Author's Note:

I have not abandoned any of my stories, but I have been very busy with college and other parts of life.

Another author, chrisnewberry, as decided to make some changes and continue from where I have left off and so far it is a very interesting start. The story is not currently up on but he said that he plans on uploading the chapters soon. It is currently on hpfanficarchive and the link to the story is : www dot hpfanficarchive dot com / stories / ?sid=580&chapter=1 (remove spaces and change dot to . )

I will continue my stories when my college life permits but as a senior studying Mechanical Engineering, I am limited on time and it has been hard for me to be in the right mind-set to write. For all those who like my story, I recommend checking out chrisnewberry's version. I have heard that he intends to expand the pairings and has several other changes, including correcting some mistakes I have made.