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Chapter Thirteen: I've never thought of love as being something indefinite

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Of course, the day she finally starts to draw again is the day he comes back.

A knock on the door. She rises, irritated, ready to tell Carol off for not calling her first. The door opens. Silence. Silence. Silence.

She's never seen Arthur in a T-shirt before. She wonders where her camera is. Carol probably took it. As usual. She takes a step back.

"Started another sketch, I see," is all Arthur says. "Hello," she bites out at him. The thing in her chest rises, curls, moves forward like a predator about to pounce on it's prey-

The very idea is absurd.

Hugging Arthur? No.

But she wants to.

"How was your trip?" she asks. Arthur shuts the door behind him and leans against it. Ariadne vividly remembers the one time she did that. In a dark apartment. The TV blaring...

Arthur shrugs, smiling. Ariadne leans back and quickly shuts her sketchpad, wondering where the hell Carol is. Shouldn't she be here now? Ariadne doesn't feel comfortable.


"Eames, stop!" she shrieks, giggling. Other people in the market turn and wonder at her. "We need to find Ariadne's camera," she says on a more serious note.

Eames looks up from nuzzling Carol's neck.

He says, "Roger that."

They never get around to searching for it. Carol ends up buying Ariadne a new one.


Arthur moves forward. Ariadne's breath catches. She is falling still. She realizes that she's never stopped.

The laughter has vanished from his eyes, and instead a new light reigns. Soft and gentle.

His hand tucks her hair back...

"Arthur, stop," she says shrilly. He ignores her.



She stops babbling. The thing in her chest shrieks with victory, turning about and leaping around. It hurts.

Coming closer.

She backs right up into the table. Can't go any further.

No way to escape.

Escape is needed right now, must run, must get away- but to where? Where? Why?

She forces herself to calm down.

Arthur's timing is terrible. Because as soon as she's ready to speak normal words and try to slow down her racing heart, (trying to catch it, reel it back, but it's already too close to Arthur for her to go after it)he's kissed her.


She tips back on her new heels, sipping from her latte and climbing the stairs to her dorm. The mail box is stuffed with letters, and one in particular catches her eye. It's not even in an envelope, simply folded thrice and shoved into the box.

Dear Ariadne Johnson,

I am pleased to inform you that you have received a job offer from my former student, Dominic Cobb. He asked me for my best student and you came to mind immediately, along with another person. Arthur. Are you really surprised, sweetie?

So whenever you can...

Carol shrieks. She jams her key into the lock, twists, and blushes.

"Oh, sorry."

Arthur glances up. Annoyed.

"Um. Ariadne. I'm just going to put this on the table. Just, uh- bye."

Poor Carol flees.

.Ariadne. Going back in time for just a bit.

Soft. Gentle. Hands cupping her face.

"I've missed you." murmured against her lips.

"I came back early."

"So beautiful."

Her scarf is disposed off and he's kissing her neck, and Ariadne gets- realizes- that yes, she loves him.

She's let the man in the suit(well, now in the T-shirt) grow on her.

The door opens. "Oh. Sorry." Carol's as red as a beet, clothes rumpled and plastic shopping bags in hand.

"Um, Ariadne. I'm just going to put this on the table. Uh. Buh-bye." Carol's accent peaks at the end of her sentence, and she flees.

The door slams behind her.

She's placed a letter on the table.

Ariadne moves away from Arthur and scans it quickly. Then she starts jumping up and down. Shrieking. She nearly breaks the floor.

"OHMIGOD," she yells at arthur. "OHMIGOD."

"WHat-"Arthur leans forward and scans it quickly. Then reads it again. "No way," he mouths, and Ariadne practically leaps into his lap, she's jumped so high.

Later that night, Arthuur is on the futon next to Ariande's bed. Both stare at her curtains.

"I don't want to love you," she says after a moment. She can feel Arthur shift to look at her. "But you do anyway," he finishes. "Right."

"What makes you so scared of...this?" he asks. Dares to ask, more like.

"Ky. A lot of things. Mom and Dad. Ky."

"You said Ky twice," Arthut points out.

"What ever."

Arthur smiles in the dark.

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