TITLE: Madrigalian
WARNINGS: m/m, language

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SUMMARY: Damon catches the interest of werewolf Tyler. Their friends are worried and scared for Tyler, but is Damon the one they should worry for? But as their relationship develops, who holds the power?

There is something about Tyler that makes Damon's knees go weak.

Madrigalian: a part-song for several voices, esp. one of the Renaissance period, typically arranged in elaborate counterpoint and without instrumental accompaniment. Originally used of a genre of 14th-century Italian songs, the term now usually refers to English or Italian songs of the late 16th and early 17th c., in a free style strongly influenced by the text.

* Tyler's dad survived the fire, Tyler is a werewolf, but Mason is not there yet.


Ch. 1 - Establishing Bounds

Tyler cocked his head in interest as he watched Damon and Caroline argue on the other side of the bonfire. Caroline was his friend and he knew that Damon had not treated her very well when they were together. They were arguing in hushed whispers. Not even Tyler could hear it from so far away.

He knew Caroline could handle herself, even against a guy as big as Damon. She was a supernatural for Christ's sake. But it made him angry to see the older man grab her, like she was his property.

Caroline tore free and flashed her teeth at her ex angrily before she marched away to join Elena and Bonnie. Tyler noticed that only the elder Salvatore was at the party. He was quite grateful. Stefan was pain in the ass. And he smelled like an ashtray - which was funny cause he didn't smoke.

Tyler saw Damon head on into the forest and decided to follow him. They needed to have a word. The older man really could not believe that treating the petite blonde like that was gonna fly.


Damon was angry. He was furious. Why couldn't Caroline see that he was only trying to look after her? Granted, he may not be the most loving Sire there was, but she was his Childe, an annoying one, but he did love her... in his own way. An unconventional parental figure he may be, and he worked hard to keep up the image of the devil-may -care playboy, and some would even say Stefan was a better Sire than he was, but why was he the only one who seemed to think that it was a bad idea for his newborn vampire Childe to hang out with an out of control werewolf during the full moon?

For the other three weeks of the month he didn't really care. Caroline was a big girl. But for the one week, and only at night time, he wanted her to stay away from him. To anyone who asked; she was useful. And she was, but Damon felt responsible. What on earth would he tell her mother?

"Salvatore!" He heard someone call his name. Damon turned around to see the werewolf in question stalking down the trail after him.

"Lockwood." he acknowledged, "What do I owe this pleasure?" Damon blinked as the teenager stopped in front of him. Just in the past few months he'd grown massive. Damon seemed to remember the Lockwood brat being slightly shorter than Stefan, but the wolf standing in front of him was...huge. He wasn't that much taller. Maybe an inch or two, but where Damon was sleek and feline, Tyler was built like a brick wall.

"Caroline is my friend," Tyler said, "And the way you treat her is not right."

Damon groaned. Great. "It's really none of your business -"

"Yes it is," Tyler said, "She's my friend -"

"Yeah, you mentioned that..." Damon rolled his eyes.

Tyler could not help but let a growl at Damon's blunt disregard. And he also noticed Damon's reaction to the sound. With narrowed eyes he stepped into the older man's personal space. "She deserves better than have you yell at her over god-knows-what, grabbing her -"

If his heart had been beating, Damon was sure it would have skipped one as the werewolf invaded his space. He could feel the heat radiating off of him. It felt like sunshine on a warm day. "Girl wont stand still long enough to see reason -"

Tyler arched a brow. He had to admit, that was true. "That doesn't mean you can be such a jackass to her," he said and stepped closer.

Damon took an in voluntary step back as Tyler got closer. And another one. And another one. And... his back met a tree. The wolf's presence was overpowering. Damon couldn't sense anything - he couldn't stretch his senses beyond Tyler. He frowned and tried to push him away. To his shock, Tyler didn't budge. This was not right.

Tyler smirked, "Not so cocky when it's not a seventeen year old little girl you're dealing with?"

Damon swallowed. Why wouldn't Tyler move? Vampires were stronger that werewolves. That's what all the lore said. Unless they were all wolfed out, vampires were stronger."And what are you going to do about it?" He pushed him again, this time with all his strength.

Tyler took a forced step back in pure surprise, but retaliated with fierce strength. Damon landed against the tree with a heavy thud as Tyler held him down in a rock solid hold, his hands pinning the pale man's wrists to the rough surface.

Damon huffed and gave a breathy laugh, filled with a bravado he didn't feel. What was going on? "Man, let me up," Damon said and pushed at the teen. God he was like a furnace.

But Tyler seemed to have other ideas as he just leaned down on the vampire more heavily. "Tyler -" Damon swallowed as he saw a flash of amber in the dark eyes. The teen breathed in deeply, committing the new scent to memory. How come brothers could smell so different?

Damon stiffened as he felt Tyler's face against his neck. Skin against skin; It nearly burned him. "Tyler -" he repeated, but he was being enveloped in a cocoon of heat. It seemed to sink into his very bones. He could feel his hot breath against his face. "What are you doing?"

Tyler couldn't think straight. His blood pumped faster and his breathing deepened. Damon's wrists were cold in his hands and his body was tense, trapped between a three and himself. "What will I do...?"

Damon frowned as he looked up into golden eyes instead of the dark brown he was usually met with. A second later lips covered his own and his lips were pried apart by a hot tongue. Damon shivered as it licked to roof of his mouth, but instantly fought back as soon as his brain caught up with current events. They weren't far enough away for people not to notice if they left the central area. "The party -" he knew well that people would come looking for them.

Tyler would not have it. He rested his heavier body on top of the vampire, and pinned his wrists firmly over his head and let a deep rumbling growl emit from his chest. "Fuck the party."

Damon's eyes widened. Did the kid even realise what he was doing? He wiggled against trying to get free as he felt canines brushing his neck, only to sink into his skin, but not breaking the flesh. Damon laid paralysed by the strong grip Tyler's jaw had on his neck. The bite was not painful, but it made every instinct he had scream at him not to move; that he was taken. Claimed.

Damon blinked in confusion. What was happening? "Ngh -" he pushed against him weakly, but Tyler did not seem to notice. The heat of the wolf's body cause his body to react in ways he wished it didn't. He didn't have time for this now. Stefan was waiting for him.

Tyler had trouble controlling his breathing as he fumbled with Damon's buttons. Something told him to keep a firm bite on the man's neck. It was the same voice that was telling him to strip them. He with an impatient growl he yanked Damon's trousers down. Letting the pale flesh slide smoothly between his teeth he let go, but as soon as he did, Damon started wiggling, but stopped like frozen in time as he bit down harder.

It was a dominance thing.

He undid his own trousers and smirked against the cold skin when Damon jerked as his heavy and hot cock slapped against his hip. Tyler held both his wrists in one hand, using the other to yank up his thigh.

Damon was cursing everything to hell and back. "Let me go-" Why couldn't he move? He released a strangled whimper as he felt that hot and slick crown starting to press into him. He clenched his hands, yanking at Tyler's grip as he felt the deep burn of being filled. He started panting heavily, even though he did not need to breathe. Damon hissed in pain.

Tyler was in heaven. The cool flesh rapped around him like a vice. His hands shook as he pressed into the root. He released Damon's skin from his teeth to take a breath and was immediately rewarded with a thrashing little thing underneath him.

Damon yelped and gasped in pain when he was once more slammed to the tree and penetrated deeply and fully. Tyler started moving in slow and deep deliberate strokes. Damon bit his lip has Tyler's movements made his insides burn. He prayed that all Tyler would do was just softly brush by his prostate, as many men did not even know what it was, he would probably not know that full extent of its talents. He had never been with men, but he knew his prostate was... extemely sensitive. And he wouldn't be able to live with the humiliation.

Of course, as Taylor thrust hard, forcing Damon's back to bow from the powerful pace, he hit the sweet spot dead on, making Damon keen in shock. The sudden sensation was such a shock to his nervous system he could hardly distinguish the pleasure from pain.

Tyler let go of his writs, his fingers digging into the tree, gaining leverage. Damon could only cling to the broad shoulders as Tyler moved in him, his long legs wrapped around his waist so he wouldn't fall. Without thinking, Damon let his fangs drop and shakily, as Tyler moved in him, let them slice through the hot and slick skin at the nape of Tyler's neck, letting the blood fill his mouth. Damon cursed himself as he let the blood flow into his mouth. He shouldn't do this. They didn't know what the werewolf blood would do to him.

Tyler growled and put more weight behind each movement. Tears slipped down Damon's face from the intensity of the emotion, the blood, and of the feeling of having another man inside him. Damon started shaking as he felt his release come crashing down on him, his head falling back, exposing his neck to Tyler, blood running from the corner of his mouth.

"Oh God-" Damon moaned. Why did he do that? Was he that careless...?

With a deep growl, Tyler put Damon down. He slipped out and flipped the panting Damon over on his belly and slid almost gently into him. Then he grabbed Damon by his hair, pulling his neck further backwards, aware of his strength, forcing his back to curve, making his channel tighter and allowed him to plunge deeper, his teeth slicing deep into the soft flesh of Damon's neck, mirroring his own mark, causing the pleasure to tear through the vampire like fire.

He didn't know if it was him or Tyler, but the... Tyler inside him seemed to grow bigger by every thrust. Much bigger. Damon whimpered - in pain this time. Tyler fucked him harder, needing to be deep inside. Tyler surrounded him; his teeth in the soft juicy part of his neck, his unbelievable manhood filling him completely, his chest to his back, arms surrounding him. His throat was hoarse and his manly yells and grunts had been replaced by weak yelps and whimpers as he just tried to avoid his final death.

"Oh yeah -" Tyler groaned as he felt Damons ass constrict impossibly tight.

"oh -ow -" Damon yelped as something hard as hell forced itself halfway inside him in addition to the already stiff cock.

With a deep growl Tyler thrust harder. Damon almost vamped out from the pain at the incredible, the uncomfortable fullness, but also the bone deep pleasure.

Tyler sat up, releasing Damon from his bite and the cage his body had formed. He gripped Damon's milky white globes and spread them wide apart. He raised his brows in surprise as what he saw was not what he was used to. Damon's hole was a sweet flushed pink around something as thick as a coke can. That was attached to his own body. He could swear he hadn't been that big before.

He licked his lips as a feeling of pride and possession welled in his chest. He spread Damon's cheeks wider and thrust hard as he yanked him back by his hips, burying himself completely. Damon howled and his body started to convulse around the massive intrusion. Tyler held back, rocking and thrusting throughout Damon's orgasm, pushing it higher and making it last.

Damon collapsed trembling and exhausted against the tree, Tyler still rocking inside him. Then he felt it. He whimpered and shivered as he felt hot liquid flow into his bowels. The werewolve's come. He tried to raise himself up as the pressure on his belly became too much. "Lock -" his voice was weak. Tyler was still rocking his hips in time with his release, flooding into him. When he finally stopped, Damon felt like he was going to burst.

Tyler gently kissed Damon's shoulder as he moved to pull out. As he pulled back, Damon yelped as he was pulled backwards. "What the-?" Tyler cursed. He was stuck.

Damon gave an exhausted whimper as he realised what had happened. They'd tied? What the fuck? Ah, wolf. Damon struggled to catch his breath.

Tyler felt his face got up in flames.

"What the hell?" Damon whispered. He could barely move he was so tired.

Tyler rested his forehead on Damon's shoulder and curled his arm around his waist.

Damon tensed as Tyler rubbed his belly. He felt so bloated. Tyler frowned as his hand did not touch the perfectly hard and flat abs he expected, but rather a swollen feeling lower belly. He frowned. He moved his hand lower and pressed. Tyler smirked when he felt the pressure on his cock from inside. He flattened his hand against Damon's belly and rocked deeper into him.

Damon jerked, but didn't move an inch due to the strong grip he was in. "Oh my God..." he whimpered.

"This -" Tyler said, "This is what I'm gonna do," he growled. God, what was it about this guy that was so... detectable?

"Wha -?" Damon whispered, his thoughts still not quite clear as Tyler was seated deep in him. Tyler growled and pressed deeper. "Ah..."

"This is what I'm going to do to you... " He whispered. Tyler frowned at his own words, "But... as long as you treat her well, I'll be gentle..." he jerked his hips, making Damon whimper, "If you're a jerk to her, I'll hurt you, I'm gonna fuck you until you bleed, until you cry and beg..." he emphasised every word with a thrust.

Damon whimpered, holding on to Tyler's arm around his waist.

"You will never get away form me," Tyler whispered and licked the blood from his neck. He let go of the smaller man and despite the swelling keeping them tied, he pulled out. He made a face at the blood he saw on himself, and pulled up his jeans and righted his clothes.

Without Tyler to hold him up, Damon slid to the ground. His bare skin feeling each strand of grass. His body ached. From the inside out. He could feel Tyler's seed sliding down thighs. He was shaking.


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