a little off when we arrived..." I muttered, staring at my clothed feet as I thought. "As was Italia-kun...but they know I absolutely hate tricks." I was trying to come up with any sort of solution to the problem at hand, and that included that the others were trying to trick me. "Purosien-san might have tried to trick me...for all I know he could be collaborating with that manuke..." I frowned at this thought. "but...I do not believe that Ita-kun would willingly go along with this..." my frown deepened slightly, knowing fully that Italy would not try to trick the others in fear of being hurt in the process. I raised my eyes and scanned the room one last time, and caught sight of another doorway.

"Perhaps here?" I made my way over, but when I tried the door, it was locked. "Another locked door..." This was getting slightly irksome. I made my way back out of the tatami room and back into the foyer area, turning to go down the other hallway. If the group was not down this hallway, then i would have to go up stairs.

"this is getting worrisome..." I found myself saying, and then stopped mid-step. "Perfect...I'm talking to myself..." I grumbled. "I really am getting old...ne?" I said to myself, but I was unable to help the smile that came to my face due to the fact that despite everything I was still talking to myself. I shook my head, and made my way forward, immediately going for the first door on this side of the hallway. Turning the handle, I grumbled when I found that it too was locked. "There are too many locked doors in this place...It seems like there's a bend up ahead as well..." Determined to find my group, I quickly turned the corner, ready to get this forsaken place over with

And froze.

I only caught a glimpse, but I instantly knew it was not Italy, Germany, or Prussia. Reflexes that I had thought had been lost quickly returned and I found my hand on Tachi's hilt almost immediately, but then it was gone with the click of the door at the end of the hallway.

"Nan..Nan deshita...ka?" I stuttered aloud, taking a step back as reality set in. Instantly I let go of Tachi, wiping the sweat that had accumulated on my hand off on the side of my kimono. "I...I must just be tired from all the arguing at the World Summit..." Absently, I fingered my throat. It was slightly raw from all the speaking I had done at the World Summit. The other countries tended to talk over me...I was one of the softer-spoken nations. "Hai...tired must be it. That is a perfect explanation."

I didn't sound as sure of myself as I would have liked, but I did not dwell on it. Now, more than ever, I wanted to find the others and get out of this place. It was beginning to play tricks on my mind. I had to check these rooms, to make sure that Italy...or Germany and Prussia weren't in them. Inching forward, I grasped the handle of the nearest door, and pushed it open, stuttering a sloppy question. "D-Dareka...imasu ka?"

To say I was surprised was a slight understatement. The room I had found myself in was nothing more than a bathroom...yet it was spotless. I turned my head a bit, looking over to where there was a toilet and frowned a bit before moving over to the sink. The mirror was cracked, but still intact, and the sink was clean. There was no mold growing in the room, not like you would typically find in an abandoned mansion's bathroom. I shook my head and headed back out into the hallway.

I let out a breath, turning to the door at the end of the hallway. Whatever that had been, it had gone into this last room...and I was unsure if I wanted to even try the door. But then I thought that Germany and the others might be on the other side, and perhaps even in danger, and that is what got my courage up to attempt to open the door. I reached for the handle, and pulled, expecting it to open.


The door stayed shut, much like the door that had been in the kitchen. Was this door jammed too? That was...impossible. I pulled on it again, twisting the handle to where it should open. It didn't budge.

"Odd...but I could have sworn it was open just a moment ago..." I muttered, turning away from it. As I walked away, I looked over at my shoulder at the door, feeling my face twist into a frown. Perhaps I really had imagined that thing. "The only place left to check is now upwards." I said to myself, and placed my hand on the railing of the stairway. "Still...this house...it is starting to put me on edge."

It was true. I could feel my nerves piling up on top of each other as I ascended the stairs. Using my hand to support myself on the railing, I took each step carefully, listening to the creaks and moans that the stairs gave as I moved up them. I found it odd, since most stairs did not make any sort of noise when I walked up them; I was too light. Being the thinnest of the nations had it's perks, but it was a little unnerving when Italy could pick you up without even trying.

Hitting the top of the stairs, I paused for a moment, taking in the layout. It seemed that this manor was a lot bigger than I had originally thought it was. This floor split was split up into what looked like the english letter "I" from what I could tell, and I let out a sigh. This was going to take a while unless they came to me.

"Ita-kun?" I called out, straining my voice to let it carry over as much of the floor as I could. "Doitsu-san! Purosien-san!" I knew that by this time Italy should have at least said something. He would not have been in a place by himself on his own free will, and he didn't really like to trick people. Still, I wondered why he had been so calm when we had gotten here...why would he play a trick on me when he knows how much I hate them?

"Minna!" I felt a hint of anger enter my voice as I made my way forward to check the rooms on this floor. "This is no longer funny..." I opened door after door, but many of the rooms held nothing of real importance. One room had what looked like a curtain closet that seemed to be moving in the breeze, but other than that, they were useless, so I left them alone. Going down the hall, I passed another flight of stairs.

"another level? How many floors does this manor have?" I asked myself, standing there for a moment, before shaking my head and moving on. I turned to go down to the end of one of the halls, and nearly fell on my face. I nearly growled at myself, looking down to see what I had tripped on, but the annoyance I had felt quickly died away when I saw the item entirely.

"...Muri..." I muttered, bending down and picking up the long piece of worn leather. "This is...Germany's whip..." I could almost feel the color draining from my face. I knew for a fact that Germany would never leave this just lying around somewhere, especially in a place like this. This was one of his prized possessions. So why was it just lying here...I looked up and took in my surroundings once more. Room after room...he must be in one of these rooms. I tucked the whip into my kimono sleeve, and placed my left hand on Tachi's hilt.

"Doitsu-san!" I searched each room on the floor until beads of sweat had formed on my brow, my worry causing my grip on my sword to tighten until my knuckles were white. Many of these rooms were bedrooms, at least the ones I could get into. There were a few that I couldn't get into, but no matter which room i looked in, I could not find him. I let out a few breaths to attempt to calm myself as I rested up against the posts of the stairs. I was missing something, but what? I had checked everything, right? Was there a place that I did not look?

Oh! The Closets! I had not checked any of the closets!

Quickly I made my way back to the rooms that had closets. "Doitsu-san? Come out Doitsu!" I called as I walked, trying to see if I could coax him out of where ever he was. I pulled the curtains of the closets aside but found nothing. There was only one other room that had a closet...it was the last place.

I opened the door to the room and hesitantly walked over to the curtain. It was then I realized that it was moving, but there was no breeze. I frowned a bit, and slowly drew Tachi from it's sheath. "...D-Doitsu-san?" I called hesitantly, but got no answer. I gripped the curtain in my hand, and in one swift movement pulled it back.

I was forced to scramble backwards as a form dropped to the ground in front of me, and I let out a raspy gasp in surprise to find the huddled form of Germany sitting on the ground in front of me.

"Germany!" I exclaimed in relief, glad to see that he was alright. I almost fell to my own knees beside him, and assessed what was going on. Despite the fact that he seemed alright, he was almost whiter than a sheet, and his eyes were wide, unfocused. It was as if he wasn't even aware that I was there. "Doitsu-san? Are you...Where are the others?" I asked, raising a hand to place on his shoulder. I did not get to do so, for he flinched away from me in fear, scrambling backwards back into the seemingly safety of the closet. I faltered a bit, for I was not the best at comforting people. I was at a loss of what to do. What did people do when someone they knew was upset?

"You...look shaken..." I muttered, mentally hitting myself for pointing out the obvious. That was not what you do when someone you know is upset, Nihon. Oh, perhaps he would benefit from some water? "I should go get you something to drink, ne? That would help...surely." I got to my feet, watching as he flinched back from me again. Backing away, I never took my eyes off of Germany. This was not normal, and it was not a joke. Germany was a horrible actor when it came to anything other than a stoic strict character, and he was an even harder person to scare.

"I'll return shortly, don't worry." I muttered, inching out the door, and stood for a moment in the hallway, then let out a groan, feeling my shoulders slump slightly. I put Tachi back in it's sheath and turned to the hallway in front of me.

"Italy...Prussia...doko desu ka?" I asked the air around me, feeling a little bit hopeless. I shook my head after a moment. First things first, Water. "Where am I going to find water?" I stood there a moment, thinking. There had been the kitchen, but the pipes there had probably been rusty. Still, it was worth a try, If nothing else, I could take a cup from there. I made my way down the stairs, keeping a watchful eye for Italy or Prussia. The manor was silent though, and I could not help but feel as if I was alone. Despite the fact that Germany was merely a floor above me, he was incapacitated at the moment, and i had no clue where Italy or Prussia had gone. I could not help the shiver that ran down my spine at thinking this, and I tried to be as quick as possible, making my way down the hallway and into the kitchen.

"Here we are..." I muttered to myself, digging in one of the cupboards for a cup to use. I pulled a plain cup out, and set it on the counter, turning my attention to the sink. It looked clean enough, but why did I feel that it wouldn't work? I shrugged before turning the tap, and was only mildly surprised when not a drop of water came out. The pipes didn't even make noise to signal that they had been turned on. I let out a sigh, and grasped the cup in my hand as I made my way out of the kitchen. The only other tap that I knew of was in that bathroom.

My hand clenched on it's own, thinking about the area in which the bathroom was in. Honestly, I didn't want to go back that way...but for Germany...he needed the water, he needed to calm down, and the likelihood of any other tap working in this place was slim to none. I had no choice, so I made my way down the hall and snuck into the bathroom. Immediately I went to the tap and turned it.

The pipes made a noise, almost as if air had gotten into them, and sputtered a few times before pouring water into the basin. I let out a sigh of relief.

"Ah thank god. It doesn't seem to be broken..." I let the water run for a moment before sticking the cup i had taken from the kitchen under the faucet to catch the water. I frowned a bit at the color of the water. It was murky, but still slightly clear. I hoped that it wasn't poisoned, for that would do us no good. Even if we were nations, poison still messed us up for a little while, and I had a feeling we couldn't afford to be messed up in a place like this. I let out a sigh, and turned the water off, grasping the cup in my hand and edged out the door, peaking around the corners. Really, my hospitality...it was getting the better of me as I trudged up the stairs, carefully not spilling one drop of water on to the hardwood floor. I nudged the door of the room that Germany had been in open, having left it open just a crack.

Germany had not moved from where I had left him. He did, however jump about a foot into the air when I came into the room, scrambling backwards again, and refusing to look at me. I let out a sigh and slowly lowered myself to my knees and held the water out to him.

"Doitsu, " I said calmly, trying to use my voice to put him at ease. "I brought you some water. Please, drink it and calm down..."

Hesitantly, he took the cup from me, but nearly dropped it. His hands were shaking so much that he could barely hold the cup, and by the time he managed to calm his hands down enough to take a sip, the edges of his sleeves were wet. He sipped a few times at the cup, and suddenly, he frowned and stared at the cup. His face twisted into one of the most disgusted looks I had seen on him.

"...Is this really vater?" he finally spoke, his voice a little scratchy. I restrained another sigh of relief as I watched his blue eyes narrow slightly at the cup in his hands.

"...judging by it's color?" I replied, giving him an amused look "Probably." Germany did not look convinced.

"I...see." he muttered, and set the cup down beside him. He let out a sigh, as if to calm himself, though he was still trembling slightly. "Anyways...I'm sorry for falling apart like that..." he frowned a bit "I feel much better, thanks to you." I gave a nod. I was glad that he had composed himself. Seeing him that scared had unnerved me, but surely it was okay now.

"That's good to hear." I replied cheerfully, but then I frowned. "Where are the others?"

It all came crashing down that moment, his face paled again and his hands started to tremble even more. It was obvious he was trying to control himself, and after a moment, he took the glass once again and sipped a few times on it.

"I...I'm not sure." He stuttered after a moment, shaking his head. 'A-At any rate, we ran for our lives...and those two vent in different directions...I think..." his voice faded, as if he wasn't sure of what he was saying. "Sorry...just...give me a moment to pull myself together..." he muttered, placing a hand to his head. I felt disappointment well up in me, but it was understandable...to a degree. Whatever had happened to him...he must have been terrified. I could only wonder what it was that had happened...because he didn't seem like he was ready to even describe it.

"Very well then. I shall go look for them. Try to get some rest, okay?" Germany seemed to stare at me for a moment, as if looking for a flaw in my composure.

"...Sorry..." he said after a moment, looking a little upset at himself. Then, he brightened slightly, digging in his pocket and pulling something out of it. "Here...vhen I was running, I tripped over it. Almost killed me, and I didn't have the time to see what it went too...but maybe it can be of help to you...unlike me."

"It is fine, Doitsu." I tried to say but he shook his head.

"I vant to help...but..." he started to say, but I raised a hand to stop him and shook my head slowly.

"No need. I will be fine."

"I can't even valk straight...I'd only be in the vay" He seemed so dejected that he was unable to help me, but at the same he seemed relieved that he didn't have to go with me. It was slightly confusing, but then again, I did not really understand the western nations. He handed me whatever it was in his hand, and I took it. It was a key, browned with age with a small tag on it. I turned it over in my hand, and read the tag.

"Ne...what does this say?" I asked, moving it to where he could see it, and he frowned. He must have forgotten that I wasn't very good at western languages, which was why I typically spoke in the language we reserved for ourselves.

"It says 'library'. I'm sorry. I forgot..." he muttered, lowering his head, and it was my turn to frown again.

"Arigatou Doitsu-san. I will return once I check the library out." I bowed and turned to leave.

"Hopefully by then, I'll have...regained myself a little more." He replied, getting to his feet and stretching for a moment, before looking at me. "I'm...going to rest behind this curtain though, if you need me."

"Of course, I'll see what I can do." I replied, but I got an almost glare in return. I frowned a bit, a little confused. "I am serious this time, Doitsu-san. I will do what I can to find them...I did not mean to word it like that." I knew that the other nations usually would not believe me when I said that I would see what I could do about the situation. Germany seemed to believe me this time, and took a step towards the curtain. He stumbled and disappeared behind it, muttering something along the lines of "If there is one scratch upon Italia, I svear..." but I was not sure if that was exactly what he had said. I thought about asking, but then I decided not too. I had something to do. I moved, then frowned, looking down at the sleeve of my kimono. I still had Germany's whip, and once again, thought about giving it to him...but I figured he needed to rest.

I quickly left the room, and made my way to all the other doors on this particular floor. However, none of these were the library that I was looking for and I let out a sigh, shaking my head at myself.

"So very tedious..." I muttered under my breath as I made my way down the stairs once again. They creaked under my weight again, the sound echoing in the narrow area. As my feet touched the bottom, I turned on my heel, trying to decide which way to check. I decided to start at the room that had been beside the bathroom where I had gotten Germany some water. I turned right, and made my way down the hall, trying the first door I came too, remembering that it had been locked. The key did not even try to go into the lock, so I moved on. Turning the corner, I paused for a moment, staring at the door at the end of the hall. Perhaps this wasn't the right thing to do? No, I needed to at least check it. Hesitantly I made my way forward, cautiously placing the key towards the lock.

It didn't fit...and I let out an audible sigh of relief and made my way away from this area of the house very quickly. I passed the stairs and came to another door. I stood there for a moment, before trying the door. It was locked so I pulled the key out and slipped it in the lock. The key slid into the lock with surprising ease, and the door clicked as it unlocked. I pushed it open and then closed it, turning around...

And nearly fainted as a large flash of gray crossed my vision going further into the room. I found my voice completely gone, and I could do nothing but stand there, frozen. Whatever it was, it definitely wasn't Italy or Prussia...but what if they were in here? That...thing could be an enemy and if that was true, then I would have to use my sword. As silently as I could, I pulled Tachi out of it's sheath and inched my way forward into the room.

I found myself staring in awe at the room in front of me. I knew the tag had said 'library' but this was an amazing amount of books. Shelves lined the room, and I took a few steps in with my mouth open slightly. Oh how I wished I could just sit down and read them all one by one...but I knew I couldn't do that. I had to find the others...but...surely...surely I could look through one or two?

I ran my fingers along the spines of the books, trying to decide which one I would look at. None of them had titles on the spines, and there wasn't a speck of dust on the spines. However, when I looked in the back of the shelves, I saw a thick layer of dust. Someone was cleaning the outside of them, to make them look clean. Finally, I picked one, and opened it.I found myself confused, since many of the pages were blank, only a few had writing on them and it was sloppily written; mostly names of some sort. I let out a sigh, slightly disappointed and placed the book back on the shelf, looking around and spying another book that was very ornate. Walking over, I picked it up and flipped through it, placing the key on the shelf next to the place where the book should be returned. This one had only one passage of writing in it, set in the middle of the book.

To whoever has gotten trapped in this god-forsaken place; If you have a sword, use it. Dismiss the enemy with a slice and a curse. Do not hesitate, or it will kill you, just like it did me. Once you can, get out. Don't look back! They told me to never enter the mansion, that...it's where they wait...I did not listen.

I blinked a bit at the passage, flipping the pages and trying to find more. Trapped? Had this happened before? Where was the person who wrote this scribble in the blank pages of a book? I closed the book and held on to it as I looked around. There were so many shelves of books, and even a table in the center of the room. Frowning, I flipped through some of the papers on the table but found nothing of real value. I turned my eyes upwards and felt my eyes widen. I walked around the edge of the table and placed the book down before reaching over and picking up something else on the table.

"Onigiri?" I asked out loud, confusion lacing my voice as I turned it over in my hands. "what's it doing he-" A shadow fell over me, and I turned quickly, expecting to see Prussia behind me. But I was wrong.

The thing that was behind me was not Prussia. It was far too...different, and I felt the color drain out of my face as It moved to attack me with a rather large clawed hand. I quickly dodged and rolled out of the way, the rice ball splattering to the ground; completely ruined. It's tall, grey form turned to study me, large black eyes staring at me as if calculating it's next move. It was intelligent. It gave a sound and launched itself at me, and I could do nothing but quickly rolled out of the way again. My roll was cut short as I ran into a bookcase, books raining down on my head.

"I-itai..." I muttered, pushing myself to my feet just in time to block an attack with my sword. It was not playing around, nor gauging my movements. It knew exactly where to strike to take me down, and it was a little unnerving as I parried and countered. My attack did almost no damage at all, and it confused me long enough for the creature to get another attack in. Luckily I moved and my kimono sleeve was cut instead of my arm. I quickly tried to get around it, bumping into the table, causing a few of the books to fall.

By sheer luck, I tripped and narrowly avoided having my head cut off. As I sat there, I noticed one of the books that had fallen from the table was the one I had read earlier.

"Dismiss the enemy with a slice and a curse..."

"Of course...that's it. I'm fairly good at curses, so this should work.." I muttered to myself, and rolled out of the way, giving myself enough room to dodge if needed as the creature came at me again.

The nature of a curse was difficult to understand. One had to have negative feelings for the target, and one had to know how to channel these feelings in order to cause harm. I was quite upset at this creature for attacking me, and I knew exactly how to channel my negative feelings into Tachi's blade. By the time that...creature had gotten close to me, I had already successfully channeled the feelings, and struck. In my surprise, the result was a quite powerful blast...a lot more powerful that I had thought it would be; sending the monster flying into the wall. Apparently I was far more upset than I had though I was, but I wasted no time in turning and rushing to the door. I griped the handle and turned, but it would not budge. It clicked as if it were locked. No..impossible..

"N-nani? Iie...the key...I think...did it lock when I closed it?" I patted my kimono, but soon realized with horror I had set the key down. I turned quickly, but found myself face to face with that...thing. I had little time to think and ducked out of the way of it's attack. It seemed to be going for my head, and I frowned, charging Tachi once again with a curse and slashing out. This time panic had seeped into my curse, and it was a little stronger, shoving the creature into the wall again.

Quickly and sloppily, I retraced my steps as fast as I could, panting from the exertion of pushing too much energy into the curses I was releasing, but I pushed it away and searched the shelves I had looked through. At first I couldn't find it, but then I spotted the empty place on the shelf, the key laying almost haphazardly next to it.

"Found it!" I exclaimed triumphantly, turning and nearly paling at the fact that the monster was barreling towards me. I let out a noise, and rolled to the side, scrambling to my feet and made a run for the door. I managed to outrun the creature, nearly slipping out of my sandals and slammed myself against the door in my speed, knocking the air out of my lungs for a single moment. I fumbled with the key in my hand, and at the last second, slipped it into the lock and bolted out of the room, slamming the door behind me and darting as fast as I could up the stairs. I stood there for a moment, breathing hard and listening as best as I could.

It wasn't following me.

I collapsed in a heap at the top of the stairs, leaning my back against the railing. I placed a hand over my chest, trying to calm myself. It took a minute or two, but I finally felt like I was calm enough to keep moving. I pushed myself to my feet, using the railing as support and fingered the rip in my kimono sleeve. Then I turned to glance down the stairs.

"Wh-What on earth was that thing?" I muttered to myself, but my voice was soft and scratchy from my panic. My grip on the railing tightened a little bit. "I must find Ita-kun and Purosien-san...I cannot...let that thing get them."