You don't realise how irritated i was when I saw this little show only had one fanfic. I couldn't relax! Sorry if Robot Jones is a bit OOC, please tell me if i left any of his personality (if he has one) out. If you haven't ever seen this show before, i suggest you look it up.

Cartoonnetwork Studios

"And that will be our finale for the next movie. Any more ideas to get more viewers?" Asked the director, turning off the powerpoint. Dexter drummed his fingers on the table impatiently, waiting to go home because there were things to tend to. Mandy was just cleaning up her workspace and Bloo looked like he was about to pass out from boredom. There was no one, but then a hand shot up from the back. The director sighed and rubbed his hair was a tousled gray and he wore an expensive looking suit. Wrinkles on his face and he looked tired. "Yes Sadie?" The young girl stood up. The people groaned, including some of the cartoon characters in the room. Sadie narrowed her eyes at them and looked at her paper. She was just about sixteen, her dad was the director there and she was hoping to work beside him one day. She had short above the shoulder length black hair, thick rimmed glasses, and brown eyes. She had on a light blue t-shirt, black jacket, jean skirt, knee high socks, and her favorite high tops. Around her neck was a silver heart locket.

"Well, I was thinking maybe we could bring all the old cartoons back and show-"

"That's enough there girl. You know well enough why we can't, those shows today would be tasteless and tacky." The director cut in coldly. "Now go fetch me some coffee and take out the trash." The boardroom laughed quietly as she nodded her head and sighed. She walked out of the halls, passing a few characters and heard some of the workers start to talk about things.

"I heard the garbage room is haunted. All the metal things keep going missing in there." Said one of the female workers.

"Shhh! Someone might hear you." Sadie went to the wall and listened carefully. "That's just a bunch of crap. Everyone knows there's a guy from the recycling plant that goes through all the garbage."

"Then why hasn't anyone ever seen that person? Explain that to me right now." Sadie left and went to the garbage chute. She dropped the bag into the chute but couldn't help but look down it. It smelled horrible and the evening sun could be seen below. Her glasses slipped and fell down the chute.

"NO!" She cried out, then accidentally slipped and fell down the large chute. She landed on something hard and metallic. Sitting up and picking up her glasses, she found that it was under some sort of large... lightbulb? Something below it whirred and clinked until the lightbulb moved and out came a very dinged up and rusted robot. The lightbulb was attatched to its square head, eyes closed, hands were just two metal fingers attached to a ball. The body was red and black. Before long the legs came out. Sounds beeped before the yellow eyes opened. "Robot... Jones?" She asked, shocked to see one of her favorite old cartoons in the garbage rather than with the other ones in the building.

"...All systems, activated." It said, opening his eyes to reveal pale yellow eyes. Then its robot hand picked up a semi empty oil can and sipped from it absentmindedly before realising he wasn't the only one in the garbage. "WAH!" He shouted, surprised to see a human girl that close to him. He fell out of the dumpster. "W-Who are you? Don't report me to the animators!" He cried out. Sadie just stared for a moment before climbing out of the dumpster herself. The robot quivered in fear, it was obvious this bot hadn't had anyone to talk to in a while. She kneeled before him and stroked his lightbulb gently.

"Hey, it's okay. I won't tell anyone." The robot cracked open a eye to her and slapped her hand away.

"I don't believe you human female, you're just like everyone else! You say I'm not going to be scrapped like those other robots right after you cancel my show, but the next day I activate to find myself in a recycling plant!" Sadie couldn't believe what she was hearing.

"I-Is that what they did to you? ...Oh my god I am so sorry!" She said, reaching out to him again. Robot Jones backed away and was about to run when Sadie grabbed his hand.

"Let me go!"

"No! At least let me try to help you!" The robot stopped trying to escape. Sadie let go of his hand and he remained in place.

"...what could a human like you ever do for me?" He asked, narrowing his yellow eyes.

"That's just cold. But maybe you'd like to come over to my house so that we could tune you up some?" The robot remained silent and Sadie held her breath.

"...Do you at least have some oil and a outlet I can plug into?" He asked, showing his charging plug. She smiled broadly and nodded. Robot Jones looked around for any sign of the humans, then happily remembered what a real can of oil was like rather than taking it from cars in the parking lot and the garage, and a battery charge without having to worry about humans coming nearby.

"Don't worry, I have an idea on how to get you out." Sadie said as she dug through the trash. "Ah! Here we go!" She pulled out a large black trash bag and emptied it.


The watchman snoozed in his post, bored of the constant rowdyness of cartoons. All of a sudden, something tapped on his window. He shot up to see the directors daughter in her small black car, waiting for him to let her out of the parking lot. "Hey Bill, sleeping on the job again?"

"Yeah... don't tell your dad."

"Not like I ever had." Bill looked in the back of her car to see a black trash bag. "What's in the bag?"

"Just some metal parts the people did." He nodded.

"Well then, good night Sadie."

"G'night Bill." Sadie drove through the exit and let out a held breath she didn't realise she was holding. The bag rustled and out came Robot's head. "Welcome to the outside world Robot." She said, smiling. The robot felt something warm spark throughout his cold circuits, but he brushed it off as a minor malfunction. All he could really think of was the oil he could practically taste at the moment. Looking outside, Robot couldn't help but awe at the lights as they went past the city at night.