I was replying to a review and was suddenly struck by this... Enjoy!


'Oh Cheesus, I can't do this, it's... there's too many people out there and they all are going to be staring at me and I can't dance and I'm going to break someone like I did Rachel and...'

'Finn!' Kurt yelled standing in front of his brother.

'Here, take this, it'll help relax you,' he stated offering Finn a small orange tablet.

'What is it?' he asked, eyeing the tablet cautiously.

'Pirin, it'll help you relax,' Kurt offered blandly.

Finn nodded and went off to find something to help take the pill.

'Kurt!' Rachel was suddenly in his face, 'what do you think you're doing, you can't give Finn drugs! He can barely dance when he's sober!'

Kurt rolled his eyes, 'Relax Berry, it was an Aspirin, with the A and the S scraped off.'

Realization dawned on her and Rachel couldn't keep her lip from twitching, as she tried to glare at Kurt for thinking of it before she had.

Kurt simply shrugged and headed off to check on Finn.

'Thanks genius Hummel,' Puck offered, with a knowing grin.