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Prologue Title


Sonic the Hedgehog was running through Green Hill, enjoying the wind rushing through his quills... that was how he liked it. Nothing to do other than run and explore the planet he called home, without any super villains. The others had been spending their free time in their own way, with Tails fixing and upgrading various machines, Amy was -surprisingly- not following him but was having a tea party with Cream, good ol' boring Knuckles was still guarding the Master Emerald while Eggman was probably sulking due to being defeated again by Sonic.

However the last part was proved incorrect by a -surprise, surprise- robot which landed in front of the hedgehog. It was huge, and spherical with a large visor homed on Sonic and had many tentacles around its skeleton along with the standard missile launchers. Being used to giant killer robots appearing out of nowhere Sonic just looked at it with a bored expression and faked a yawn.

"Give it a rest Eggman. I've already defeated you once today. What does a hedgehog gotta do in order to get his run?"

Then, Eggman appeared from behind the robot. He was on his eggmobil, evilly (A/N: is that even a word?) smiling at his enemy.

"Well, well Sonic if you want to run that robot will make you run for your money!" he replied. " E-200, bring me that hedgehog's fur!" he yelled/ordered the robot whose tentacles came down at Sonic. He just smirked and ducked, rolled over and then jumped, tentacles missing him by an inch.

"You know I thought that by now you'd have gotten the message-" he landed and then jumped off on a tentacle which was later smashed by another one "-that giant killer robots don't do the trick-" Sonic performed a spindash and launched himself into the robot, being positive that he would rip the robot apart. "-so how about something more original?" he commented while rapidly approaching the robot.

Sonic certainly didn't expect to be painfully electrocuted. The hedgehog stood in the air for five painful seconds, strong electrical currents passing right through his body making him twitch and scream in pain. It was less painful than the time he transformed into the werehog but he still felt some chaos energy in those currents. But he had only once felt that kind of chaos energy in the aforementioned incident. However none of these thoughts were thoroughly analyzed as he was instantly stomped to the ground by a tentacle.

"U-ugh..." Sonic was face-down on the ground, smoke coming out of his burnt skin and fur, his ears laying backwards. He felt weak, as all of his energy was drained off his body. He almost collapsed as he tried to stand on his knees and his breath was ragged. Random sparkles of electricity appeared, sending spasms through his entire body, making it even harder to remain conscious. His gaze was fixed on Eggman who was now above him and was laughing his head off.

That made Sonic even more ticked off.

At that time Eggman snapped his fingers and a tentacle flew towards the hedgehog and caught him by the back of his head like a lioness does to her baby. For Mobians, grabbing someone from this spot is a taboo because it makes them catatonic for a split second and then they feel completely helpless something they inherited from their ancestors. That spot was strictly restricted to their parents, although mothers grabbing their children from that spot was frowned upon, and since Eggman was not a motherly figure, Sonic, after being still for a moment, was trashing more than usual.

"Eggman! Let. Me. Go!" he growled at the scientist who was now studying his wounds, still smiling. Sonic's hands were locked on the edges of the tentacle, trying to force it open while he jerked his legs trying to kick Eggman in the face. He hated feeling helpless but he was certainly not showing the doctor that he felt that way. Sonic shut his eyes and his trashing became more aggressive.

Eggman said nothing but came closer to the protesting hedgehog. The human leaned forward to examine the hedgehog his hand stretching out to twist the hedgehog's head. This didn't go unoticed by Sonic, who, in a desperate attempt to escape, bit Eggman's hand.

His yelp was the sweetest melody in Sonic's ears and forced his fangs deeper into the flesh. Normally the civilized -and more dominant- part of him would be disgusted at what he was doing right now; however with his brain trying to get away by any means possible, his insticts had taken over. Sonic could taste the warm blood that came out of the hand and was sure that his fangs were covered in it. He just followed his instict and kept bitting harder. Nothing to lose now.

Suddenly the edges of the tentacle that were holding him shifted a little. Without any explanation Sonic became catatonic again only that he didn't snap out of it like last time.

He couldn't move.

Sonic tried to move one limb -any limb- but found himself unable to. His hands fell off the tentacle and his legs stopped trashing. He felt Eggman's injured hand move out of his mouth and Sonic head fell forward, eyes staring in front of him. Had anyone looked at him from a distance he would appear as a rag doll.

A sick and twisted version of an alive rag doll with a mouth filled with blood.

"Animal" muttered Eggman who inspected his injured hand after embracing it. Part of the glove was ripped and the wound was deep while blood was leaking freely from it. "Should have expected this" he continued muttering. A first aid robot came out of the cockpit and carefully started bandaging it. The scientist though, ignored it and focused on the helpless hedgehog in front of him who still couldn't move a muscle.

"Interesting what a small research on Mobian anatomy can offer" he commented raising the hedgehog's head to meet his eyes by the chin. Sonic didn't react; he couldn't. "A nerve that, if blocked specifically, can shut down every muscle, except for the ones of the sympathetic system. Or, as for simple mind as yours to understand, press that nerve just right and your heart and other organs keep working but you can't control them." When he said that, Sonic's eyes was the only way he could react. "Fascinating isn't it?" Eggman finished speaking and removed his hand from Sonic's head making it fell limp again.

"Not that an animal like you would be interested in this" he retorted as he saw his now fully bandaged hand. Eggman twitched his fingers experimentally. "Be thankful that you didn't damage any tendon" Sonic's head was lifted again only that, instead of looking at the top part of his head he focused on the mouth; specifically the blood which was still driping from his fangs. His nose wrinkled at the sight. Finally he took his eyes off the bloody view and looked at the rest of the Mobians body.

"It looks like that forcefield did more damage to you than expected." The doctor calculated. He was right. Sonic had many bruises and cuts; parts of his fur were still smoking. "Of course that is what happens when you use a chaos emerald, they're so unstable and that new type of chaos energy... you saw what a small quantity did to you'' Eggman rambled. However Sonic was focused on Eggman's previous period.

'There is a Chaos Emerald inside the robot?' Sonic thought. If he had any control of his muscles his expression would have changed to one of confidence right in an instance. 'You're so toast Egghead!'

He closed his eyes and tried to locate the Chaos Emerald. His mental smirk turned into a mental smile when he let the positive energy flow through his body. Instantly his body stopped smoking and any wounds were fully healed. The refreshing energy kept flowing through his body, peacefull and comforting and ready to be used to destroy the robot and stop Eggman from using the emerald for his evil purposes.


Something was wrong. The back of his head hurt more, something wasn't right at all, Eggman mentioned something about a new type of energy... The outlet of the emeralds was disrupted and kept spiralling out of Sonic's control. Positive and negative chaos energy kept building up in his body, violently colliding inside of him and then trying to escape. Sonic tried to keep that energy inside of him but, in the end it was unleashed, engulfing him in a white and black light.

Sonic screamed in agony as he could finally control his muscles.

Sonic could see his terrified expression by the reflexion of the glasses on Eggman's equally frightened face.

He could feel the tentacle holding him disintegrate, courtesy of the sudden outlet of energy.

He could see himself floating above the ground, stationary.

His hand drifted away of his body, reaching out for something, anything, to make it stop.

Then, he started falling to the ground, head-first.

As Sonic's eyes were starting to close, he could think of only one thing...

...The doctor had won...

When Sonic started to wake up, he kept his eyes closed; instead he trusted his ears to show him what happened which began to twist in random directions. He could hear the sound of machines beeping and huming.

'I must be in a hospital' he guessed as he could feel something attached to his snout filling and emptying his lungs automatically. Also wires were attached to his chest and belly and he was covered up to his shoulder; something that was awfully comforting. His lips slightly twitched forming a smile.

'It's nice in here. Nice and warm' he relaxed his tensed muscles and let the machine do the breathing for him...

Then seconds later...
'Wait a hospital? What happened? How did ended up here?' Sonic tried to recall anything but his memory failed him. Everything was blank as the room he assumed he was in. He flexed his hands and stretched his toes. He wagged his tails for a little to see that it wasn't broken or anything. After he saw that everything was functional he felt that he was sore in some places especially at the back of his head...

Eggman! Once Sonic's brain rebooted he remembered everything including his last fight with Eggman. 'I must be in his medical room!' the realization of being captured changed everything. The sheets weren't comforting anymore. They were cold and restraining. The sound of the machines wasn't calming, it was mechanical and conspiring against him. Later he felt that his he was strapped down on the bed. His heartbeat started to rise, his ears twitched more nervously and he could feel the claws in his hands and toes unravel; his whole body was on high alert as he was in the enemy's territory.

His eyes opened wide to see Eggman standing above him with a smug face.

"You're finally awake I see" Eggman said calmly when he saw the hedgehog open his eyes. The scientist then averted his gaze onto a monitor displaying Sonic's vitals. "You might want to calm down Sonic. I'm not sure how much strain your heart can take but I'm sure that it's on its limits. I almost lost you back then." Upon his comment, the heat rate was lowered but it was still considerably high.

"What do you want Eggman?" Sonic's words asked more questions than one. Where am I? What happened? What are you going to do with me? were a few examples. His voice was sore and mixed with fear and fake confidence.

"All in time dear friend-"

"I'm not your friend!" Sonic snapped. Eggman frowned at his enemy's reaction.

"Tsk, tsk" he commented wagging his finger and then pulling out a device with a button on it "Perhaps I should make clear who is in command here" He pushed the button and grinned. Instantly Sonic felt his whole body burning and only a yelp came out from his closed mouth. However when Eggman pushed the button again the pain stopped.

"Now, I'm going to remove the straps. I want you to act civilized and go sit at that chair. Attempt to escape or hurt me and the microchip I have placed inside you will create a heart attack. Is that clear?" Sonic didn't react but kept glaring Eggman. Satisfied, the scientist started removing the life support system.

As the breathing mask was removed, Sonic coughed, as his lungs started working on their own. His brain, used in rapidly processing information, kept thinking and rejecting escape plans as well as contemplating on his next move. When the sheet covering him he felt uncomfortable because he was naked. Sure, he only wore gloves and shoes but being exposed without them by his arch enemy made his snout take a light pink colour. After that Eggman continued by removing the wires from their chest, taking parts of fur with them and make the machine beep continuously like when one dies. His white, sharp nails retracted as Eggman freed his hands; the same applied to his three cat-like toes. Finally Sonic sat up and then his feet touched the floor. Balancing himself for a bit he went up on a chair which had a metal skeleton and a red cushion. It was clearly designed for humans as Sonic had to jump in order to sit along that because of his thin frame he looked tiny compaired to the chair. When he got up his back touched the back of the chair and then crossed his hands and legs without saying anything. Soon after that Eggman started talking while walking casually around the room, hands behind his back.

"Now to answer your question hedgehog I want many things. For example I want to rule the world and built Eggmanland. I want everyone to shiver when they hear my name. I also want one more thing. Power." he said as he raised a fist and looked up. "You know dear child, there are many types of power. Political power, electrical power etc. But I don't want any of that power. I want the ultimate power, the power to do anything at any time something that can only be insured by having the complete control of chaos energy. Now that's where you come in." Eggman leaned towards Sonic who had a confused expression. The doctor ignored him and continued walking "Throughout your battles I've seen you've developed a special bond with the emeralds and developing different abilities, such as the stun you tried to perform earlier with the chaos emeralds. However what impresses me most is your ability to filter and withstand large amounts of certain chaos energy; something that could be usefull to me. So what I want from you is simple; do what I say and you keep living." He finished his speech and grinned at Sonic who simply looked at him, also grinning.

"And what if I don't do what you say Doc?" he said casually. Personally Sonic asked because he wanted to annoy Eggman rather than get the actual answer. When it came to pressing other people's buttons he was a world-wide champion.

"That's when I move to plan B. Simply I order the microchips I have implanted you to shut down your brain functions. Then I'll just use your empty husk as a filter, though not one of the same quality." Eggman was thoroughly amused when he saw Sonic's disturbed expression. "So, right now, you have two choices; accept me as your master and live or defy me once again and die. It's your call"

"... I-I..." Sonic was at a loss of words. If he went with Eggman he betrayed everything he stood up for including the whole word, like a coward; but he would still breathe. If he said no that would be the end of him and Eggman would still get what he wanted. Finally Sonic made his choice; he was a hero 'till the end.

"I accept your offer Eggman"

'Wait, what? I was gonna say no, what happened?' Sonic was shocked. His mouth had developed its own mind and said said the exact opposite thing of what Sonic wanted to say. Was he starting to lose control of his body too? Then he saw Eggman smiling at him and decided to correct his mistake.

However when he opened his mouth to say no, he abruptly stopped.

Sonic... You must live...

Who's that? Sonic thought replying to the new voice in his head. Am I starting to hallucinate?

What you hear is the Master Emerald's will... You have to keep existing

Tikal? Is that you?

Now's not the time to talk. Accept his offer and everything will work out... I promise

Sonic was brought back to the real world where he was sitting on the cold chair inside that lifeless abode. His ears were telling him that Eggman was rumbling about his victory and Sonic kept his head lowered. He didn't want Eggman to see his hopefull smile.

Give me your best shot Eggman. Nothing can break me.

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