I love all Robot Jones fanfics that don't involve him dying. :3

Ray dragged Sadie and Robot through over ten different stores, searching for the perfect outfits for the party. "RAY! LET ME GO! YOU'RE CHOKING ME!" Sadie screamed, gagging as Ray dragged her across the floor by her hood. Ray dropped them both, both of them hurting as they writhed on the cement floor.

"I think my memory chip was damaged..." Robot groaned, feeling over his large lightbulb and hoping he won't feel any cracks. Sadie groaned as well, trying to see if Ray had destroyed anything important in her rush.

"It's so stinking early... why did we have to get up at 8:00 on a saturday...?" Sadie whined, wanting to get to sleep.

"Yes, and I only had six hours of battery charging time last night, so I'm only at half the power." He said worriedly.

"Oh stop being a bunch of worrywarts! I promise, once we find some nice outfits, we can go back to the house and I'll watch tv as you two do your recharging. Yeesh, you'd think by your crabbyness that I stopped you two from sleeping together or something..." Sadie cracked her steel knuckles angrily, grinding her teeth that Ray was being an idiot again. Since she knew that Ray was a guy, she could be a whole lot more rough with him now. Robot's visor instantly fogged at the words Ray had said. Sadie hit him in the head, then went into a casual store. Robot followed her, interested in what she is interested in.

"Wow!" He said, looking around. The walls were covered with graphic tees.

"Why don't we find you something Robot?" Sadie asked. They began to look around, Ray refusing to go in because nothing inside was pretty. Sadie showed him a yellow rat with a mustache on a t-shirt, and he questioned why a mouse would be the color yellow. Then after ten minutes, Sadie bought a couple of t-shirts for her and Robot.

"I think these t-shirts should conceal you as long as you keep the sweatshirt for your head and arms." Sadie said, smiling.

"But shouldn't you just have bought a sweatshirt?"

"I did, but it has a gangster Podzilla on it. So I don't think you would like to wear it."

"If you like a 'gangster', it would be fine with me! And what is Modzilla?"

"Some freaky giant lizard monster that destroys Chinese towns." Ray then jumped in front of them, edgy and wanting to get to the next store.

"Now that you two are done flirting and stuff, can we go to a dress store? I saw this adorable-" Sadie looked around and her eye caught another casual store, and the clothes in the display were making her drool a little. Almost by some strange unseen force, she was pulled towards the store and into the entrance. Ray shoved Robot inside, unable to go in because it was so gothic and dark. Not a trace of innocence in the place. Robot wandered into the store, looking around and seeing chains, fabrics of dark colors and some are lighter colors. Sadie was talking with a store clerk, and in Sadie's hands was a dress. She walked into the changing room, and Robot waited outside it for her. When she came out, Robot's jaw hit the ground so hard it cracked the marble.

"Well? How does it look?" Robot picked up his jaw and began to stutter like an idiot.

"Well- ah... erm... well... ah..." Sadie laughed a little.

"No good?"

"NO!" He surprised her and himself. "I mean... you look... great!" He said, blushing through his hood. Sadie grinned and went back into the changing room and rung up the dress, and as they walked out of the store. Robot was blushing like crazy, and Ray giggled at Robot's expression.

"What did you get? Pretty underwear?" He asked. Sadie rolled her eyes and hit Ray lightly in the head with the bag.

"A dress. Now let's get out of here. I'm exhausted..."

"But I need to buy a dress!" Ray said, not letting either one of them leave.

"What?" Robot asked.

"Can't you bring a friend?" He asked, making puppy dog eyes and whimpering. Sadie looked at him and sighed.

"...I guess so... so i don't have to go alone..." Robot looked at her with eyes wide.

"...Alone? You're not letting me come with?" He asked. Sadie pulled him and Ray into the bathroom so their conversation couldn't be heard by anyone else. She locked the door and faced her both equally upset friends.

"...Yes. You're not coming Robot." She sighed. Ray picked up Robot and hugged him like a stuffed toy.

"Why nooooooott?~ He has evvery right to come!" Ray whined, making a pouty face.

"Because... the type of riot that would emerge if someone found out that he was still alive... It wouldn't be good." Sadie said, trying to get them to understand.

"Uh huh..." Ray said, his eyes still narrowed.

"I am beginning to understand, but why can I not be in disguise?" Robot asked. They both fell to their knees and began to give their best begging faces.

"Pleeeease can he come Sadie?" Ray batted his big blue eyes at her.

"Yes, can I come Sadie?" Robot did the same with his large yellow ones.

"Well..." Sadie looked away, trying to avoid Ray's and Robot's adorable begging eyes. She sighed deeply, and felt her forehead. "Fine..." Ray and Robot cheered, jumped in the air, and did a victory high five. Ray pulled out Mr Fluffykins and began to spin around with it.

"Hee hee hee! Robot's coming with us Mr. Fluffykins!~ He's coming!" He giggled. Sadie sighed in exhasperation. Robot looked up to her and smiled.

"Thank you very much Sadie unit. I will be very careful at the party and research in the utmost descretion." He said. She blushed a bit, embarrassed.

"U-uhm... your welcome..." She said, looking away and hiding her blush by covering her cheeks with her hand.

"Astonishing." Robot said, seeing her face change color and heat up. He began to smile more and Sadie blushed harder.

Ray looked to them, seeing Sadie flustered and Robot grinning, and he giggled and got excited all over again.

The Day of the Party

Ray chased Sadie about the house, trying to get her to wear lipstick. "But Sadie! You'll look adorable with this!" Ray cried out, holding the tube.

"NEVER!" She screamed, then Sadie leapt and clung onto Robot. He blushed to the point of overloading feeling her arms around him.

"Since you won't, then you should go and pick up Mr. Fluffykins' suit at the drycleaners!" Ray pouted. Sadie let go, and Robot cooled down a bit.

"Whew... ok. I'll be back in a bit." Sadie said, and walked out the doo, breathing heavily with relief and a small blush on her cheeks, leaving Ray with Robot. Robot's head was steaming and Ray was giggling a lot.

"I noticed the reaction you got outta Sadie! you wanna learn how to do it again?" Robot looked up at him, eyes wide.

"YES- I-I mean... sure. That would add to my information about girls." He blushed. Ray giggled more, and brought him in front of a mirror. "Now, show me what you would say to her." He looked back at Ray, unsure. "Go on!" Robot faced the mirror, and imagined he was standing in front of the girl. Ignoring the small giggles behind him, he went and began to act 'suave'.

"Hey Sadie. You look very nice today. Is that a new retainer? I was wondering-"

"CUT." Ray butted in, making an angry face.


"You don't give her the option of choosing no. You make her have to say yes! The compliments were nice, now try again." He said, narrowing his eyes. Robot gulped unneccesarily.

"Hey Sadie, you look rather stunning today. I couldn't help but notice, you have no plans this weekend. Let's go to the arcade and-"

"CUT. Do you even have any money? And she's not a boy! Sadie will have to pay for it all! Now try it again!" Robot sighed and stared at the mirror.

"Sadie! What's up? I was just wondering... you and your beautiful smile can go out with me to the movies and we can-"


"What did I do wrong now?" Robot asked, irritated.

"That's a great idea! I'll lend you some money so that you can take Shady to the movies!" Ray grinned, surprising Robot. Ray gave Robot a set of daisies, and put a bow tie on him. "Now try something romantic~" Robot blushed and knelt in front of the mirror, ready to say something.

The door then opened, revealing Sadie along with Socks, Cubey, and Mitch.

"I found these guys when I was getting chinese food." Sadie said, holding her bag and Mr. Fluffykins' pink tux. "And what on earth are you two doing?"

"Err..." Robot blushed. Ray just remained silent and giggling.

"Robot! Nice place!" Socks said, looking around and patting his friend's lightbulb.

"Yeah! Sadie your dad is loaded!" Cubey said, looking at the expensive looking vase on the table.

"I told them they couldn't come, but they won't listen to me..." Sadie sighed.

"Who cares if it's not allowed! Your dad isn't gonna be there!" Mitch said, lounging on the couch.

"Because it's going to be a pain enough to get Robot into the party without being caught!" She argued. Robot seized this oppertunity to escape, but Socks caught him before he could leave, and led him to the kitchen.

"I recognize the looks you've been giving Sadie... you're crushing on her!" Socks smirked. Robot blushed and tried to shush him. "I'd know that lovestruck look anywhere. At least you're choosing a good looking one this time." Robot fumed. Sadie was about to put the chinese food on the kitchen counter when she overheard Robot and Socks.

"Shannon is a beautiful woman! More beautiful than most you humans!" For some reason, it stung Sadie to hear that.

"She's a married woman now Robot! You are at least moving on, and I'm just saying I'm proud you have!"

"What does he mean by that?" Sadie wondered. Robot blushed.

"Well... she is a rather advanced one..." Robot blushed.

"Have you asked her out yet?"


"Don't worry Robot, I'll teach you all about girls!" Socks grinned. Robot beamed, happy to have such a 'smart' friend. Sadie was getting more and more interested in the conversation, wondering who exactly Robot was talking about.

"It couldn't be Shannon... he said Robot had moved on! but what other women does Robot know...?"