Title: Points Of Authority- Chapter 3

Author: Fandrea (aka Cinca)



Gen PG 13 or T

Violence and Limp!Sam. Also some bad words.

Disclaimer:I don't own anything. Neighter the show nor it's characters. Or the title, which is from Linkin Park.

Summary:The brothers are back together. And they are stronger, better together then apart in the face of the apocalypse right? Wrong? Set after 5x04.

Beta: Mikiya2200 was the beta once again. Huge thanks to her as always! ^^

A/N: This is for the comment fic meme currently going on at Ohsam on LJ. This was a respond for Authoressnebula 's prompt.

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He was floating. No, he was standing. Sam couldn't decide. His head hurt like hell and he could feel something sticky on the side of his head and face. All he saw was dark everywhere. Slowly, other sensations begin to filter in his muddled brain. Something was digging into his wrists. And his shoulders ached. And he was cold. His coat and plaid shirt were not on, he guessed. He wrenched his eyes open and blinked away the blurriness in his vision. But he couldn't see much. It was dark and he could hear water dripping from somewhere. He tried to stand up only to have his feet slip out from under him and he bit back a moan as his shoulders protested. He could hear loud clanking as he moved. Chains then.

Suddenly he could hear rattling from somewhere on his left, then the creaking of metal. He raised his head again to see light and a shadow stepping in. He heard something switch, then the entire room lit up. Sam blinked away the moisture from the sudden brightness and tried to ignore the headache that threatened to split his head in two. In the light he could see that he was in an old warehouse of some sort, with boxes scattered around in the relatively big room.

„Well, look who decided to join us." Tim said, stopping in front of Sam. „Thought you were gonna sleep through all the fun."

„And miss it? Not a chance." Sam said, sarcasm dripping from his words.

„If I were you I would think twice before talking." Tim warned.

„Or what? You will kill me anyway." Sam said. „Might as well get it over with."

„Don't think you are getting out of this so easily Winchester. I said you are going to pay and I am a man of my word." Tim said as he started to leave. „By the end you will wish you were never born." Then the light was shut off and Sam was plunged into darkness once again. With the only thought resonating in his head that Tim was wrong. He already wished he was never born.

Dean sat on his bed looking dejectedly at the laptop screen in front of him. He didn't know much more than when he found Sam's bag. He tried to find Sam's notes to see if he hunted while they had been separated, but there weren't any. Though he did find reports of omens in a town called Tully not far from there. Apparently there were storms and fires, but not much else. He didn't know if the hunt was taken care of or who the hunters were that showed up. The same hunters who might have his brother right now. That or the demons were still roaming around. He wondered why Sam never called him about the hunt or why he never mentioned it to him. He must have sat it out. Which wasn't a bad idea considering Sam's addiction. But there was another person Sam might have called. Dean sighted and ran a hand through his short hair. Wether he liked or not, he needed help with this one. His brothers life was hanging in the balance. Dean fished out his cell phone and dialed.

Finally, after the third ring, Bobby Singer picked it up.

„Dean? What is it?"

„Sam is missing." Dean cut straight to the case. „And I need to know about some hunters he crossed paths with while he was working in a bar when we separated. Tell me everything Bobby."

He heard the older man sigh on the other end of the line. „All right, he called me about some demonic omens in a town and asked if I could send someone. He was determined to sit it out, there was no way I could change his mind. I sent Tim, Steve and Reggie to help. What happened? And where are you now?" There was the unmistakeable sound of a wheelchair rolling and Dean guessed Bobby was already preparing to head out to help.

„I am in Garber, Oklahoma and we…well we kinda had a fight and I went to a bar to cool off but when I got back, he was nowhere to be found. A girl he worked with talked about some hunters attacking him and trying to force feed him demon blood. Did you know about this?" Dean asked.

„No, he didn't tell me." Bobby sighted. „Hang on I will be there some time tomorrow, and check your emails, I sent some notes I made about the hunt. He did some research as far as I know, but didn't write down anything, at least that's what he told me. Don't worry, we will find him. Just don't do anything stupid in the meantime." Bobby ended the call. Dean put the phone down and sighted. Well, at least he had an idea where to start. He sat back to Sam's laptop and went to check his emails. Sure enough, he had Bobby's email with some files attached. He opened them and started reading. At least this was a start.

Sam lost track of time. At least he thought he did. It certainly felt like a short while when the door opened again. This time Tim and Reggie came in, the latter carrying some bags and a bucket.

„All right." Tim said, stopping in front of him."I will give you a chance to settle this the easy way first. You answer our questions, and I might, I stress might, think about making your death quick and painless."

„What questions?" Sam asked, a cold pit settling in his stomach.

„We know you started the Apocalypse and you did it with a demon's help." Tim said. „Where is that demon now? What's your next move?"

„Dead and I have no next move." Sam said simply. Tim's answer was to deliver a hard blow to Sam's face which had him seeing stars.

„Don't lie. You will just regret it in the long run."

„I am telling the truth. I was trying to stop the Apocalypse, not starting it." This time Tim's fist hit his nose with enough force to draw blood.

„Sam, don't try my patience." Tim said sounding much like a scolding teacher. Sam sighted.

„Maybe he isn't lying…" Reggie piped up from behind.

„Shut up Reggie." Tim snapped at him, which had Reggie snapping his mouth shut and swallow whatever he wanted to say.

„Now where were we? Oh yes, do you know where Lucifer is?"

„No." And I don't want to know, Sam added in his mind. Tim ran a hand through his hair, seemingly frustrated.

„Well, guess you want to settle this the hard way then. Reggie bring the salt." Reggie complied wordlessly while Tim walked over to Sam and forced his mouth open.

„So I ask again." He spoke, punctuating each word. „What. Is. The. Demon's. Next. Move?"

„I don't know." Sam tried to say around the tight grip Tim had on his face. The answer was the can beeing tipped over and salt pouring into his mouth and down his throath. Sam coughed and gagged at the nasty taste and burning. He had a sudden flashback to when Rufus and Jo had shoved salt down in his throath in Colorado when they thought he was a demon, when they faced down War.

Suddenly it was taken away and Sam was left gasping as he tried to swallow the bile threatening to come back up. His face was splashed with water. Sam flinched at the coldness of it and raised his head to see Tim with a bucket in front of him.

„Just making sure you don't skip out on us." He said casually. Then he raised the bucket and splashed all of it's content on Sam. Sam was left spluttering and gasping as he was drenched in cold water. He shivered as it trickled down on his skin, his meager wet clothes offerning no protection. But he heard Reggie filling up the bucket again. Then Tim carried something over that looked bigger than the bucket and set it down right in front of him. It was a tub. Occassionally Reggie came over with the bucket filling it up.

„So, you ready to tell us about that demonic friends of yours and their plans?" He asked again.

„I said, I don't know." Sam said between gasps.

„And I don't believe you." Tim fired back. Then he went over somewhere Sam couldn't see, and he could hear metallic clanking and his chains loosened. Though his arms were still bound. Sams legs gave way as he fell to the floor in a heap next to the tub now filled with water. Before he could get his bearings, Tim and Reggie grabbed him roughly and pulled him to his feet. Forcing him to his knees in front of the tub, Tim grabbed him by the hair and pulled his head back.

„Maybe this will teach you a lesson." he said, shoving Sam's head inside the tub and under the water.

Sam trashed wildly against the men holding him down in an attempt to try and get air but their hold was unrelenting. His lungs burned with the effort to try and buckle them off, but his strength was waning and his attempts at breaking free were weakening. Just as he was about to pass out, he was pulled out. He sat gasping for air, bringing as much air to his oxygen starved lungs as he could.

„Still not ready to talk?" Tim asked. Sam merely shook his head. He didn't have the energy to do anything else.

„No? Very well then…" With these words Tim shoved Sam's head under the water once again.