The Promises We Keep - Two Weeks

The Sequel to A Disturbed Savior.

For those who have not read A Disturbed Savior, to understand this Story even in the least, you must read A Disturbed Savior first. If not, then w/e, have fun understanding your out of the usual Gohan and Videl

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And still you feel like the loneliness is better replaced by this I don't believe it this way, and I can see the fear in your eyes I've seen it materialize. Growing stronger each day - All That Remains

Four teenagers in their Senior year, finally their last year of High School, could be seen walking down the busy yet humble streets of Satan City. The city had finally come to be the calm environment many wished it would be when they moved in 7 years ago. The man to thank for said crime rate lowering would be one of these four teenagers. He saw to it personally that anyone trying to fuck around in his town would have to face up to the demon inside him that boiled still. It all started slowing down that one night 4 years ago. Everyone knew it as one of two things. The night the Daughter of the Champ was almost slaughtered. Or the night fear was instilled into criminals everywhere.

One of the surviving members of the gang that captured the young Satan girl would later speak publicly about his Dance with the Devil. He vividly described how he had never seen a more ferocious sight. Those fiery eyes of the beholder. True hatred staring at him, piercing through his soul, judging him, damning his soul to other side. Those eyes were the last thing this member of the gang would see, he had the unfortunate pleasure of having his rifle 'accidentally' bump into the damsel in distress. He had never witnessed true fear before that night.

Word spread about what went down that night. At first the criminals thought that it was just some unlucky break, so they tried harder. Many would find out that this was not what happened. All criminals alike tried their grimy little hands at trying to break apart Satan City. They all fell to the hands of the Devil Child, or more commonly known as the Gold Fighter. He made it very clear that no one would be doing any harm to the innocents anymore.

This peace of mind was perfectly fitting for the time of year. The streets were covered in a light blanket of the white stuff in the mornings, but the tiny icicles that slowly descended from the sky would set the mood for this afternoon. School had just gotten out for the last day before a long two week break. This two week break would signal the end of the first semester while also being the beginning of the holiday season. Winter break, what a fun time of year, right?

'Even when the setting is perfect like this he still won't get close to me in public. Sometimes I really wish he was more like Sharpner. It's a disgusting thing for me to think, but seriously, I honestly can't stand how distant he acts around others. I hate how he has like 4 different personalities.' The young girl with the dark raven hair and the crystal blue eyes was glad that after all this time she was able to block out most of her thoughts from him. It had taken a while to learn, but not too hard as he was all for it. He was definitely not for hearing every single thing she thought.

She walked slowly next to her friends while leaning her head on the side of his shoulder while he walked tall. She stole a glance at her two best friends who over the years became closer and closer. Eventually the two admitted their true feelings to each other. They were walking with together as close as could be with Sharpner's arm wrapped around Erasa's waist. Videl sighed as she looked up at the emotionless expression written all over her 'boyfriend's' face. Or as he would call them, 'Mates.'

She hated the word. She cursed the word to the deepest depths of hell. If she was able to make it so, the expression would become illegal to even think let alone say. She hated how he compared their relationship as nothing more than something that would one day end up as them having children and nothing more. She wanted his love, his compassion, she wanted something that she swore she saw in him through a television screen. Innocence.

Was it so much to ask that he be gentle and calm for just one day? He always looked to be on the watch, as if he felt threatened around every corner he walked by. Everyone else would walk without a care in the world, yet the most powerful being in the known universe felt threatened around the weakest species in said universe. It didn't make sense to her. She tried many times to figure him out, but he just wouldn't let anyone in. The only person, if you could call him that, she knew Gohan would talk to about how he felt was Piccolo. It wasn't that she was scared of Piccolo, she just found him hard to be around, there was just this demonic aura about him that made it hard for her to feel safe around. He was supposedly a nice, guy? Sure, he was a male from what she could tell. She would never ask as much as she wanted to know, it would just be too awkward.

She might have to ask him about it one day, along with the many other secrets he still kept from her. But for now she would just have to deal with his overprotective and on edge attitude. And as much as she loved being the center of his attention, a little freedom never hurt. Yes, freedom, oh how she longed for it. When she was around the stubborn protector of hers it was impossible to find any. Not even in her own head could she find a secure place to hide. Every thought was surrounded by him. If he tried hard enough she wouldn't think a single thought without him knowing. Thankfully this wasn't the case.

For now though, the freedom she would have to settle for was the freedom from school. With two weeks off she was sure to find something fun to do. Today the mall would have to suffice. The holiday everyone was looking forward to was nearing, and everyday prices would shoot up because of the demand for certain products would rise. So with 7 days left before Santa would invade their homes, our favorite group of four would look for their significant others' presents.

They weren't too far now, they could see the large lights that spelled out 'Satanopolis'. Erasa was already planning on what stores she would hit up while Sharpner could only sigh at the number of bags he'd be holding at the end of the day. Videl on the other hand couldn't think of a single thing to get her 'boyfriend.' Hell, she didn't think that Gohan would even get her anything this year. He seemed more distant than usual over the past couple of months and to make it even worse, when he had heard about the Martial Arts Tournament that would be taking place just days after his 19th birthday.

When the group had reached the massive metropolis Erasa and Sharpner split so they could do some 'personal' shopping. They said they would meet up later, which meant Erasa would be shopping till she dropped. This gave Videl and Gohan the one on one time she desperately wanted. They were finally walking alone when she felt that familiar feeling of being wrapped and pulled closer to him. It was hard for her to get used to, but it was just his way of showing his affection. She wondered why she would never do so around people he knew though. Maybe he was too insecure of himself? Nah, he seemed to carry himself too proudly to have that low of an insecurity.

She knew he was a big softy on the inside and that this hard figure he put up was just a facade, but she never understood why, nor did she really care to figure it out. She guided them over to one of the empty booths in the food court and gently unwrapped the furry appendage from her side. She made note of the uncomfortable look on his face when she touched it ever so gently. As much as he was her protector, her was hers and only hers.

She sat down across from him and began to stare into his eyes as he averted his attention away. 'What is it this time Gohan? Why won't you ever just let me in? You always look so depressed in public, but when we're alone you're as fine as could be. Why won't you let me understand you? You're so annoyingly stubborn. It's a mystery how I ever fell in love with you.'

Videl couldn't figure out why she was repeating the same thing to herself over and over, day after day, but she did it anyways. It was pointless, but it kept the days interesting at least, it left her with something to do, something to worry about. She was no longer that spunky and hot headed crime fighter she once was and no longer had as many worries. So figuring Gohan out was about the only interesting thing left in her life. And currently, it had been harder than usual. Maybe some small talk would help.

She decided to break the awkward silence that was building up. "So, anything in specific you want this year?" She asked. He avoided eye contact as he answered.

"You know you couldn't get it for me with all the money in the world." She sighed. It was the same thing with every time. Every Christmas and birthday she would ask that very same question, and every time he would respond with the same line. She knew she would never understand what he meant, but she asked anyways, it was just common courtesy. Videl knew she would end up buying him something small but meaningful, and he wouldn't understand it, but it was the thought that counted to her. She knew he couldn't be bought with expensive things like jewelry, he was never like that. She really had no idea on what to get him this year though. Maybe asking one of his closer friends would help, maybe Bulma.

Ah, yes, Bulma. She'd gotten to know the spunky and vibrant woman over the past couple of years she'd been 'seeing' Gohan. She was a lot more of a modest person than she'd expected someone in her position to be. For a person with all the money in the world she acted way more mature than her father, who in turn had a similar amount in his bank account.

Yes, Bulma, she would know what to get him, she 'was' just about the smartest person in the world. Either way though, getting something for her thick headed boyfriend would be tough. If only he was softer and sweeter it wouldn't be this hard. She was getting too lost in thought that she hadn't noticed that he had gotten up and left the table they were sitting at. It was only when the strong aroma of a sweet and strong smelling passion entered through her nostrils that she noticed he had left.

Videl looked over to the table top where Gohan had placed down two cups of something steaming with rich chocolaty goodness. She took a whiff of the delicacy and was instantly filled with that warm feeling she'd be dying for since the snow began falling 3 weeks ago.

"I kept asking if you wanted some Ice Cream or Coffee but you didn't answer. So I met in the middle." A small smile crept oh her fragile face as she took the first sip.

'I know that sweet and innocent little boy is still in there somewhere. I just need to pull him out for everyone to see, somehow.' With a sip of her delicious treat she stared into those emotionless, pitch black pupils. He was just as lost as she was. His stare was off into no man's land as he held onto his styrofoam cup. From out of no where he stood up from his seat.

"Come on, let's walk around a bit." The raven haired teenager hesitated for a moment before complying with the request. The two were soon enough walking aimlessly around the mall with their delicious treats in hand. She hadn't taken a sip since her first one back at the table. She honestly just didn't feel like drinking it, but she kept it anyways.

The two 'mates' walked around for a bit, stealing glances at the stores they would go to from time to time. Neither liked the stores the other took interest in. Over the years Videl's interest in fashionable clothing grew thanks to Erasa. Gohan simply would not even enter stores that were strictly for women. Gohan on the other hand would go into music shops. There was a calming sense about him when he was listening to his favorite bands. Videl would sometimes shop around with him for his music, she thought that if they shared something in common the two could grow somewhat closer.

But today they both passed up their favorite stores. One store in particular caught Videl's eye. It was something that brought out the kid in her. Something from her past that she would gladly love to relive. It was that same store that Gohan hated with a passion, it brought back bad memories. "You can go in if you want. I'll be out here waiting." She handed him her cup of hot cocoa before walking in alone.

She looked around the old place. Nothing seemed to change around very much. It was the same store as it always was. Same products, same tapes, same gear as usual. There was one thing that stood out though. The many posters hanging from the walls with a photo of her father in his ridiculous pose holding up his two fingers. She let out a loud sigh at the embarrassing photograph.

Minutes later Videl emerged from the shop holding one of the fliers. She took the paper and slapped it against Gohan's chest. He looked it through confused eyes. Taking a look at it he nodded his head.

"I know what you're thinking. That you're not going to let me enter. I know, you've said it like 15 times already. But how about this? You're entering as well. That way you can keep an eye on me and make sure I don't get hurt." From behind her long hair he rolled his eyes.

He didn't know why she kept pushing the issue, she already knew his stance on the subject. It was just something that would be too hard for him to stand up to. He couldn't possibly show his face at the tournament. The tournament in which his father loved to compete in, the place where his parents agreed to spend the rest of their lives together.

He crumbled up the paper and tossed in the nearest trash bin and caught up with Videl. "You know I can't do that." He spoke up.

"I know. But I'm going to keep asking until you say yes. Or until you at least give me a good answer as to why. But I'll most likely continue to ask you even then." She took her hot chocolate from his hand and took a quick sip before continuing. "Besides, it's not like I need your permission to compete, I'm asking you to be considerate. It would be fun if we fought together. But you would let me win anyways. You couldn't hurt me even if you wanted to. And that's why I'm positive we'll be competing in 5 months."

He sighed in defeat and chugged the rest of his hot chocolate before crushing the cup in his hand and tossing it out. It wasn't much longer until they met back up with Sharpner and Erasa, and from the looks of it, they had done more than just a little shopping. Sharpner was struggling to hold up the many bags his girlfriend had thrown on top of him.

"Hey Gohan, a little help would be appreciated. Or is that too much to ask from the strongest person in the Universe?" Gohan scoffed at the remark and took half the bags with ease as he balanced them perfectly with his right hand. "So, you two do any shopping of your own, or the usual walking around?" The two rolled their eyes, the blonds knew them too well.

"The usual, besides one small difference."

"Oh, and what might that be?" Erasa wondered.

"Gohan agreed that we're going to be competing in the World Martial Arts Tournament." Videl answered with a proud smirk.

"I did-"

"He even agreed to help me prepare for it. It was strange, for some reason he really wanted to compete. But hey, I'm not complaining." She made sure not to let him complete that sentence.

"Oh wow, good for you two. So you're finally going to do it Gohan? How nostalgic."

"Bout time bro. How long were you going to keep her waiting?"

Gohan was of course confused by the questions asked of him, then again he didn't exactly agree to what Videl had stated either. For one he didn't want to compete, and secondly he wouldn't train her. The last time he attempted to train her she ended up collapsing due to the intense regimen.

"I have no idea what either of you are talking about. Mind explain what the babbling is about this time?"

"Hmph, like you don't know. Well I'll make it easy to understand. We all know about how your parents got hitched right after they the tournament. Your dad actually proposed to your mom after their fight." Erasa informed.

"Aaaand? So what?"

"I'm getting there, hold on, ok? Sheesh. A person can't tell a story anymore without being interrupted."

"So go on already."

"Ok ok. Well, it's simple really. You and Videl have been going out for quite some time already, almost 4 years I think. There's not a moment you're not spending your time together, you won't let anyone even touch Videl besides us and you're madly in love with each other. We're just all waiting for it to happen. And believe me, it's gonna happen, just you wait."

While Erasa was explaining all this, Videl couldn't help but imagine what something like that would be like. Gohan actually getting down on one knee after fighting a strong opponent. Blood and sweat dripping down his body in all the right places, it was an odd fantasy, but so was their relationship. Then she remembered who exactly she was thinking of. Gohan, her overprotective, emotionless bo-, mate that didn't want to compete in the tournament. A girl could dream.

Gohan let out a low chuckle before replying. "Hmph. We don't live in a fairytale world Erasa. Besides, I never said I would be competing in this tournament anyways. I wonder what made you think that I would?" The Saiyan answered before unraveling his tail and knotting in around his leg to fight back some pent up aggression. This wasn't his favorite topic to discuss and they all knew it.

"Yea yea, I know Mr. Gold Fighter. Keep telling yourself that. You'll end up fighting, it's what you do. You know it, we know it. Since we met you it's been obvious from the start and you can't deny it." Stated the proud blond.

The group went on walking around the mall and entering various stores without buying for another hour or so before deciding to call it a day before meeting up later again. "So, call us at 7 and we'll meet up at 8. Sound good to you two?" Videl and Gohan nodded before waving off their blond friends.

"Gotta be anywhere right now?" The tall and dark haired teen asked as he zipped up his jacket. The temperature was dropping as the day passed by and the last thing he needed was to catch a cold during Winter Break.

"No, why? Do you?"

"Goten's over at Bulma's." He grabbed her hand before lifting a leg, he was going to take off in the middle of the street. Although no one would be able to see them, it wasn't the point.

"Hey! Can we just, walk? I don't feel like flying today." He turned his head and shot a confused glance her way. "I just wanna spend some time, alone, ya know? It's nice out. Come on, let's just walk. It won't take too long." She answered in an innocent tone. He gave in, and so they walked.

They straddled along a few miles before they were three quarters of the way to C.C. Neither had said a word to the other the entire walk over. The tension had built up between the two that you could break it with a toothpick if need be.

Feeling the need to take the role of the aggressor Gohan finally opened. With a loud and uncomfortable sigh he wrapped an arm around her shoulder and looked up towards the clouded sky. "I'll consider it."

Videl turned her head to look up at her boyfriend, a bit confused while doing so. The words just came out at random she had no idea what he meant by them. "Huh?"

The full blooded Saiyan boyfriend let out a breathe of air before explaining to his seemingly innocent mate. "The tournament. I'll considering competing. I can't stop you from competing, but if I'm there I can at least be sure you're safe."

A bright white smile shone upon the shorter girl's face. She had missed fighting and competing against others ever since being basically forced to stop. This was a chance for her to get back into fighting form and have some good old fashioned, butt kicking, fun. Feeling the moment, she grabbed onto his shoulder and jumped up onto her toes and gave him a quick peck on the cheek.

"Thank You Gohan." It was certainly going to be a long Winter Break.

A/N: My fire was recently rekindled after reading and catching up with a Fan Fic most of you might know of 30 Seconds To Heartbreak. Possibly the most original Romance Fan Fic I've ever read. A Revenge story perfectly written by the ever energetic PanHopeNvs

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