"What happens?"

I heard his steps getting nearer, but I didn't turn intentionally. I had suspected that it was him.

Then that question asked that way had removed every possible doubt.

"Nothing, leave me alone."

Yushin almost held his breath, stepping away. It was the very first time he saw me that depressed, he heard me that flat and monotonous.

He wasn't used.

However I couldn't help being that sad, I was feeling that way from that afternoon and I just couldn't get rid of that sensation. From the moment I realized that I wanted Yushin all for me and that I couldn't have him.

Thinking at the very moment in which, under the rain, something in my heart had broken, again a stitch of pain pierced my heart.

I looked down, closed my eyes, mourned.

Even an idiot like Yushin at that moment should have understand that I was feeling bad and that the time to go had come.

"I don't understand what's wrong with you. It doesn't seem to me that today something terrible happened to you, on the contrary, it has been a beautiful day. We'll go to National championship!"

He said, without hiding his joy, not even in front of my pain. I would have killed him.

Seeing that he couldn't do anything to make me happier, he sighed, straightening his back, with his hands in his pockets.

Maybe he has understood he has to go!

He stood there for a few seconds, looking at the stars with a cunning smile on his face.

"Okay, I understand. I'm going. By the way I just came to tell you that today, with the uniform, you were really cute. But … since you don't seem to appreciate my company … Goodnight, Nobara!" He said that with indifference, then he pouted and make the offended-fake-voice, while he was turning his back and going away.

He was going away leaving me agape with a great idiot expression.

How can he always know what to say?