How could she?

This was Percy's thought as he traveled up the elevator to Olympus. For once the elevator music wasn't playing. it seems that even Apollo can see I can't take that today.

He walked slowly, defeated, to the throne room of Olympus. When he got there he was in for a shock.

Now however he just replayed the scene in his mind, over and over, wondering how it happened…

"Percy," Annabeth said quietly, "I…We need to talk." The night seemed a little less dark to him.

"OK Annabeth," Percy responded, brightly, hoping to drag her out of her melancholy mood, "What's on your mind?"

She didn't respond, she just led him to the beach, the beach they had been on so many times. Just thinking of that made Percy smile, a small wistful smile.

"Percy…" She began, "I… um… I don't know how to say this but…"

Annabeth was obviously uncomfortable, so Percy put his hand on her to steady her.

Only that made her more uncomfortable "I…uh, think we should see other people." she said, quickly as the could.

Just thinking about her made Percy clench his fists, so hard that he would bleed if not for the Curse of Achilles.

"What!" Percy yelled.

"SHHHH!" Annabeth shushed him, "you'll wake the whole camp up!"

"Fine," Percy hissed, "if that's the way…"

Annabeth cut him off, "please, can we still be friends."

Percy snorted, "yeh maybe," almost feeling guilty when he finished, "when you grow a heart!"

Percy thought maybe that was where I went overboard, regardless, she's gone. That means I have to forget her.

He walked into the throne room of Olympus, Annabeth did a good job, the room had an old greek architecture look. The white marble columns gave way to a polished purple stone floor, it was beautiful. The only part that annabeth had not been allowed to mess with was the thrones themselves. Each throne symbolized the god who sat upon it. Ecept zeus' and hera's, Annabeth loved this project, they were stunning white marble that shone like the sun on a clear day. The king and queen of the gods thought that they were an wonderful tribute to Greece. They also thought that they were wonderful thrones symbolizing their authority.

"Perseus Jackson!" Zeus' voice boomed like thunder, "Rise!"

"we have decided," he continued, " that you are deserving, we wish to make you a god. You have demonstrated selflessness and wisdom, strenght and valor, and the reason you remained mortal no linger applies…"

Zeus droned on for what seemed like forever. Percy was dumbfounded, after he finished he barely chocked out, "W- W- WHAT!"

Zeus smirked, like he expected this, "Perseus,you have shown that you are deserving for two reasons, the first is that you turned down immortality for love, and the second is how you used your wish."

"what do you mean my lord?"

Now Zeus was starting to get tired of this continuing questioning, "You used a wish, for anything, on others. You put every other demigod before yourself, and chose to wish, not for fourtune or power, but for their acceptance.

And of course, with your separation from Athena's daughter," percy saw Athena smirk out of the corner of his eye, "you have nothing to teather you to the mortal world."

"Well," Percy said slowly, thinking, "I…