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As soon as I made to step down the stairs of the plane, a faithful hand was there to guide me and I smiled at him.

"Welcome back Your Highness." The head of our security said, as I made my way to the ground, ignoring the shouts of my name from reporters.

"Thank you William. How is your family?"

"Very good, miss, thank you." He answered. I finally looked up, taking a deep breath. I hadn't been home in quite a while and it seems that was cause for swarms of people to come out and greet me. One in particular made me grin.

My cousin Edward stood a few meters ahead of me, giving me a cheeky smile. I waved to roaring crowds, quickly making my way towards him and throwing myself into his arms in a hug. I adored my younger cousin. We were practically inseparable as children. It was a shame our parents weren't reversed, seeing as he was made to be royal. I on the other hand, the actual heir to the throne, was not. This was a fact that bothered my father to no end, and also the main reason I was home. I had been in Haiti, building houses and teaching English for the past year, but received a call from my father stating in no uncertain terms that I was to come home and live up to the expectations and responsibilities placed on me. He, like my grandfather, had married into the royal line and therefore was not eligible to take the throne. My mother died three years ago, of cancer. That left me alone, as the sole heir to my Grandmother's throne. Personally, I was hoping she outlived me.

"Isabella." Edward greeted once we'd pulled away. He bowed, winking at me playfully as he did so. "You look much better than the last picture I saw of you. Remind me again why you were covered in mud?"

I laughed, thinking about it. I had been playing with some kids from the school I taught in and our fooling around ended up with me in a puddle of mud and several children piled on top of me. I miss them already, I thought, frowning.

"Just good clean fun, Edward." I smiled as he laughed, escorting me to the waiting car.

"Yes, well, you realize your fun was on the cover of every magazine. Uncle Charles wasn't very happy, seeing as how you also neglected to return for the state dinner the week before. I believe his words were, "Your behavior was not befitting of wealthy commoner much less the Princess of Wales."

I slipped gracefully into the car with one last smile and wave to the crowds, then groaned as Edward joined me.

"I know. He made that perfectly clear in our last conversation."

"Well, lucky for you, he's in Bath this weekend, visiting she-who-must-not-be-named." Perhaps this fact should have surprised me, seeing as how he'd insisted I come home and now that I'm here, isn't even around to greet me, but it didn't. If I were completely honest with myself, I had always known that my parents' marriage was one of convenience. They both had affairs, but they were well hidden from public eyes. Apparently, my father didn't see the point, now that my mother was gone. His lover, Lady Margaret, was very much like him, stiff, proper, and full of herself. Most of those traits I was used to, having grown up around heads of state and other dignitaries, but what made her intolerable was her voice. It was a high-pitched, nasally, cackle that made me wish I could bring back beheadings. Needless to say, I didn't entertain her presence often. This fact was an area of contention between my father and me, among several other things.

"I'm not ready for this." I moaned, grabbing Edward's arm and dropping my head on his shoulder as he chuckled. "I don't want to be Princess of Wales again. Can't I be just Isabella a little while longer?" Then a thought occurred to me. "Let's go out tonight!" I said, staring up Edward's eyes pleadingly. He grimaced, not enjoying nightlife nearly as much as I do. "Please Eddie?"

He cracked under my puppy face as I knew he would and pulled out his phone. "Fine." He sighed, dialing a number I recognized. "Rosalie, Isabella requires your help tonight." He said rolling his eyes at his sister's response. "Yes, yes, you were right." I squealed, hugging him again and shouting my greetings to Rose over the phone. "We just pulled up, see you in a minute."

Apparently, Edward had an inkling that I would want to go to a club, because we had pulled up outside the townhouse he shared with his sister, rather than the palace.

Rosalie pulled me into a hug as soon as I stepped through the door, while Edward was telling the guards and chauffer to take my things home. Only my personal guards would remain, as I couldn't shake them even if I wanted to. Thankfully, they were much more discreet than the official units. I had hand chosen them two years ago, so they knew me quite well at this point and didn't even bat an eye at the turn of events.

"Come on, I think there's a rugby match on. It'll be ages before they're done up there." Edward said to Mark and Clinton as Rose pulled me upstairs.

An hour and a half later I didn't look a thing like myself, nor did rose. The wonders of make-up never cease to amaze. I chose a fairly simple short black dress with some gaudy jewelry. Rose was dressed to the nines, however, and seemed to be going for the Paris Hilton look tonight, which was good, as it'd take the attention off me. It's hard to go out when everyone around the world knows who you are and what you look like.

"Come on Eddie!" I called in to the parlor. He emerged a few seconds later changed from his previous suit into a dress shirt and dark jeans. Mark and Clinton had also changed and wore khakis and polo shirts. "Alright, let's go!" I shrieked happily, leading the way outside where Mark pulled around a black town car.

"Are you sure about this place, Isabella? It seems awfully…common." Edward said, frowning at the neon sign as we approached the club. Mark had parked a couple blocks away, so as not to draw attention.

"That's the point, Edward." Rosalie said, turning around to roll her eyes at her brother.

"This is the best place to go, trust me. There will be so many people in there, no one will even notice us!" I said excitedly, bounding ahead and grabbing Rose's hand as we easily passed by the bouncers.

The club was completely dark except for a few lights by the bar and strobes lighting up the dance floor. It was already packed with people, laughing and drinking as they talked or grinded up on each other. I started making my way to the dance floor, but Rosalie took my hand, instead dragging me to the bar.

She ignored my whining about wanting to dance and ordered us two shots each.

"Do these with me first and then we'll go dance, okay?" She said, pouting at me. I rolled my eyes nodding and picking up the first glass, downing it. Rose followed my lead, then we followed them with our second, sputtering and grinning at the burn making its way down into our stomachs.

"Come on!" I screamed over the thumping base, dragging Rosalie to the dance floor. I didn't have a clue where Edward was, probably already off with a girl. He didn't even have to try, really. Girls clung to him like bees to honey. If only it were so easy for me. But that was my little secret. As far as the world knew I was simply being picky about my suitors. I hadn't even told Rose and Edward yet about my affinity for the fairer sex. After all, I was to be Queen and queens simply were not gay. It just wasn't done.

We had only just wiggled our way into the depths of the dance floor when Rose and I found ourselves pressed into by two men. This fact didn't bother Rosalie in the slightest. She loved men, in all forms, which unfortunately had gotten her put in the papers nearly as often as me. I was not quite so happy, but ignored the slightly hard appendage pressed up against my thigh and tried to enjoy the music. I let my body feel the beat, syncing with the hard, muscular being behind me. That didn't keep me from grimacing though whenever I felt a throb against me.

Abruptly, the body behind me changed with the song and suddenly I was pressed against a form that was distinctly female. Soft breasts pushed into my back as a soft, hot voice breathed in my ear.

"You didn't seem to be enjoying him much, so I thought I'd try my luck." A wicked voice said, and I could practically hear a smirk, but I didn't dare turn around. Rose was still across from me, grinding into a large tan man, and completely oblivious to my change in partner.

I gasped as small hands edged their way around my hips to spread across my stomach, pulling me tighter into the curve of a lap.

"You're very beautiful. I picked you out from all the way over at the bar." The voice whispered again, this time into my neck where soft lips trailed over my skin, not with kisses, but just a sweet caress. It occurred to me that the accent was distinctly American and my curiosity only increased. I needed to see this woman who was the reason for the unexpected flutters in my stomach.

Before I could make a move she wrapped her fingers up with mine, pulling both our arms aside as we smoothly swayed our way down until I was fairly sitting on her lap, and then up again, our bodies melded together the entire time. It was a sensual move and had me breathing heavier as we returned to our standing position. Then shocking me once more, the small arms spun me around and I finally came face to face with my mystery woman.

Dazzling blue eyes met mine, as she gave me a small, slightly shy, smile. The woman looked about my age with shortish black hair that was layered and stuck out playfully in all directions. She would have been shorter than me if it weren't for the five inch heels she adorned. Her skin was lightly tanned, and seemed to practically glow as I took in her exposed legs and arms. She wore a short black leather skirt and a loose white top that was strategically ripped and tattered, over a black tank top. She was gorgeous.

"Hello." She said in a sultry whisper, leaning in so her mouth was touching my ear. She pulled back, gazing at my face, as our bodies continued to move with the music, unhampered by our introductions. "You look kind of familiar." She said after a minute and I stiffened. "Something wrong?" She asked, noticing my changed posture, her features became worried as she took in my expression, but I quickly schooled them into a smile, and pulled her tighter against me.

"What's your name?" I asked, purposefully ignoring her inquiry, letting my fingers move up around her neck so I could play with her hair. He eyes closed briefly at my touch and I smirked when I felt her body quiver a bit.

"Alice." She whispered back, our faces now cheek to cheek so we could hear over the music. Alice was exquisite, her body practically humming in tune with mine. Even knowing I couldn't see her again after tonight, I just had to know more about her.

"What brings you to my side of the pond, Alice?" I purred.

"Tell me your name, and I'll tell you why I'm here." She purred right back at me. For a brief moment I pondered giving her a fake name, but for some reason I didn't want to.

"Isabella." I mumbled against her shoulder, gasping as she responded with a kiss to my neck.

The song changed to a slightly slower Ballad that still had a good beat, and suddenly our conversation was forgotten as she boldly adjusted her thigh so it lie between my legs, mine copying hers as a result. She was in total control as she pressed us firmly together, grinding against each other, unrushed. I heard her sigh into my neck, and placed a quick kiss to her shoulder. Her skin was soft and delicate under my lips, and I couldn't resist placing another one closer to her neck. Her gasp let me knew she liked it and I continued forging a path up to her pulse point. The slow sensual beat ended before I made it, though, breaking the spell. Or so I thought, until Alice nipped my ear.

"I want to kiss you so badly." She mumbled, her hands squeezing my sides. I wanted that too, so so badly, but it couldn't be here. I took a quick look around, spotting Mark and Clinton dancing distractedly nearby, scanning the area. Rose had apparently gone back to the bar or was dragged off by some guy. I probably should have been worried, but she knew how to take care of herself.

"Come with me." I whispered to her, pulling away and taking her hand as I pushed through the crowds. The line for the bathroom was too long, so I took a chance and threw open an emergency exit that led into a darkened alley, which was thankfully empty. I spun around knocking Alice back into a wall and once again pressing my body against hers. Her blue eyes were dark swirling pools of lust, and I'm sure mine looked the same.

"Kiss me." She begged, leaning towards me. I didn't hesitate to close the distance, meeting her lips in an embrace that burned my whole body. I literally felt like I was on fire, melting into her body, and letting my arms encircle her small frame that shivered in the night air. She, in turn, deepened our kiss, her tongue dancing with mine, almost playfully. My hands moved up her sides, my thumbs coming to rest just under the breasts.

And then the door burst open once more, with Mark standing there looking frantic.

"Your Highness, we have to get you out of here." Obviously something was going on or Mark wouldn't have sold me out in front of a girl I was still pressed closely against. I winced, only glacing at the shocked expression on Alice's face before moving away.

"What's wrong?"

"Bloody Paparazzi found the car and are sniffing around the area." He said, gently ushering me out of the alleyway.

"Wait! What about Edward and Rose!" I said, looking back to the door of the club, where Alice was still standing completely speechless.

"Clinton is taking care of it." He said hurriedly rushing me forward, but my eyes remained on sparkling blue orbs, staring back at me in confusion and awe. I wanted to run back to her, and smother her with my lips again, but I couldn't. All I could do was mouth an apology as we turned the corner into the street.

Not five steps later we were put upon by camera flashes and shouts.

"Princess! Look over here!"

"Princess Isabella!"

"Princess, is it true you were in rehab?"

I scoffed at this last question. They knew I'd been in Haiti! They'd bloody flown there to take pictures!

Thankfully we didn't have far to go before reaching the car. Mark helped me inside before darting around to the driver's side. We nearly ran over one of the leeches driving away.

We didn't speak the whole way to the palace and I was grateful for that. I'm sure Mark was wondering who Alice was, but knew better than to ask. Even if he had, I wouldn't know what to tell him. I barely knew her after all, but even now, without her soft touches and hot breath clouding my mind, I still wanted her. I sighed. She would be just another good memory. Rose texted me just as we got to the gates that she and Edward were back home. I felt guilty, having barely given my two best friends and cousins a thought since I'd laid eyes on Alice.


Normally by now I would have come to terms with the fact that I wouldn't see her again and pushed her from my mind. So why was I still feeling this yearning to be with her, this ache in my chest at the thought that I couldn't. Why wouldn't my brain accept the inevitable as it had so many times before? I was the Future Queen of England, of the whole United Kingdom and territories abroad! There was no room in my life for drawn out flights of fancy. I had accepted that fact even as a child, and I would have to now as well. I would never see Alice again.


Once Isab…Princess Isabella left with, what I assumed was a body guard, it had taken me several minutes to shake myself out of the shocking fact that I had just made out with royalty! I felt stupid for not recognizing her earlier. Even with the makeup and different hair style, I should have known her eyes. Those same chocolate brown eyes I'd been mooning over in magazines and books. It's not that I was obsessed or anything, though my flatmates would tell you different, but who wasn't in love with the princess? The whole world watched her grow up and now that she'd definitely fully grown, every boy and girl my age would die for a chance to meet her, much less kiss her.

That night I slept fitfully. I couldn't get her out of my mind, but it had nothing to do with her position and everything to do with how her pouty lips felt against mine, how her warm body fit into me so perfectly on the dance floor and after, how her beautiful voice had whispered into my ear and caused tingles all over my body.

"Alice! You're going to die when you see this!" Angela said jumping onto my bed and thrusting one of the free metro papers into my face. There on the cover was the very girl who had been plaguing my thoughts all night. "Look she was only a couple blocks from the club we were at last night! Can you believe it!"

Normally, this would be the point in time where I'd spill everything that happened. After all, I was never very good at keeping secrets. My life was an open book to anyone who asked, and several who didn't. But for some reason, I didn't want to share what happened between me and Isabella. Something told me that any chance I had with her depended on my silence over this. I suspected being openly gay wasn't typical for those expected to take over a country's throne. I frowned. For the first time, I realized that her being a princess could actually be a bad thing. If she were just a normal girl, we'd probably be together now, sharing my bed, with the way things were headed last night. Oh why did I have to fall for someone so completely unavailable?

"That's it!" I said, steeling myself and throwing back my covers. I had to see her again. I ignored Angela's questions at my outburst and strode into the bathroom to get ready for the day. This wasn't some silly obsession with a princess anymore. This was an obsession with a girl I'd met at a club, who just happened to be a princess. That's completely different, right?