One's Company, Two's a Crowd, Three's a Party

Stephanie Meyer own's all the twilight Character's I just own three.

Bella POV

It was only a fifteen years and month ago when Edward said good bye to me. It was fifteen years a month and two weeks ago that we both gave ourselves to each other. It was only fifteen years and two weeks ago that I arrived in Volterra Italy asking the Volturi for help because I had become pregnant. They became my family especially after everything they had done for me. It was Fifteen years ago on this day of October 27th that my three triplets were put into this world. Sort of.

It was survival of the fittest inside my baby bump. Only one of my children was actually ready and fully developed to be born. Remy Elizabeth Swan was born on October 27th, fully developed and all. Unfortunately her brother Lukas Jacob Swan and sister Cassie Spencer Swan were not. Their hearts beat, but they weren't fully developed, they didn't even open their eyes or function. With Remy born they needed to take the other two out and I had to be changed.

When I woke up Remy already knew who I was. Aro sent Demitri to get me animal blood. A volturi member who had many doctorate degrees in medicine saved the umbilical cords and used them on Lukas and Cassie. The doctor had said that they were most likely not fully developed because Remy had absorbed a lot of the vampire genes. On April 17th Lukas woke up and was finally "born" at least according to the doctor since he had looked like a one month old when he was brought out in October.

Experience with Remy showed us that the kids will grow at a regular human rate, but are more aware than a human. Remy was now five months and Lukas looked like a newborn. Now all I needed was for Cassie to be born, but she was the one that worried us all. Slowly growing at a very slow rate, made us scared. She didn't look like a baby should five months into the womb. In fact when she had to be taken out the doctor hastily prepared an artificial womb you usually see in movies because she was so small. He had bought it "in case". I had no idea these existed, but apparently they did you just had to know where to find one.

Cassie took her stubborn sweet time getting ready to come into the word. She was born on August 15th near the actually due date I would have had if I didn't get pregnant by a vampire. She was born on Ferragosto and Italian holiday during the persieds. She was beautiful, I wasn't too happy about her having to be in a fake womb but she was alive and healthy.

I was saddened by the fact that Edward and the rest of the Cullen's wouldn't know them, but we had the Volturi. They had their Aunt Jane, Heidi, Sulpulcia, Athenadora, and Chelsea. They also had their Uncles Aro, Caius, Marcus, Demitri, Felix, and Alec. Being with the volturi was great, but I did want to raise my children in the U.S. where I was so two weeks after Cassie's sixth birthday we did just that promising Aro to come back for Christmas which we did, Always.

First we lived in Lewiston, Maine. The kids are now 14 and it's time to move again. They understand completely why, but it doesn't make me feel any better that no matter what we will always be moving.

- Present Day-

I pulled the car into the drive off of Algonquin Street. The drive to the house was about a mile, into the woods the path was only half a mile from west lake shore rd an actual named street. The house was right next to lonesome bay in the lower part of Saranac Lake. The kids and I are now living in Saranac Lake, New York. The high school was about three miles away and the town was 3 miles away and somehow we still lived in the outskirts of it. The main town was only four miles away.

The house was already set up thanks to the wonderful Aro. We just came back from Christmas with them two weeks ago. It was fun, I missed it, but I liked it here too, and Aro wouldn't deny me happiness.

This would be the first time in fifteen years that I would actually go to school. Lukas is turning fourteen will be freshmen. Remy who turned fifteen will be a sophomore. I will be going in as a sophomore as well with Remy, even though I might not look it. But it's all about the clothes. The less mature clothes you wear the younger you look at least if you're a vampire. Cassie who doesn't turn fourteen till august will be going in as a freshman as well. She should be in eighth grade, but she skipped kindergarten. What can I say smart parents, smart child.

"You all know our story right?" I said as I parked my Bali Blue Pearl Honda Pilot.

"Yes," the three angels said in unison.

"Your name is no longer Isabella Marie Swan it is just Marie Swan. You are our 15, soon to be sixteen older sister. I am 13 skipped kindergarten which is why I'm a freshman, Lukas is an actual freshman and you and Remy are nine months apart born in the same year. You're both sophomores. our father is Aro Volturi Swan who is always traveling due to his job and our mom died when she gave birth to Lukas, Remy, and I …which by the way happens to be true," Cassie said, making everyone laugh. She was sitting next to me in the passenger seat. We all took a breather then opened the doors to see the house.

It was a beautiful custom home, A cabin. The snow was covering the ground except for the driveway. I'll have to call Aro and have him thank the guard that no doubt sprinkled the ice be gone powder stuff all over the place after plowing. The kids and I unloaded the car and the 5 feet by 10 feet cargo trailer we owned. I had made sure that there was a garage built in the woods so the cargo trailer can stay hidden in there unseen.

As we unpacked and I realized I hadn't told the kids which room was there's. The house had six rooms. One I turned into had turned into an office and the other was a guest room.

"LJ your room is upstairs first door to your left, Cass upstairs second door to your right, and Remy yours is down the hall on the first floor how you like third door to the right," I said smiling. Mine was upstairs first door straight down the hall. They quickly got what they could carry and went to their rooms. I brought in the last of the boxes and closed the door behind me when I heard squealing.

"Shut up, Stop being such girls." I heard Lukas say.

"Whatever," the girls both yelled. I take it they must have noticed that their rooms were painted.

While in Volterra I had left for a week with Aro to sign for the house and decorate it. It was under Aro's, but in all aspects it was mine. I was paying for it. To say I couldn't afford a house like this would be lying. The first six years I lived in Volterra I had become quite rich working with the volturi and what not. I never killed or went on missions with them. I was more of a liaison of sorts making sure to get word out about things. Anyways, I had painted the kids rooms. Remy's is a light pink and white colored room, Cassie's is a light blue and light green, and Lukas's is a dark blue and grey room.

I started to unpack the boxes. When the three musketeers were done with their rooms they told me to go do mine and they'll finish unpacking the rest of the boxes. By the time everything was dinner time. The kids had only eaten breakfast which made me start to wonder how they survived this whole day without lunch. I made my way down stairs to find all three of my angels lying down on the floor with three oven pizzas next to them, watching TV.

"Hey, Mom…there's one more box, but it has a note with your name on it in Aro's handwriting," Lukas said. I walked over to the box and read the note on it.

Dear my lovely Isabella,

I know that the children have already been washed with many gifts every Christmas and birthday, but I believe they deserve these for their excellent grades and hard work. I'm quite positive in many ways it will help you too. Not having to share anymore, with them.

I hope the moving in has run smoothly. I personally designed your office. I have to say I believe I know you quite well my daughter. I shall miss you and the children always. Have fun in your new home.


Aro Volturi


Tell the darlings to behave. Best of luck to you my darling.

"Oh, god. What did he give you now?" I groaned. The three angels now looked my way and smirked deviously. I opened the box to find six gifts. The kids made their way towards me.

"I'm guessing this blue one is mine, the purple Cassie's and the pink Remy's," Lukas said. As I picked each out I found he was right. The last three were for me. As the kids opened there's I opened mine.

The first was a family portrait of this Christmas already framed and ready to be hung. The second was a gold locket; I opened it and saw a small picture of my three children when they were all two. I opened the third, it was little box. For a moment I thought another necklace. I opened the box to find a car key. Not just any cars key though, a car key to a Bugatti Galibier. Like an excited kid I ran to the garage connected to the house and there it was dark blue and silver.

"Wow…your gift makes our laptops look like nothing," Lukas stated. I turned around and looked him in the eye. He was not lying.

I went back to the living room where I saw three Alienware Laptops. All black, but with different lighting. Cassie's was purple, Lukas's blue, and Remy's was red. I shook my head not believing this. Aro knew I didn't want the kids to think that everything would be handed to them.

"Mom this is the Alienware M17. The one with killer graphics and the optional blu-ray player that comes with it," Lukas said. I knew that they knew I wasn't too happy about this. Time for me to play the role of the bad parent.

"Okay you can keep them, but any fighting or one bad grade and I'm taking it away. You only get an hour and a half on it a day, unless you have to do research for a project or typing an essay, but beside that only an hour and a half. Okay." I looked at them, they were smiling.

"Yeah, thanks mom," Remy said.

I sat on the couch next to them. They finished eating; I noticed Cassie put her laptop in a sleeve and gently place it on the coffee table. Maybe this was a good thing after all; teach them to be responsible with their electronics. Remy was the first to go to bed, followed by Lukas. I waited for Cassie to go before I realized she had been the first to fall asleep. I picked her up and carried her to her room.

Cassie was my youngest, my baby, and the one I worried about the most. Cassie was more human than both Remy and Lukas. They had both absorbed or taken most of the vampire, leaving little for Cassie. While we could all drink animal blood, Cassie could keep the hunger for blood down for two months. If any of my kids need to drink blood the most though it would be Cassie.

I laid her gently on the bed, tucked her in, and kissed her forehead. I couldn't help but notice that of all my children Cassie looked the most like me except for her hair. She had Edwards brown copper hair, but she had my eyes and Charlie's smile. I made my way to Lukas's room; Lukas had Charlie's black hair, grandpa's grayish blue eyes and Charlie's smile. I looked around his room it wasn't as organized, but when was it ever. I kissed him on the forehead as well. I then made my way to my way down the stairs to my first born. She looked more like Edward every day. She had his smile, his smirk, his green eyes Carlisle told me Edward had when he was human, her hair though it was his but a shade or two darker. My children did have many things in common they all inherited my pale skin.


Lukas looks looks like Landon Liboiron but with black hair

Remy looks like Lily Collins

Cassie looks like Lucy Hale when she was in Bionic Woman