Author's Note

Well, first off I want to thank all of those who followed "The Potion Mistress and the Half Blood Prince." It gave me a great feeling to know that so many people enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it.

A big thanks to LemonDropsWoolSocks, RequiemWolfenstein87, sandradee27, tigerlili48, sasha2010, Ausre, savysnape7, ILuvOdie, PresidentTheAwesome, kernorxwarren4va, Furionknight, Vesper Lestrange, Sailor Dreamer 95, Reader123, grumpirah, MRSSPICY, esmeralda023, Wendy Waddles, animalwriter, Luna4816, brandon279, WWEStarBaby, Anastasia Lionheart, vampiresdontsparkle, blind-saint, Lizzella, lamisteriosa, RedStormRocks, sarah, pennypotter128, Toby, Laurette94, anonymous, Darkmagis74, Dreamer Naos, hotbabe28, Adrian Patch, IonicAmalgam, AccioSS, Mrs Volterra, Kamiccolo's rose, Luty Malfoy, Roman415, roman, nikko-fry, G.D. Beans, amberBELA, prith, Nikki, Jelizaveta, Gina, danceydancetime, bookivore, Willow The Armadillo, Diana Pearl Gunn, hh, Lumet, deno91, Twisted-Uniquely, PANISA, artsy brach, vns, Shelby, rachhhelxx, g, G, Keggy Chaos, thexskyxisxfalling, rezo, too lazy to log on, TeeHee, gone down, SnapePotionsMistress, Veronika Says, Siri McGonagall, Lady Amazon, Alari and rena707 for their reviews over the course of this story's lifetime (sorry if I missed anyone).

And now the winning title of my next Sev/OC story is...

"Forever Yours"

Surprising enough "Forever Yours" and "The Blackened Twin" tied for first, so my wonderful husband drew from a hat and picked the winning title for me. "Nightwish" came in third, followed by "Where to Begin" in fourth, "Bare Grace Misery" in fifth and "Sacrament of Wilderness" in sixth.

A quick summary of the upcoming story...

"Forever Yours" - Follows Severus and Katherine (That's right! The sequel was chosen!), and their family and friends, through their complicated lives after the war. Starts at the end of "PM&theHBP" last chapters and goes to a few years beyond Rowlings' epilogue in the "Deathly Hallows." Post-Hogwarts and AU. Will be rated M.

Once again, thank you all for your reviews and loyalty to "The Potion Mistress and the Half Blood Prince." And watch for "Forever Yours" coming soon (first chapter should be posted by December 1st)! Thanks!