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Harry woke up, cold and seemingly alone. He knew he was no longer at the Dursley's. He could feel the quiet hum of magic in the air. His body ached, but he didn't fully feel it. It was like he knew it should hurt, but his body was to numb to actually comprehend feeling it. His brain was fuzzy. His eyes seemed sealed shut.

What happened?

Harry slowly opened his eyes, ripping apart the eye crust that had formed there and was working like glue. He needed to get up desperately. Lying on his back numbly made him feel so weak and decrypted. He sat up, against all odds, against the burning feeling in his back. He was in the hospital wing at Hogwarts. He looked at his body, through fuzzy eyes. His glasses were missing. He touched his face. It was wet.

Blood. His mind supplied.

Harry's vision was suddenly filled with the sight of blood. It dripped down the walls; it was soaked through his clothes. The warm sensation of blood. Everywhere.

He screamed.

Madam Pomfrey rushed in to her famous charge's side. Confused as to why the boy was screaming and clawing at his body. His jagged nailed were leaving trails of scratches and blood in their wake, as he appeared to be attempting to claw he skin from his body.

"Mr. Potter!" She shrieked, grabbing his arms and securing them to his side with a twist of her wand. "Calm down, you're at Hogwarts."

Harry looked at her, but didn't fully see her. His arms were pinned down. The new pain on his person was causing him to feel delirious. Vernon was back. He thought. Vernon was going to finally kill him. He could hear their voices. Their screams. Was this what insanity felt like?

It was then that Albus Dumbledore leading his troop of Order members came in. He expected to be greeted by the site of Harry Potter sitting in bed, dutifully awaiting his friends, and mentors. Obviously he received quite a shock. The boy was staring vacantly at Madame Pomfrey, as she stared worriedly down at him. Seemingly saying words of comfort. It looked as though his arms were restrained, and there appeared to be new scratches littering his body. And was that blood on his nails. The Headmaster frowned outwardly. This was definitely not good.

Severus immediately walked up to the vacant teen and shoved a potion down his throat. Harry immediately faded into a state of unconsciousness and Pomfrey immediately let out a sigh of relief, releasing him from her invisible restraints. She looked at the new arrivals in exasperation.

"Since the reason for you invading my hospital is unconscious again, I would prefer it if you would leave." She gave the group a stern look. "Severus can stay though, I have some requests for potions."

Dumbledore looked as though he would protest, but quickly thought better of it. Harry was sleeping, and he would have to wait to have his questions answered. "Very well Poppy. Everyone let us head to the Great Hall and get some supper. Perhaps Harry will be up to visitors when we return." He gave a final look to Pomfrey before leaving the room. It seemed to say he would like to know about Harry's episode before they walked in, but he'd get his answers later.

After there were just two people left, Severus Snape stood looking at Pomfrey. His eyes showed his age. He looked tired. He looked a bit defeated. "What is it Poppy?"

Pomfrey felt sorry for this man who had been put through so much. It wasn't fair. "I think we have a bit of a problem." She rubbed her temples exasperatedly. "He was clawing at himself, as if he was trying to escape his own skin."

"I highly doubt that Poppy. I believe he was probably traumatized. We don't fully know what happened in that house, before, during, or after his family was married. " He paused, "Though I highly doubt we can really call them his family. Not judging by his state, the locks, and chains. The haunted look in his eyes was created by a long string of events. Not just a single moment. I have the antidote to the sedative potion I gave him. I think it'd be best to give him a chance to talk before the entire brigade it here."

Pomfrey shrugged. "I'm tired Severus. This is beyond me. I'm sorry if I disappoint, but I think I'll head to my office and do some paper work. If you need me please call." With a small nod from Severus, Pomfrey went on her way. Shutting the door and the problem behind her.

"Well Potter. All you have is me now." The man sighed. "Bottoms up."

The man began pouring the potion down the Saviors throat. Not knowing what to expect as he saw the potion begin to take effect. The teen's eyes fluttered open.

Harry Potter was in the land of awareness again. His head seemed clearer. There wasn't any blood. His eyes were still blurred from the lack of glasses, but he felt calm. Until he saw the figure of a man in front of him. His heart panicked a bit.

"It's alright Harry." A voice hissed softly in the back of his mind. "He won't harm you."

A bit frightened by the voice, Harry's heart sped up more, and his breathing increased. Was this what made him see the blood? Or was it helping, was it the calm feeling.

"That's right. I'll keep you sane, or at least what's left of your sanity." The voice crooned soothingly.

The calm feeling flooded through Harry again. It was nice. Thank you. Harry thought. Thank you.

Severus stared at the almost man confused. He looked like he had gone inside himself.

"Potter." He spoke softly. "Potter!" He spoke louder and sterner.

Harry blinked out of his daze, and stared unfocusedly at Severus. The man realized something. He conjured a pair of glasses for blind Potter. He slowly and gently slid them onto his face. Lily Potter's eyes stared back at him. Severus shook his mind clear of those thoughts. He was doing this for Harry Potter, and his oath. He was lying to himself.

Blinking his eyes dazedly Harry realized that it was his Potion Professor's face in front of him. "Professor?" He spoke dryly. His throat was raw, probably from screaming.

"Nice to see you awake Potter." Severus backed up and sat down on the cot next to Harry's. "It is even nicer to see you calm." Severus analyzed Harry's face and body movement. He seemed far too calm. It was eerie. Especially considering the scene the man had walked in on. "You're lucky, the Order and the other two thirds of the Golden Trio were already in here, hoping for you to share about your life with the Dursleys."

Harry shrugged. He didn't really feel anything on the matter at the moment. He didn't feel much of anything at all.

Severus noticed his lack of response. He didn't seem to care. What the hell was going on?

"Potter are you feeling alright?"

Harry shrugged again.

Severus's arm began to burn. He grasped the mark that claimed him to darkness, trying to ease it. It burned greater. "Potter, is the Dark Lord in your mind?"

Harry's eyes flashed red, and he gave a drunken smile and nodded dazed.

"Damnit Potter. Clear you mind. Remember your lessons!"

Harry lost himself to the calm waves that were flowing through his head. He felt safe, and just wanted to drown in this comforting space.

Severus watched Harry's eyes turn ruby red. His arm continued to burn with ferocity. He immediately knelt down and murmured a soft, "Milord."

Harry let loose a twisted deranged smile that was not his own. In a cold emotionless voice sneered, "Severus, exactly what are you doing?"

Keeping his eyes on the ground Severus's mind was whirling what the fuck was going on. "Milord, the Potter boy went throu-"

"I know what he has been going through Severus." The voice took on an even more malicious tone. "I asked what you are doing?"

"I'm trying to help." Severus stared at the ground and gritted his teeth.

"I thought you despised the boy though. You hated his Father, and he is so much like his Father. " The Dark Lord's eyes glared down at him. "Why do you want to help?" He spoke mockingly.

The mark burned the pain bordered that of the unforgivable. His mind felt like it was being crush. He was going to die. Severus Snape felt as though he was dying. He didn't have anything left to lose. "I made an unbreakable vow."

"To whom?"

"Potter." He mumbled softly.

"Potter is dead. Silly fool."

The pain intensified. It was horrible. "No," he gasped out. "Harry Potter."

The pain stopped, and Severus collapsed onto the floor. He faded slowly into unconsciousness.

"Interesting." Hissed the Dark Lord's voice. "Interesting."

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