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About a month and a half, after the argument with my "parents" about being put on the Quidditch, I decided that I HAD to get out of this school and out from under the thumb of the Headmaster and my parents…but how was the question?

I did go to my classes but they bored me to death, not to mention the teacher's paid special attention to me to excel in their subject material. Like I really cared.

I already skipped my first two games I was supposed to go too and got detention for it. At this point I tuned out the headmaster and my parents.

In all my spare time I was trying to look for some way to escape the school and transfer to the muggle one even though I was still a minor. There has to be some law or loophole that allowed a student to do so.

I was in the back of the library when Hermione found me.

"Harry what are you doing back here, its lunch time I was looking for you" she asked quietly. Concern was shining in her eyes.

"I need to leave Mione, I can't stand it here with the crazy fans, my loveless parents and a headmaster who wants me to be a role model celebrity. All the teachers and students have preconceived notions of me as a "hot-shot celebrity". But I'm not…."

"What do you mean Harry" she asked as she sat in the chair across from me at the table.

I didn't really tell her about my life yet.

"Since that day when the Dark Lord attacked my family, everything changed. My parents stopped being parents. They stopped hugging me, kissing me goodnight, they don't even stand close to me anymore when the public isn't around. I can't remember one time we hung out as a family. It was always press conferences, interviews, photos, parties and pretty much anything that didn't make us a family. They know NOTHING about me. They don't even talk to me as a son."

I had tears falling down my face. Hermione looked at me with such sympathy that I smiled a bit knowing that she cared.

"I also can't stand magic; it drove my family apart and caused me to never have real friends for so long until I met you Hermione. You're the only person who actually likes what I like and sees me as Harry. I just want to leave for the muggle world and go to a school I've been dreaming about."

I took out my brochure of the school I wanted to go too.

"With the grades I got in my primary school, I will be accepted" I said with a smile.

Hermione gazed at the pictures of the school with warm eyes.

She looked up at me with tears, "I want to go too."

I was stunned but happy "Really?"

She then told me how prejudice the Wizard world was to "muggle-born" or"Half-blood" wizards. They were treated terribly. I did see how the other students would taunt her and I stood in her defense.

Her parents would have no problems putting her in a muggle school.

"I'm still a minor and there's no way my parents would let me go to a different school" I said sadly.

"Not exactly Harry, you didn't get to this page in the book you're looking at."

She took the book I was reading on the desk and flipped several pages and then passed the book back to me.

The Student Apprentice Act of 1639

This act was passed after several civil wars in the Wizard World since many young children and students lost their parents and their schools were shut down. The act was passed by the newly revived ministry of magic to allow teachers to hold guardianship of students to continue their education in any school they want.

This includes both magic and muggle schools since a majority of magic schools at the time were destroyed.

This guardianship requires the following:

The said guardian must be a wizard or witch.

At least of the age of 21 (previously this was 17 but was changed in 1889)

The guardian must hold a masters degree in at least one of the following subjects




Defense against the Dark Arts (added in 1910)

History of Magic


Ancient Runes


Care for Magical Creatures

Other subjects in magical schools as of today have not been added thus not acceptable for guardianship.

The guardian must have a safe, secure home and have the financial means to care until the age of eighteen.

Some students, even though their parents are still alive, have also gone to live with a new guardian but in order for this to happen the student must prove at least one the following.

The current parents no longer have the financial means to take care of the student.

The parents are not mentally and emotionally stable.

The household is not acceptable for the welfare of the student.

The parents display abusive behavior to the student. By wither verbal, physical, emotional or mental means.

Parents have shown lack of care of safety for student and little regard for wellbeing.

There is serious enough neglect either physically or emotional that could damage the said student.

As of today this Act is still in effect and completely legal in the Ministry of Magic.

I gazed at the article in shock; this was it, my ticket out of the wizard world and to my dream school.

However there are some serious setbacks, who will take my in and how can I prove my parents that they can't take care of me?

Hermione looked at me, "Your parents are neglecting you if there not emotionally available."

"But that's not enough; the wizard court wouldn't just count on that alone."

"They do yell at you a lot and put you down a lot too, that's also serious emotional abuse…are your parents out a lot at parties and stuff."

"Yeah…when I was a kid, ALL the time. They never stopped partying."

"We need more evidence" said Hermione with a sigh. "We'll find something Harry don't worry."


Time skip- Christmas Break

I was of course going home, since I had little choice. I packed up and said goodbye to Hermione and took the train back to London. At the station, my parents were talking to the press like always and I was hounded by reporters as always.

I ignored them, like always.

My parents and I walked away without uttering a word…like always.

At the manor, I unpacked and decided to find a book in the library to read.

On the way down the many halls, I overheard whispers in a nearby room.

I walked to the door quietly and listened with my ear pressed to the door.

I could hear my mom talking to someone but it was muffled. As quietly as I could I opened with the door that didn't make a sound, Lily was talking on a phone.

A phone? I didn't even know we had one; my parents got rid of most of the muggle stuff in the house after my grandparents left the manor to us.

She must be talking to a muggle, a wizard never uses a phone.

When she hung up I quietly closed the door and hid in the closet nearby as she left the room.

When she left, I walked into the room and pressed "redial" on the phone. What came up?

"Hello, your calling the glamorous Phoenix Hotel, if you want to speak to a guest cal…"

I hung up the phone and took a small piece of paper on the table to write down the name of the hotel.

Why was she calling a Hotel? Was she speaking to a reporter? Or is this something else entirely? Using a muggle phone would be harder for wizard to track unless a fire call or using a Floo system.

Something was up and I'm going to find out.