"At Last"

Chapter 1: Memories

It was time again. It was the day of their anniversary and Vegeta knew this and he knew that Goku knew it too. But that made Vegeta a little bit happy. And then, he forgot that Goku was still in bed with him. He slowly turned, fearing that Goku was there and had heard and would...do...something...to...him. Something terrible, horrible, something...inhumane. He turned, ready to face the consequences of it and he saw that Goku...was...gone. He let out what seemed to be a sigh of relief. Relief that the man he had been with 4 long, painful, tormenting, brutal, mental-draining scary, frighting, years of his life. Of both their lives. Was gone, for the first time, he wasn't there to hurt Vegeta. He rolled on his back and let out a deep shaky sigh. And he started to think about the first 2 years of their relationship and how at first everything was okay. But then, after another 6 months of their relationship, things started to go bad. Very, very bad.


First, it was just a few arguments every now and then. Then it escalated. To grabbing, shouting, pushing and shoving and then came to things being thrown and broken. Then it got even worse as time went on; in the 6th month of the second year of their relationship, it turned into pure HELL! It was the first time Goku had laid hands Vegeta. The first time he hurt in that way.

It started with Goku coming home and Vegeta in the kitchen fixing dinner for the two of them. Goku would go to work, which left Vegeta at the house; alone to do the housework before Goku got home. So after arriving home Goku would let out a exasperated sigh because of the long hard hours he had to work. That's the problem with having a job like his, which is being an accountant for a Multi-International shipping company. Vegeta would then greet Goku and kiss him. Then would ask him how his day was. Goku wouldn't really answer him and if he did, it would be a grunt or a groan and that would answer the rest of Vegetas' questions. Everything was normal to Vegeta that night, but little did he knew everything he knew was going to come crashing down on him.

After they ate dinner, Vegeta got up and wash the dishes.

"Thanks for the dinner, babe. That's just what I needed after a long hard day at work."-Goku said as he was nuzzling Vegetas' neck making him giggle

"No problem, honey. Always glad to help you get comfortable in any way I can. My Goku."-Vegeta said as he nuzzled into Goku's neck and purred seductively and suggestively into his ear

"Ha,ha. Why don't we continue this upstairs? Maybe, maybe some place a little more private. Like the bedroom."-Goku said as he nicked Vegetas' ear with his teeth, Vegeta winced a little bit but it hurt mostly in a good way

"OW! Goku that hurt."

"I'm sorry baby, I didn't mean to. I just wanted to get you in the mood for a little sweet lovin' tonight before bed."-Goku said in a perverted but sexual way

"Goku, not tonight, please. I'm too tired honey, I can't. (heavy sigh) I would love to, believe me, I would, but I've got too much to do before bed. After I'm done with that I just wanna go to sleep. And plus we've been having sex for the past three days, I'm exhausted. I just wanna sleep tonight and maybe we can make love tomorrow night. Okay honey, just please not tonight."-Vegeta said very tiredly

"Vegeta come on, baby. You don't have to do any thing. Just lay there and let me do all the work. You don't even have to be awake."-Goku said still trying to get his small, slender, short, sexy mate to comply with his horny wish

"Goku, I said no and mean it, NO!"-Vegeta told him in a stern and determining voice

Goku was surprised by Vegetas' sudden disregard to his wish to have sex. Usually Vegeta would be on bored to have sex with him. They were just starting out in their relationship. So, Goku was very, very, hot about the matter, but it didn't show on his face.

(heavy sigh) "Okay, Vegeta. I'm sorry. You're right. You have too much to do and you don't need any distractions especially from me. So, I'll just leave you to it."-Goku said with disappointment in his voice

"Thank you, sweetheart. I'd knew you'd understand."

With that, Vegeta kissed Goku and they said their goodbyes for the night. Goku went upstairs and got in bed. Which left Vegeta to do the rest of his house work before bed. He turned SS1 and got his work done in half the time. So, after finishing his work, he went upstairs and got ready for bed. He got upstairs and saw Goku was already in bed. So he got in the shower and he put on some loose black silk underwear and got in bed with his loving boyfriend. He was trying to go to when Goku started to kiss on him.

"Goku, stop it please babe."

"Awww, baby I'm horny. Come on. All you have to do is just lay there and let me do all the work. You can even go to sleep. Just...let me have sex with you."-Goku said in an extremely whiny voice

"No! And besides god only knows what you'll do to me if I fall asleep and you're awake. Now get off me and go to sleep, pervert."

Vegeta said as well as trying to get Goku off of him. But he wouldn't move.

"Goku, I said get off of me, NOW!"-Vegeta was getting agitated and frustrated because of Goku's sudden inability to hear him

Vegeta was still struggling to get Goku off of him so he did the one thing he knew would work on Goku, he slapped him; now normally it would've work but tonight it was start...of something...EVIL!

After Vegeta slapped him, he expected Goku to say something like "ow, that hurt" or he expected him to start crying but Goku's head just stayed there at the side from the impact.

"What have we learned Kaka (short for Kakarrot)"-Vegeta said with the famous prince of sayains smirk on his face

Goku slowly turned his head and his eyes connected with Vegeta's and he looked Vegeta dead in the eye and said nothing. Vegeta looked at him as well as the big ass red mark his left hand on Goku's face. Vegeta didn't know what Goku was doing, he was probably trying to be bold and impress Vegeta and make him have sex with him. That usually worked with Vegeta.

"Kaka, that's very cute and all but please get off of me. Why don't you jerk off and go to sleep."-Vegeta said in annoyed voiced

Then Goku finally spoke and said-

"Vegeta, I'm a man and I have needs that have to be satisfied."-he said in a gruff voice

"Kaka, two things; (1) we are both men and (2) I have needs and wants and desires too, but you don't see me trying to rape you. So for the last time unless you want to be hit again and this time even harder, and believe me I won't hold back this time, get off me kaka!"-Vegeta gave him a warning and he waited for goku to get off of him because he really didn't feel like hurting his hand against Goku's rock hard face

"Alright, kaka you asked for it and don't say I didn't warn you about the consequences of your stupidity."

Vegeta raised his hand and came down, but was caught by Goku and pinned down. Then Goku pinned his other hand and started to kiss Vegeta roughly on his lips. Vegeta tried to break the kiss but it was no use, Goku wouldn't budge. And he couldn't breathe.

"Kaka, I'm warning you let me up or pay."-He scowled at Goku

"What are you gonna do Vegeta, I've got you pinned down. And to tell you the truth you look very sexy like this. I should try and rape you more often."-Goku licked his neck making Vegeta even angrier

Vegeta was shocked that his Kaka would say such a thing

"Kaka, stop fucking around and get the hell off of me."-Vegeta struggled to get from under Goku and get free

"Ha, ha, aw my little prince. Who said I was kidding around? I told you I'm a man, a man with wants, needs, and desires and fantasies. And I will get them fulfilled, whether you are willing or not. I'm only going to take 'No' as an answer so many times. So are you ready for a little loving, sweetheart?"

Vegeta had never seen Goku like this before. And this scared him and he never scares easily. Before Vegeta could say anything; which was NO, he felt Goku tear off his boxers and well I don't wanna go into detail but you can only imagine the horrible things that were done that night.

(End of flashback)

Vegeta laid there and cried into his hands. Thinking how because of that night one night, Goku continuously beat on him, senselessly from that day on. He couldn't believe his once sweet Kaka was doing this to him. He hated the fact that he turned, no that he is a monster. Vegeta wiped his tears from his face and sat up, although it's kinda difficult when you have bruises the size of watermelons on your body. (yea he beat the shit out of him again last night) And he took out the drawer of the nightstand by his bed and took out four sensu beans and ate them one by one. After that he could feel them working. He walked to the bathroom with little to no difficulty and turned the water on. He got in and washed himself. But every time he went over a bruise he would cry out in sheer pain. It took him a while to get out, but he didn't care. He got out and wrapped a towel around his small waist and looked at the mirror and a tear escaped from his eye. He looked at himself and wondered how did it come to be that his lover of four years would do this to him? The sensu beans were doing their job, but he still had a black eye to explain to anyone that asks.

He dismissed the idea knowing that he would come up with one of the many excuses that many people in abusive relationships come up with, but Vegeta, his were very creative. People knew that Vegeta like to fight and hunt when ever he could so they really wouldn't be concerned with the bruises on his body. So he got dressed in some blue jeans that hung off his waist just a little, exposing his waist just a little, and a tight white tee. He looked at the clock and saw it was noon and headed down stairs. He came down to see it sitting at the table drinking coffee and eating breakfast.