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Pairings: Harry P./Daphne G./Astoria G.

Summary: Both the Potter and Greengrass Families have two secrets. One, that both families have been friends for thousands of years but have hidden this for the last 1400 years and two, that they both remember the truth of the origins of the wizarding world.


*Start of the Harry Potter books is in 1998.

*Stargate is in during Season 3 before the Seth episode


Looking down on the galaxy from the Ascended Plane, four Ascended beings once known as Moros, Ganos Lal, Janus and Melia, members of an ancient and power race known as the Alterans or by the younger races, The Ancients, watched over three of their descendants. The first two, Moros and Ganos Lal, once known among their race's descendants as Merlin or Myrddin Emerys and Morgan Le Fay. During their time as a descended Alteran, they had a single child, a girl. This girl, named Oma Desala married one of the two only families to remember their origins, the Potters. From this line, only one descendant survived, a single boy who just turned eleven today.

With Moros and Ganos Lal, two other Ascended Ancients watched over the last of their line of descendants, two very pretty girls, one who had turned eleven a month ago and the second turned ten. They like their friends Moros and Ganos Lal had descend as a mortal Alteran to help rebuild the fractured and technological regressed race in to a society who was able to control their abilities. While descended they had a single daughter, like Moros and Ganos Lal, who married into the only other family to pass the truth of their origins down, the Greengrasses.

The Alterans as a race had evolved along the same path as the normal humans of Terra but were of the first coming of the form whereas the humans were the second. Being the first coming of this form and as a race evolving for over 60 million years had caused the development of many powerful abilities.

"They are so young. Are they ready to take on their responsibility and rebuilt our kind? It is such a huge responsibility," asked a very concerned Melia.

"They must. I hope my young descendant realizes that he must let others in and accept their help," replies Moros in a concerned manner. "He has had such a hard life due to a manipulative old man who has stepped above his place," Moros spat out is anger towards the 'manipulative old man'.

Janus stepping up behind Melia, offering his presence to help calm Athar and Moros seeing that Ganos Lal looked just as concerned went to offer some comfort too. After a short wait, Moros looking at the others, comments, "Good luck, Harry Potter."

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