Percy stood beneath the Saint Louis arch.

So, it all ends where it began.

Percy surveyed the battlefield. Though it was on the edge of the battle lines, the city had been spared much of the destruction of the war, after the first battle both sides resigned to leaving the city untouched.

But not for long.

That single thought; that single ominous thought, forced Percy to confront the horror of the war that he had caused.

I would think that I would be used to it by now.

And with that thought a column of flame appeared on the other side of the river, and Percy saw the figure of Zeus on the other side of the river.

It's now or never.

Then he called to Zeus, "there has been too much bloodshed! This must end!"

Zeus called back, "I agree, this must end, "unconditional surrender to the victor!"

"Very well!"

And at that moment the two gods charged at one another.

As they fought lightning obscured the sight of the battle, already faster than even most gods could see.

And that was the audience, Artemis noticed Luna on the other side of the river guarded by Ares, but knew she couldn't cross, lest she lose all they had worked for.

But she could not tell who had the upper hand in the battle. No matter how hard she tried to see, the combat was brighter than millions of suns, and faster than even the huntress' eyes could see.

Yet she could not help but stare at the glaring combat, as if the world depended on it, and it did.

The battle continued into the night, the entire sky was lit up brighter than the brightest of days. And the city was lit by a light stronger than that of a nuclear blast, rampaging through the city and destroying it.

Artemis sought out Hera, hoping that the older goddess would be willing to hear her worries.

She called for Hera through the din of battle, and saw the goddess across the river she was about to go to her when the world went dark.

Artemis looked where Percy and Zeus had last been fighting, and was amazed once her vision cleared. After hours of constant battle Zeus knelt before Percy,

In a loud, clear voice Zeus said to Percy, "I yield; you are more powerful than I."

And a cheer went up from the rebel's side of the river.

Luna stared at her father on the next day, Zeus was to formally surrender that day, and she had been unable to see her parents until then.

The awe was visible in even Ares' face. He stared at Percy with respect that Luna though he could not have for his enemy.

Then Zeus walked in, still weary from the battle.

"Are you ready for the ceremony?"

Percy smiled at Zeus and said calmly informed him, "yes."

Zeus handed Percy his master bolt, Percy took it and smiled at Zeus, "at the next meeting we shall discuss your punishments later, for now, I believe a celebration is in order.

And that was that.

At the ceremony Percy, Artemis, and Luna walked up to Hecate and asked her to give Luna her godhood.

Hecate smiled and said, "Sure, once she is proven; though the war was over her birth, it was still your war, she must prove herself worth of godhood, to me, before I will give it to her…"

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