So I can't read, I saw the picture and this is what my mind came up with... the prompter wanted Kurt finding Puck asleep but that's not what my mind read... I hope it's satisfactory even if it is on the short side...


He's been gone on a three day tour, filling in for a friend's band. It's the first time he's been away from Kurt for any length of time and he just wants to be with him.

Puck can only stare at the image on the bed that's greeted him.

It's Kurt, no surprise, wearing one of his, Puck's, black long sleeved shirts and a pair of black bikini briefs, for men, obviously.

But what's caught Puck, is that, Kurt's practically wrapped around his guitar. He's suddenly incredibly jealous of the stupid thing.

He's careful to lean over the instrument and kisses Kurt softly.

Kurt's lashes flutter open and he's suddenly smiling brightly as Puck pulls him into his arms for a sweet kiss.

'Really?' he asks, glancing at the innocuous instrument that he wants to pawn for something else.

Kurt blushes, 'I missed you,' he admits softly.

And Puck falls in love with Kurt all over again.

The pic:

http:/ /24 .media .tumblr .com/ tumblr_ l2lktjf9v71qbhyb5o1_500 .jpg