The Doctor had just bid him farewell and had stepped back into the Tardis. The whirring of the Tardis died away as it finally disappeared. Rory drew his sword and prepared to stand guard until the Doctor came back. He had been warned that it might be for a very long time, but despite being an over the top plastic toy Roman, Rory's feelings of love for Amy Pond had not changed a single bit. His feelings for her had no comparison, he would stay here until the Doctor came back.

He turned to look at the Pandorica box; with his free left hand he began to stoke the box and whisper, "Amy, I know you can't hear me, but I just need to say something. I love you Amy Pond. Since the day we first meet, I knew we had something special between us, though it took you a little longer to see. Now I've lost you, but the Doctor will be back to fix everything one day. I'll be here by your side till then, Amy, don't you worry. I'll be here for you."

A single tear rolled down his cheek. He was as human as he needed to be.

After this touching moment, Rory decided that he should have a look around the cavern. Just in case. As he walked round he noted how dusty and cold everything was.

"No, no, this would never do The whole place needs a fix up." he said to himself, as he saw the remains of the Cyberman he had stabbed earlier, still pinned to the door. "I'll need a new door after this." he added, as he pulled out the sword holding it upright and against the door.

There was a loud crash as both the Cyberman collapsed and the door crumbled.

"Brilliant." he thought.

He threw away the spare sword and sheathed his own. Picking up the remains of the Cyberman, he began to drag the corpse, or broken robotic body away. He was not quite sure what to call it; the Doctor had not been specific as to whether it was more machine or more organic. That was another issue, the Doctor never told him everything, but he trusted Amy with most things. He bumped the Cyberman up each step out of sheer frustration.

When he got to the top he cast out the metal corpse and turned to head back down, but then he noticed something. That one thing in the corner of his eye. The one thing he did not wish to see. Just like the Doctor had said. He gulped and moved his hand to his sword; drawing it slowly, so as to avoid making any noise. Moving his sword arm back he prepared to strike. He span around quickly, but found nothing; with his left hand he cupped his ear so as to capture any sounds of the night better.

There was nothing there, "Typical." he muttered to himself.

He turned and began to walk back down the stairs, when he felt something shove him forwards.

Rory went head over heels down the stairs.

He came to rest at the bottom and picked himself up to dust himself down and look for his assailant. He paused to think about what had just happened. A stone flight of stairs and not a scratch, he thought, he loved his new body. No more would he have to hide behind Amy or the Doctor in terror, he felt that he was ready to take on the galaxy, or whatever was left of it anyway.

Then his assailant cracked him over the head with a large rock, which proved too much even for his alternate body and Rory fell to the floor in a heap.